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MOD - Requests for personal data and service records

Service records of deceased Service personnel

The MOD is the custodian of the records of service of Service personnel and Home Guard records until they are opened to general public access at the National Archives. Subject to the payment of an administration fee of £30 per record and provision of a death certificate (except where death was in service), certain information can be provided from the records of service of Service personnel on request under the publication scheme.

All information contained in the Home Guard records will normally be provided in full. The scheme allows for information in these records to be exempt from the general provisions of the Freedom of Information Act by virtue of section 21(1) of the Act (information accessible to an applicant by other means).

Obtaining information about yourself (Subject Access Requests)

Most personal data held by the MOD will relate to current or former civilian staff or members of the armed forces. The Data Protection Act 1998 (DPA98) provides access for living individuals (including foreign nationals) to personal data held about them by any organisation.

The MOD does not currently charge for requests made under DPA98 although in certain circumstances, requests for unstructured manual data may attract a fee. DPA98 does not give private individuals access to personal data about other people or non-personal data.

The Memorial Garden Holywood - Northern Ireland

A quiet corner of Holywood Army base in Northern Ireland has become a poignant place of pilgrimage for the bereaved families of the security force personnel killed in the Troubles and other conflicts.

The immaculately kept one-and-half-acre memorial garden not only pays tribute to its fallen in Northern Ireland but the Falklands conflict and both world wars too.

(This site is well worth a visit)

The All Arms Junior Leaders' Regiment

The All Arms Junior Leaders' Regiment was formed in 1959 and disbanded in 1966. Originally it trained boys as future senior non-commissioned officers from five arms of the army but this was later expanded to three more

(This site is well worth a visit. Especially if you're one of their old boys.)

Garats Hay Royal British Legion

The members all belong or belonged to the Y Service and are predominantly Royal Signals and Intelligence Corps as well as many civilians who served at Bletchley, Beaumanor etc

The Army Apprentice Memorial

we are trying to raise money for a memorial to all ex apprentices who served in any of the Army colleges.
Must be worth your time taking a look.