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COX, Reginald Barry Hayward

Cox - Major RBH (Barry) Cox died 18 Dec 2021

It is with great sadness that I announce the death of my father-in-law, mentor and friend Barry Cox after a prolonged illness.

Barry was born in Liverpool on 15 Jul 1943. He was a Welbexian and followed a well-trodden route of joining the Royal Signals in 1964 after completing his commissioning course on 31 Jul 1964.

As a Troop Commander, he served at 209 Sig Sqn in Colchester before being posting to 9 Sig Regt, Cyprus in 1967 and completing an operational tour in Borneo. Barry completed the R Signals Officers Telecomms Engineering course in Blandford (1968-70) and was immensely proud to consider himself a technical officer.

In 1970, he was posted to 7 Signal Regiment in Herford serving under Maj Gen Archie Birtwistle before moving onto the Brigade staff at 1 (BR) Corps in 1972. A highlight of Barry's career was his Squadron Command at 28 Signal Regiment in St Tonis before completing his service at the Procurement Executive responsible for requirement setting for Ptarmigan.

A larger than life character who liked nothing more than a few beers in the Mess, Barry eventually hung up his spurs in June 1981 to pursue a successful business career in the Defence Industry.

Barry married Maureen in 1980 and has 3 children, Deborah, Iain and Sarah, and was a lifelong Liverpool FC supporter.

He is sadly missed by his whole family.

Sir, you will never walk alone. RIP.

Martin Flather 18/12/21                   Email: Martin Flather

ELKINS, Robert (Bob)

Bob passed away this morning, 17 December 2021, in Thailand where he has lived for 30 years. He had been in a coma in hospital for over three weeks.

Bob did his training in JTR Rhyl until 1968 before going on to 24 Sigs in Catterick. He was then posted to 7 Sigs in BFPO 15, Herford, from 1968 until 1971 when he was posted to 28 ANZUK BDE HQ&Sig Sqn in Singapore, 1971 to 1973. His last two postings were 14 Sigs (EW) in Celle and Trials Troop in 30 Sigs.

Don Blacklaw 17/12/21                   Email: Don Blacklaw


Ex-Sgt Bernie Fawcett died suddenly at his home in Alverthorpe, Wakefield, on the 27th of September 2002.

As ex-RAF I know little of his service, but we were Sgts together at RAF Rudloe Manor where Bernie was on the staff of the CDCN in 1981. In one of life's little coincidences we ended up living on the same street in Alverthorpe in 1988.

Darby Allen 17/12/21                   Email: Darby Allen


I have just learned that Ron Jones passed away 2 years ago in Australia after contacting his family. I lost contact with him and did not know the reason why until today.

Ron and myself were DRs in the East Africa Command Signal Squadron in Kenya 1955-1957. Ron was a cracking mate and was always full of laughs, he came from Birmingham and emigrated to Australia in the 1960's. R.I.P Ron.

John Kirby 06/11/21                   Email: John Kirby

RODGERS, Kenneth (Ken)

My wonderful brother passed away in February through cancer. He joined Harrogate as a boy and was subsequently posted to, and spent most of his career with, 264 Sig Sqn (SAS). We were both in the Corps at the same time but never served in the same unit together. He is sadly missed by his family and will never be forgotten.

David Rodgers (Charlie) 11/10/21                   Email: David Rodgers


Harry was my father. He died on 11th February 2021 from COVID 19.

He served in the Army for 5 years and did National Service. He was born in Birmingham and lived there all his life. Army No 22171288 he served in the a Royal Signals from 18 August 1949 to 26 August 1951, Rank Signalman, 2 Wireless Regiment.

He served overseas and was based in Famagusta, Cyprus during the Cypriot/Turkish conflict.

He served in the Territorial Army from June 1953 to February 1955, Unit 580 LAA Royal Artillery, 5th Bn The Royal Warwickshire Regt.

His Army Records state that his military conduct was very good and efficient. He was a good worker and performed difficult tasks with great credit.

He is sadly missed by his two daughters, Joy and Fay, his two sisters Joan and Pam, and his 2 brothers, Tommy and Terry.

Never forgotten.

Joy Shields 10/10/21                   Email: Joy Shields

HUNT, Tony

It is with great sadness that I report the death of Tony Hunt, ex Cpl Comcen Op, who passed away from cancer on Tuesday 28 September 2021.

Tony served in the 1960s and 70s in 237 Sig Sqn, 2 Div Signal Regiment and 3 Infantry Bde in Northern Ireland. He left the army in 1975 and forged a successful career with Bechtel Bank.

Tony was the best man at my wedding. He was a quiet man with a great sense of humour but could be relied on to give advice to anyone who needed it.

RIP Tony.

Dennis Southwick 02/10/21                   Email: Dennis Southwick

TODD, Robert Robson

Robert Robson TODD. Served Royal Signals 1939 - 1947, Holland and France.

Mentioned in dispatches 10/05/1945 for Gallant and Distinguished Service (London Gazette Supp. 37072)

Died 1971 aged 52 yrs

George Todd 28/09/21                   Email: George Todd

EASTLAND, Colin Michael, MBE - Lt Col

With sadness, we report the passing of Lt. Col. Colin Michael Eastland MBE, who acquired Covid in hospital while bravely battling a brain aneurysm. Despite his incredible strength and resilience, he passed on 04th April 2020.

Colin was a Signalman for 35 years and rose through the ranks from Boy Service to Lieutenant Colonel. Colin's army career included: -

  • Joined Boy Service 1957
  • Joined Army & Royal Corps of Signals 1959
  • Birgelen 13 Sig Regt 1965 - 1968
  • Catterick 8 Signal Regiment 1970
  • Bulford 3 Div 1971-1972
  • Blanford AMFL 30 Signal Regiment 1973-1974
  • Army Apprentice College Harrogate 1975-1977
  • Royal Brunei Malay Regiment 1977-1979
  • JHQ Rheindahlen 1980- 1983
  • Riyadh SANGCOM, Saudi Arabia 1983-1987
  • Hereford 7 Signal Regiment 1987-1989
  • Krefeld 16 signal regiment - 1989-99 / 4 Div Rheindahlen 1992-1993
  • MOD London 1993- left Army on 1st October 1994

Colin was awarded the MBE for his Ops service during the Gulf War.

There was a small family funeral, and a forthcoming Memorial and Celebration of his remarkable life is on 22nd October 2021. The event is at Harrow School (Old Harrovian Room, 5pm - 9pm), where Colin was a Bursar before his well-earned retirement. The family would like to invite Colin's army friends and colleagues who served with him.

For those unable to attend we would also love to hear your shared stories of this wonderful man. If you have any stories please post them on the Comcen.

Anyone who would like to attend the Memorial Celebration on the 22nd October can email below.

Glen Eastland 07/09/21                   Email: Glen Eastland

SPENCE, Raymond Mercer

No: 23944808; Ray Spence; Born: 18-01-1947; Died: 17-08-2021. Sadly passed away after sepsis took hold from an infection due to diabetes.

Ray served in the Corps from joining the Junior Leaders in 1964 until 1978. His posts included Verden, Bahrain, Soltau and Catterick to name but a few.

Ray was still in contact on a weekly basis with Dave Villers, also Royal Signals.

Carl Spence 28/08/21                   Email: Carl Spence

GRAHAM, William Harrison (Bill)

No: 23443716; Date of birth: 28th November 1938; Date of death: 10th July 2021

For more than 30 years Bill lived opposite me and neither of us were aware that we had been Spec. Ops. during our National Service.

A short item in his funeral service sheet reads, "Bill really enjoyed his N.S. in Cyprus. He was fortunate enough to be represented with the British Army Football Team. He played professional football for four teams, but then took up cricket. He played for more than 50 years."

Ronald Gordon 07/08/21                   Email: Ronald Gordon

HENDERSON, John Christie

Royal Signals, 157 Line Section, Corporal, 2388549, passed away 25th July 2021.

Called up at 18; landed in Normandy with D-Day Invasion Force aged 20. Spent his 21st birthday in Helman, Holland, finishing the war on Luneburg Heath.

A quiet man who never spoke of the war. Sadly missed by his wife Phyllis and family.

Moray Henderson 02/08/21                   Email: Moray Henderson


Sadly Peter's son Ian has informed me that Peter had passed away suddenly at home on 17th April 2021.

Peter served in the Boys, 3 Medium Wireless, HQ BAOR and Cyrenaica Signal Troop, where we met, and also in the UK.

Rest well, old mate.

David Ladkin 30/05/21                   Email: David Ladkin

CHERRY, David Edward

It is with great sadness that I report the passing of Sergeant David Edward Cherry, Royal Corps of Signals, on 27th May 2021.

Dad was extremely proud of his service having served for 22 years from 1965 to 1987:

  • 30 Sig Regt, Blandford - 14th Nov 1984 to 8th Jun 1987
  • 36th (Eastern) Signal Regt (V), Wanstead - 5th Jun 1982 to 1st Oct 1984
  • 14 Sig Regt, Langeleben (BFPO 23) - 30th Jun 1979 to 4th Jun 1982
  • 11th Sig Regt SSgt Course 178, Catterick - 5th Jul 1981 to 8th Aug 1981
  • 227 Sig Squadron (AFCENT), Maastricht (BFPO 18) - 30th Sep 1976 to 29th Jun 1979
  • 28th (BR) Sig Regt (NORTHAG), Krefeld (BFPO 35) - 7th Sep 1973 to 29th Sep 1976
  • Overseas Airmen Course, No 1 RS Locking - 3rd Mar 1976 to 14th Apr 1976
  • 14th Sig Regt, Norton Barracks Worcester - 18th Jun 1971 to 5th Sep 1973
  • 8th Sig Regt, Terminal Eqpt Tech 06 Course, Catterick - 20th Aug 1972 to 5th Sep 1973
  • Northern Ireland - 19th Apr 1972 to 19th Aug 1972
  • 1 Squadron Great Britain - 18th Jun 1971 to 18th Apr 1972
  • 19th Signal Regt (Air Support), RAF Changi, Singapore - 1st Nov 1970 to 17th Jun 1971
  • 2 Div HQ & Signal Regt - 26th Oct 1967 to 31st Oct 1970
  • Great Britain - 2nd Oct 1970 to 31st Oct 1970
  • 3 Squadron then 2 Squadron Bünde (BFPO 46) / Lübbecke Garrison (BFPO 22) - 26th Oct 1967 to 1st Oct 1970
  • 13th Sig Regt, Mil Prof Class II Course - 18th Sep 1969 to 10th Oct 1969
  • Great Britain - 18th Sep 1967 to 25th Oct 1967
  • 15th Signal Regt, Southern Yemen (Aden) - 11th Sep 1966 to 17th Sep 1967
  • 8th Sig Regt, Catterick - 8th Jun 1965 to 10th Sep 1966

He is survived by his two sons, Dean Cherry and Mark Cherry, who will miss him very much.

Mark Cherry 28/05/21                   Email: Mark Cherry

RUSHTON, Brent (Willy)

Brent (Willy) Rushton, a cheeky chappy who always had a smile on his face, passed away last month. He was only 49 years old. I served with him at 21 Sigs (AS)

RIP and Certa Cito.

Nick Feasey 24/05/21                   Email: Nick Feasey

NEWMAN, Michael

RIP Michael Newman. I'm shocked and very sad to see this. You were a good friend and neighbour in Soest. My heart goes out to all your family and friends.

After years gone by I will never forget you, your cheerful personality and your laughter.

So sorry.

David Higson 09/05/21                   Email: David Higson

FOWLER, Clive Frederick (Fred)

Clive (Fred) died in December 2020 following a long illness resulting from an accident.

Fred joined in 1965 and served in Malta (235 Sig Sqn), the U.K. (14 Sig Regt) and Hong Kong. He left circa 1977 and had a long career with BT.

I was in basic training and at 235 with Fred and kept in touch up to about a couple of years ago.

From Kevin East 21/04/21                   Email: Kevin East


Sadly Geoff Northey passed away on Friday 5th March 2021.

I first met Geoff on January 8th 1963 when we joined D Platoon of Recruit Sqn at the Army Apprentices School Harrogate. Geoff left Harrogate in 1964 and during the next 22 years served in the Far East, Germany, the U.K. and completed his service as the WO1(R.S.M.) of 21 Signal Regt.

In 2010 7 members of Intake 63A held a mini reunion in Harrogate and I was able to renew my friendship with Geoff. Over the last 10 years we have met at various reunions and Geoff as usual was the life and soul of the party.

R.I.P. Geoff - you are sadly missed by all the guys from 63A.

From Jim McPhee 10/03/21                   Email: Jim McPhee

NALLON, David Arthur (Danny)

Danny, as he was known, has succumbed to Covid-19 in Texas on the 7th of March 2021.

I met Dan when we served together at 28 (BR) Signal Regiment in the early 70s. He was always smiling and had a wicked sense of humour. He will be sorely missed. RIP

From Terry Williams 10/03/21                   Email: Terry Williams


Lou died on Wednesday 6th January 2021 at the age of 82 after an intermittent but long illness.

Lou served in various regiments but I knew him from 225 Signal Sqd, Langenleben, and in Oman where he worked in the field workshops at Airworks Ltd.

From Tony 14/02/21                   Email: Tony

THORBURN, Robert (Jock)

Sadly I have heard from Bob's daughter that he has passed away as a result of coronavirus.

Bob served from 1963 until 1966 in Kenya (Kahawa Camp) and in Aden. Both of these postings were with 210 Signal Squadron.

From Jim Noakes 13/02/21                   Email: Jim Noakes


27 August 1957 - 24 March1997. Telecommunications Technician. Postings: Great Britain, Germany, Southern Yemen, Bahrain, Cyprus

Passed away 29 December 2020

From Catherine Gilbert 06/01/21                   Email: Catherine Gilbert