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ANDREOU, Michael

Killed in Action (?) on the 7th of November 1972, aged 36, whilst serving in Northern Ireland as a parachute instructor with the Royal Signals.

Funeral conducted by Padre Appleby,buried in Aldershot, but date of funeral not known.

Survived by wife Freda and 4 children.

Further information required if possible

From: Stephen McBride.    17-02-2018                   Email:Stephen McBride

ROYAL Kenneth

Sadly killed BELFAST 28/03/85 after only a short time in province. Sincerely missed by all who knew him at 233 Signal Squadron.

From: Steven Powell.    14-05-2010                   Email:Steven Powell

GENGE Signalman Paul

7th November 1971: Aged 18, shot by IRA gunmen while taking an off-duty walk in Lurgan, Armagh. A second soldier was hit in the thigh but survived. The pair were unarmed and in civilian clothes when they were approached by gunmen.

AIKMAN Corporal John

6th November 1973: Aged 25, Royal Corps of Signals, 25, killed by IRA gunmen while on security duty outside the court house in Newtownhamilton, Armagh. He was hit twice in the chest as he walked across the town square.

WAUGH Signalman Michael Eugene

4th February 1974: Aged 22, Royal Corps of Signals, killed in the M62 bomb, when the IRA detonated a large device in a coach used by the army to provide a regular weekend shuttle service for troops across the Pennines. Nine soldiers died along with one of the victims' wife and two children.

Added 28/04/12

I went to Ashton on Mersey Secondary School with Mike and have many happy memories of him. Bless you Mike: gone but definitely not forgoten. Dave Stainton

WALSH Signalman Leslie David

4th February 1974: Aged 17, Royal Corps of Signals, killed in the same incident.

REID Signalman Paul Anthony

4th February 1974: Aged 17, Royal Corps of Signals, killed in the same incident.

REECE Signalman Paul J

Signalman Paul Reece, aged 19, was killed on 2nd August 1979. He was a member of 321 EOD Lurgan detachment and was killed in a landmine explosion just outside Armagh on the return journey after dealing with a burned out car abandoned after a shooting at Armagh Court.

WARD Corporal Michael

1st April 1982: Aged 29, Royal Corps of Signals, shot and killed in an ambush by the IRA in Londonderry's Bogside. He and another soldier had just left the Rosemount RUC station where they had been carrying out work on army radio equipment.

He was on a 4 month NI tour from 16 Signal Regiment, Krefeld.

WOOD Corporal Derek T

19th March 1988: Aged 24, Royal Corps of Signals, one of two corporals "Murdered" at the hands of a mob when their car become blocked in the funeral cortege of an IRA member in West Belfast. The two soldiers, both in plain clothes, were set upon by the mourners in front of news cameramen before being dragged away and murdered. Their bodies was later dumped on waste ground. Widely seen as one of the most shocking murders of the Troubles.

HOWES Corporal David

19th March 1988: Aged 23, Royal Corps of Signals, "Murdered" in the same incident.

LAMBIE Lance Corporal Graham P

15th June 1988: Aged 22, Royal Corps of Signals, one of six soldiers killed by an IRA bomb as they prepared to return to barracks after a charity fun run in Lisburn, Antrim. The soldiers were using a civilian minibus which was booby trapped by the IRA with a large semtex device. The explosive had been moulded into a cone shape to maximize the killing power.

WINKLER Sergeant Michael James

15th June 1988: Aged 31, Royal Corps of Signals, killed in the same incident.

From Derek Brabrook, 5th January 2011:

It was with great sadness that I heard that Taff Winkler had been killed after the Lisburn fun run in NI. He was my Det Commander when he was a Cpl based in Sheuen/Celle, 14th Signal Regiment. A very decent bloke and a great loss. Bizarrely after leaving the Army, I moved to the very same small town he came from in Wales. I didn't know this at the time I paid my respects where he was laid to rest, not far from where I used to live. Such a tragic loss of a good man and a good friend.

CLAVEY Signalman Mark

15th June 1988: Aged 24, Royal Corps of Signals, killed in the same incident.

PATERSON Corporal William J

15th June 1988: Aged 22, Royal Corps of Signals, killed in the same incident.

FROGGETT Staff Sergeant Kevin A

16th September 1989: Aged 35, Royal Corps of Signals, shot and killed by the IRA as he repaired a radio mast at Coalisland RUC station.

NEWMAN Sergeant Michael

14th April 1992: Aged 34, Royal Corps of Signals, shot in the head outside an army careers office in Derby as he walked, in plain clothes, to his car. The INLA were believed to be responsible for the killing. The office had been the target of an IRA bomb attack 19 months earlier.

Update: 26/12/10 (thanks to Phil Jones)

Terrorist gets 24 years for soldier's execution: But Good Friday deal means he may serve only two.

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