Farewell Tobruk

For months we've held the Hun off,
With his bombing and his blitz;
He bombed us out of H.Q.,
Where we lived just like the 'Ritz',
He shelled us and he gunned us,
And he spoiled our happy nook;
But today we leave Tobruk!

For nine long months we've laboured
And we haven't had much rest; But our stay has been successful,
For the boys have done their best.
We've carried on midst falling bombs,
When 'shrap' and shells were 'crook',
But now those days are ending,
For tonight we leave Tobruk.

We've had air raids by the thousand
And stukas not a few;
We've dodged the shells of 'Bardia Bill',
And bursts from 'Salient Sue'.
Then 'Palestine Phyllis' threw her lot,
And Jove the whole place shook,
But soon we'll be far out of range,
For tonight we leave Tobruk.

Yes he bombed us out of our happy home,
And we gunned our wadi too;
He smashed our stores and smashed our tents,
And wounded one or two.
He peppered us with leaflets,
(Just fuel for the cook),
But at last we're handing over,
For tonight we leave Tobruk.

To fields afresh and pastures new,
Across the seas we'll ride,
We've done our jobs as Tommies,
And in this we take our pride,
Farewell to the lads we've left behind,
Farewell to the dear old nook,
Farewell to the base we started
Farewell, Farewell, Tobruk