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3741) Alan Turner 
Ilford Location
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Monday, 11 May 2020 10:46 Permalink

Attn Karl Lawrence
Re message 3740
The Royal Signals Magazines called "The Wire" are available on line back to 1920, however it was not published during the War Years, but there is a picture of Sig Suttle in the issue for Sept 1956 under the 18 Army Group Sig Regt entry on page 294. The downloads for each year of magazines can be found at []
3740) Karl Lawrence 
Ipswich, Suffolk Location
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Monday, 11 May 2020 08:37 Permalink

Morning, I trust everyone is safe and well.
I am currently doing research for my 95 year old grandfather, who will be 96 in August.
Ronald served in the army having joined in the spring of 1943 - he would have been demobbed in the summer of 1947- but he signed on again in 1956- 9 and there is a record him still in during 1962-65. He served with the Royal Signals. During his time he received a Mention In Dispatches in November 1945. I have found a clipping of this from the London Gazette, which only gives you his name, number and date. I was wondering if there is anyway to find more details on this.
He was also issued a letter from the King for a particular reason, but as he is getting on he is losing some of his memory, which is to be expected. He calls himself a silly old fool. This letter used to be framed in the house but they can no longer remember where this has gone. I am wondering if there is any way of getting details for this.
I was going to register for Forces War Records subscription, but after reading reviews on here and other sites I'm saving my money. I currently have an Ancestry Sub and also a My Heritage sub, I must admit the My Heritage is not that good.
I know I can go through the MOD as he is still alive, but that seems like a long process and with the current situation, will probably be even longer. So, I have turned to the delightful people on this site who may maybe able to help.
His details are: L/Cpl Ronald K Suttle (Ron)
Royal Signals
I really hope someone can help as I've pretty much exhausted all routes so far.
I have my Grandfather's consent to ask this.
Karl Lawrence

Mike Graham Monday, 11 May 2020 09:34
I feel your best route would be through the official UK Government route:
The only way this site could be of help is if someone knew your grandfather personally.
3739) Mike Graham 
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Thursday, 30 April 2020 08:14 Permalink

3738) Tom Ferry 
Leeds Location
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Friday, 24 April 2020 20:50 Permalink

I joined in 1969 and completed training at Helles barracks, 11 Signal Regiment in December that year. It was cold, probably a culture shock especially to most of us when we spent a few days on field exercises in the North Yorkshire moors, probably not the coldest December but it was very wet. I wasn’t aware then what pull Yorkshire would have on my life then but so grateful my basic training was in Yorkshire. I completed 22 years in 1992 and returned to Harrogate where we bought our first home when we passed through in 1985, this was great for our kids in 92 to return home and start there new young careers and they have never looked back. Of course like most Forces people we didn’t come from where we finally settled. Janice and I are From Dundee, I left Dundee to live in Fulham, SW London in 63, Met Janice in Dundee in 69 just before I joined up, then all after is history. Wherever I served Yorkshire was never far from my mind. As said I lived in London, schooled in London and spent a lot of time there. My last posting was London, 31SR (TAVR), based in Hammersmith about 1 mile from where I was brought up in Fulham, you could say it was like going home. The problem was it just didn’t have the feeling of home, freedom, space or fresh air as we have in Yorkshire, no insult to Londoners intended. In Harrogate Janice and I had jobs until we decided we would like to do something together, this ended up with us buying a Guest House in Harrogate just across the road from the conference centre, a very good business location. It was a five year plan to work the business then move on, this we did and had a great time, made some wonderful long time friends and a good living. From the profits we bought a holiday home in Tatlisu, Northern Cyprus where we would spend lots of holidays, we sold it about 4 years ago. We bought in Cyprus in 2005 and around the same time not known to us friends of ours had bought a house in the same area to eventually retire. We never met because we were on holiday and visited Cyprus at different times, this went on visiting and never meeting for about 10 years. We eventually sold our Cyprus property then Janice and I received Facebook enquiries asking if we were those from 1970 to 73 who were based in 4 Div, Herford. It was indeed us and we were so pleased to be in contact with long lost friends, they also provided another couples contact who we keep in touch with. The irony is that our long lost friends owned a property in Cyprus for at least 10 years at the same time as us, they lived only 4 minutes drive from us but we never met, it took Facebook to reconnect us. I would like to thank John and Margaret Brown for catching up with us after such a long time and for rekindling our friendship with them and Rob and Sidney Pinkney.
3737) Orph Mable 
Wolverhampton Location
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Friday, 24 April 2020 16:17 Permalink

I left the Corps in January 1992 after serving man & boy since 1968, and went to BT for the next 13 years. After buying our first narrowboat in 1993, fell in love with all things waterway related.
In 2004, on a whim, and long financial discussions bought a canal-side boatyard in Wolverhampton. Apart from now having our own bar, this has been 'interesting' at times and with never a dull moment until the Virus Pandemic. Things are a lot quieter now with the forced closure of the bar and restrictions to boat movement. We still provide essential maintenance, diesel, coal, gas and spares so managed to retain staff at the moment. During my 16 years here were have performed some jobs that I have written up for an on-line magazine (narrowboatworld) with many published. I have spent a little time over the last few quiet weeks to compile those entitled 'Yarns from the Yard' giving some 50 or so 'Yarns in 5 compilations. If anyone is interested than I can send them. Anyone interested can email me and I'll send them.
3736) Mike Graham 
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Thursday, 23 April 2020 12:37 Permalink

Thanks for sharing your stories lads. Any more out there?

On a more serious note: one site member has contacted me because he received an email demanding money by blackmail. The email contained a password which, he assures me, is only used in this website.
Now all the passwords in our database are encrypted but, as we signallers know, nothing is 100% secure.
Also no compromising information is held in our database (unless you don’t want anyone to know that you might have been in the Wanchai, Bugis Street or the Reeperbahn at some time during 197x!)
Nevertheless it is possible that our database has been hacked, although again our security in terms of input to and output from it are fairly secure.

So if anyone else suspects that their username (although this is often our old army number which can be easy to find) or password (this would be indicative of a hack) has been compromised either recently or in the past then please let me know by email (by clicking on the “Problem” link below) ASAP.

3735) Clive Napier 
Bedfordshire Location
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Thursday, 23 April 2020 11:41 Permalink

OK! I’ll contribute! Every kind of meeting, entertainment and re-union cancelled.
So I spoke to my local Police control room and they said that as I was ‘paid’ by the farmer in kind (rabbits), I can call it work that I can’t do from home! I have shooting permission over 2000 acres of farm land. But, unfortunately the world and his wife and kids are walking all over the place, so the shooting has had to stop. People don’t seem to be concerned about shotguns, but I use a .22 firearm rifle with telescopic sights and a silencer or a CZ .17 HMR with ballistic bullets and I think they find it a bit intimidating and of course with all these people walking about the rabbits are keeping their heads down.
I have another smaller farm I shoot on but I went round the fields last Friday and they don’t seem to have any crop damage from rabbits. So, no shooting there.
In the garden I have put up a couple of flag poles and fly the Union Flag and a Royal Signals Flag. After all it is our Centenary.
Thursdays people come out to clap so I have been playing ‘Simply the Best’ by Tina Turner at the same time. (Still got the disco gear)!
My wife, Rosie, has been laid off so she has got stuck into re-decorating the kitchen.
We have some paint in the shed and she got some wallpaper from e-Bay. The garden has been getting some attention too. The grape vines are sprouting, onions are in, the weeds in the stream at the front cut down. As for the TV……What a load of……..
Here’s some thoughts for a bit of distraction. [] Track the aircraft in real time! Or…. [] Again, tracking shipping around the UK. As for radio I listen to Rocket radio and Pumpkin FM, both on the internet and doing all the oldies.

Clive Napier
3734) John Kirby 
Cambridgeshire Location
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Thursday, 23 April 2020 10:22 Permalink

Hi All,
Well like everyone else we just have to grin and get on with it during this Coronavirus. Don't listen to the BBC the doom and gloom station but listen to Radio 4extra where you get all the old radio programs like the Goon show, Hancock’s half hour, the Navy Lark and Dad’s Army etc. I am catching up with gardening and all the odd jobs that I can find. One of the things that is frustrating me at the moment is, just before the lock down I bought myself an AJS motorcycle with the plan to get out and about the countryside this summer like I did as a Royal Signals DR.
I managed to get one ride of 24 miles and that's it because like most bikers we are obeying the "stay at home advice". Never mind the day will come when we can get back to normal again just like after WW2.
Stay safe everyone and good luck. smile
3733) Mike Graham 
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Thursday, 23 April 2020 10:04 Permalink

Len Brace
3732) Alan Wood 
Barnstaple, N.Devon Location
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Wednesday, 22 April 2020 06:37 Permalink

A great read Mike, I wish you well in your new home. We live in a Parkhome, in the country, just outside Barnstaple: in mine and other residents' opinions a very safe place to live. I was looking forward to going to Blandford in June but that is not to be. I do the weekly shop at 8 am on a Tuesday because I will not admit to my age by going at 9. I refuse to have my mind scrambled by daytime TV and rarely listen to the news because I think that there is a lot of false news and scaremongering out there. I have a nice little garden and I've done a few jigsaw puzzles. Now into redecorating the whole home although at a certain age the body gets weary going up and down steps. I'm still in touch with some of the people from my time in the Royal Signals: in fact I've had a couple of messages yesterday from Sheila Hulks going way back to Lisburn in the mid 60s. Stay safe out there folks, look on the bright side and as they say, don't let the bastards get you down.

Mike Graham Wednesday, 22 April 2020 08:42
You're coping well, Alan. I hate decorating but luckily this new house had been done top to bottom before we moved in.
But apparently one of the hardest things to get nowadays, even on-line, is paint since everybody rushed to get it as the lockdowns started!
Although happy in our new place we should have been back in Cyprus at the beginning of April (we're going to split our time between our two homes) but sadly (or fortunately as it turned out) that was not to be. Just looking forward to getting back out there later in the year, inshallah!
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