The Falklands Campaign

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McHUGH, Michael (Mike)

Mike died along with others in the helicopter crash which happened on 19th May 1982. It involved a Sea King helicopter which apparently took a bird strike and ditched in the water between HMS Hermes and HMS Intrepid during the early hours of the invasion of the Falklands. The aircraft was returning to HMS Intrepid after a pre-invasion briefing on board HMS Hermes.

22 died and 8 survived the ditching. The survivors were picked up by a rescue boat from HMS Intrepid.

Mike was born on 14th June 1955. His military number was 24195687. He was a lance corporal who served with 264 Signal Squadron (SAS) and was attached to G Sqn, 22 SAS when he died.

Mike hailed from Davenport near Stockport.

From Dennis Addey 13/04/20                   Email: Dennis Addey

SYKES, Steve

Steve Sykes died in the SAS cross decking disaster on 1 May 1982 whilst serving with 264 (SAS) Sig Sqn. We were in Bradley Sqn together at AAC Harrogate in the mid 70s. I last saw him in 1981 at 8 Sig Regt when he was on a crypto course. A good bloke, who would have gone far, had his life not been cut so tragically short.

RIP Steve

From Mick Tait 03/11/15                   Email: Mick Tait

COOKE, Bradford

This is for my brother, Signalman Bradford 'Bear' Cooke. He was killed in a military accident when on patrol in the Falklands in July 1987. He was 23.

Penny Grierson 09/11/14                   Email: Penny Grierson

BARRY, Lt. Jim

Lieutenant Jim Barry, Royal Signals, OC 12 Platoon, D Company, was killed in a confused situation where the Argentines perceived that he intended to surrender whereas Barry thought that it was they who wished to do so, the circumstances made more complicated by friendly fire from Darwin Hill.

John Grierson 09/11/14                   Email: John Grierson


Killed in action during the Falklands Campaign on the 19th of May 1982.

I served with Dougie at 4 Armd Div HQ and Sig Regt in the 1970s at Herford,I first met him at AAC Harrogate, I think, memory not so good these days, also I'm sure I served with him in NI. I also served with him, (this may be doubtful) because of my memory, at 19th Inf Bde HQ and Sig Sqn, from where I believe he was deployed to the FI. He married a German Girl whom I remember was from Herford. RIP Dougie.

Baz Glossop 06/05/12                   Email: Baz Glossop


Killed during the Falklands Campaign on the 1st May 1982 while serving with 264 (SAS) Signal Squadron

BURNS, Robbie

He died with Paul Lightfoot on May 1st 1982 whilst crossdecking in the Falklands with 264 SAS Signal Squadron.
I knew Rab at 244 Signal Squadron he was well liked by all who knew him very sadly missed

From: Steven Powell.    19/05/2010                   Steven Powell

I knew Rabs when he was in 244 Sig Sqn (Air Support). He was an outstanding piper and entertained the clientele of the Spotlight Club at RAF Brize Norton many a time, though on one occasion some TA wallah from 10 Para took umbrage and tried to remove his bagpipes; suffice to say that did not end well for him.

He had a fantastic dry sense of humour and kept his own counsel.

I learned of his passing while I was still in the Corps and it truly saddened me, its only since I dicovered this site (today, 22nd May 2011) that I am finally able to pay my respects.

'Some Gave All, All Gave Some' RIP Rabs

From: David McGahey    27/05/2011                   Email: David McGahey

I served with Robbie in Belize in 1980, when he was attached to my unit. I was NCO i/c RAF Tactical Air Operations Centre at Airport Camp.

From: Darby Allen 11/04/2017                   Email: Darby Allen

FORGE Maj. M. L.

Killed during the Falklands Campaign on the 5th of June 1982 while serving with 205 Signal Squadron (5 Airborne HQ and Signal Squadron)


Killed during the Falklands Campaign on the 5th of June 1982 while serving with 205 Signal Squadron (5 Airborne HQ and Signal Squadron)