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Bruce joined the Army Apprentices School in 1952 and trained as a TG Op. He served for 22 years in the Corps and finished his service as a WO1 (Y os S) in 1977.

On retirement from the Corps he started his civilian career as an instructor at the Army Apprentice College in Harrogate in the operator wing. Bruce also joined 34(V) Sqn of the Leeds T.A. as a S/Sgt (YofS) and progressed to be a Captain (Traffic Officer).

The Army Apprentice College closed in 1996 and Bruce moved to Catterick and then to Blandford as an instructor until 1998.

Bruce was also an active member of the Harrogate Branch of the RSA where he held the position of Secretary, Treasurer and Chairman. He received his 50 years Honour badge for his service to the Corps.

Bruce was a keen sportsman during his time in the Corps and a very good footballer, and during his time at the College a keen badminton player and laterlly no mean golfer.

Sadly Bruce passed away last weekend in Harrogate Hospital after a battle with dementia. A family man, he leaves his wife Moira and 4 children. A true gentleman who will be sadly missed.

From James McPhee 02/12/20                   Email: James McPhee


Sadly Chris Martin passed away on 17th November 2020 aged 74.

Chris mainly worked in the Post and Print Room at 7th Signal Regt during the 1960s. He married a German girl 30 years ago and they lived in Bielefeld.

He was a well liked person and enjoyed the social life in Herford.

From Barry Stevenson 25/10/20                   Email: Barry Stevenson

DAY, Peter (Major)

I first met Peter when he was ORLO (Officer Recruiting Liason Officer) at the School of Signals, Blandford Camp, circa 1980, then briefly when he took over as the OC of 30 Signal Regiment. We then served together in the Sultan of Oman's Army circa 1988-90. He left the military to take up a property development role. Below is a write up I found about him.

An ex-Army officer who took part in the 1982 Falklands War before moving to Fleet, where he restored a former 19th century rectory, has died, aged 62.

Peter Day was the owner of Battleford Hall which he bought in 2006, along with friend Steven Holmes, before spending two years on returning it to its former glory after more than a decade of neglect.

Mr Day, who died suddenly at his home on October 30, 2017, also set up the Fleet Preservation Trust (FPT) in 2006 which was the inspiration behind the annual Fleet and District Country Show held at Battleford Hall, near St Mary Magdalene Church.

Sue Anderson, chairman of Holbeach Horticultural Society and a friend of Mr Day's, said: "Over the years, Peter was the driving force behind many events that raised money for the local charity.

"He was always keen to get involved with any fundraising events locally, but Peter was also very sociable and hospitable to everybody who visited his house where they would be made welcome by him."

From Alexander Wilson 20/10/20                   Email: Alexander Wilson

McCOY, Tim

Major Tim, The McCoy, died on 16th February 2020 at Roborough House, Ashburton, after a short illness. He is survived by his son Charles, step-daughters Emma and Jackie, his sister and her three daughters.


From Anthony Brooks 30/09/20                   Email: Anthony Brooks

GRACE, Barrie

Barrie past away on 19th September 2020 after a short bout of cancer.

He served for 6 years as a driver from 1966 to 1971 at 2 Div and 7 Signal Regiment.

He will be missed by all his family and friends.

From Bob Elkins 28/09/20                   Email: >Bob Elkins

CRABTREE, Arthur (Paddy)

Arthur (Paddy) Crabtree was born in Belfast on 14th August 1948.

My father joined the Royal Signals at a very young age. He started his military career as quite the joker, as many young soldiers were, and lived life to the full. Whilst serving in 11 Sigs, he met my mother and I followed shortly afterwards. Once realising his responsibility, he focused on his career but did not giving up on his practical jokes along the way.

He was posted to 13 Sigs in Birgelen and quickly rose through the ranks. My father served in Ouston as an instructor, an SQMS in 7 Sigs, and SSM for 1 Sqn in Verden. He was then posted to Berlin as the Brigade RSM from 1984-86. Dad was then posted to the Queens Ghurkha Signals in Hong Kong as GSM until he was commissioned in 1988.

My father passed away on Wednesday 9th September 2020 after a two year battle with his health. He i survived by his children Arran and Lucy, his sisters Kara and Rosie, his brother Roy and his partner Brenda.

Stand easy Dad, gone but never forgotten, CERTA CITO

From Arran Crabtree 15/09/20                   Email: Arran Crabtree

I first met Paddy at Airfield Troop, 222 Signal Squadron, Sharjah, in 1968 then again whilst he was at 11 Sig Regt, and finally at 1 Sqn, 1 Armd Div.

From D R Toleman 16/09/20                   Email: D R Toleman

JEFFERY, L.A. Lt Col (retd)

My old comrade and friend Len passed away on 23rd August 2020 after a short illness.

He will be greatly missed by his wife Heather and children Angela and Stephen and his grandchildren.

He served the Corps in the UK, BAOR, Malaya, Hong Kong and with the Gurkha Signals.

From Michael Frank Philip Little 24/08/20                   Email: Michael Little

I first met Len in Sek Kong whilst serving with the Gurkhas. He never seemed to go anywhere without an arm full of papers ("Things to do" perhap ?), then again in 233 Sig Sqn. A Magic Man.

From D R Toleman 16/09/20                   Email: D R Toleman

Len enlisted into the Royal Corps of Signals on 4 February 1963 and after basic training at 11 Sig Regt (Catterick Camp) went to 24 Sig Regt and was trained as a Staff Operator- wireless/ teleprinters. After training, the entire course was posted overseas - apart from Len - who was posted two miles down the road to 8 Sig Regt, Catterick Camp, to join the Permanent Cadre.

He married Heather in 1964. He immediately applied for service with the Brigade of Gurkhas and was promoted to LCpl in 1963 and Cpl in 1965.

He was posted to HQ 11 Armd Bde, Minden, in 1966 then joined 17 Gurkha Division Sig Regt in Malaysia in February 1968 as a Sgt.

He attended the SSgt Course at Catterick in 1970 where he obtained an A Grading (the new QM of the Depot was his former QM in Malaya). He was then posted to 33 Sig Regt (V) Liverpool as a SSgt Chief Clerk in July 1970.

He attended the Gurkha Re-union at Sandhurst in 1972 and met his former CO from Malaya who became COl AG11 at MS Stanmore. This promptly got him posted to MS AG11 as WO2 ORQMS.

He was posted to HQ 2 Div Sig Regt in July 1974 as WO1 where the GOC was Maj Gen Frank Kitson. (SIG to WO1 in 11 years).

He was Commissioned in May 1976 and posted back to the Brigade of Gurkhas as Garrison Adjutant Sek Kong, Hong Kong where the Bde Comd was Brig John Chapple.

He moved to 233 Sig Sqn Northern Ireland in January 1980 as QM/MTO/PRI/UFO/UWO etc.

He was selected for Sub Unit Command in September 1983 and posted as OC 1 Sqn 10 Signal Regt HQ UKLF, Wilton.

He went back to 33 Sig Regt (V) in Liverpool as QM in 1985.

From Liverpool he went to his first Grade 3 Staff Appointment as SO3 GI/G4 Ops / Coord HQ SE DIST in March 1988 where he served with Lt Gen Peter De La Billiere.

In 1990 he went to MOD in London as SO2 Signals 32 (equipment Tables) pending his Grade 2 Staff Appointment as SO2 PS4B - (A) Welfare of Families. He was awarded the MBE for role in dealing with families of casualties from the first Gulf War.

In September 1991 he was posted to MS Stanmore as SQM PB11 and was immediately made responsible for the Royal Signals Officer Redundancy programme Phases 1-3. As the DE population of the Corps was below the RAL, Late Entry officers had made up the difference. Hence when the axe fell, it fell hardest on the LE population, which was a great regret of his in years to come...

He was promoted to Lt Col in January 1994 and moved to APC in December 1996.

He was due to retire at age 65 in February 2008 but was kept for another year to oversee the move of the Officer Branches to Level 5. He finally retired aged 66 in February 2009.

Len will be missed so much by Heather his wife of 56 years, his children Angela and Steven (also a Lt Col), his grandchildren Catriona, Fiona, Hayley (a Sgt), Gemma, Rebecca, Lilias and Magnus, and his great grandchildren Arthur and Noah. He didn't know it but he has another great grandson due to be born in April.

Sleep well Papa Len. We all loved you so very much.

From Steven Jeffery 01/12/20                   Email: Steven Jeffery

SWORD, Alfred (Fred/Jock)

It is with great sadness that I have to announce the passing of my Dad, Alfred (Fred/Jock) Sword on the 7th August 2020 just days before his 82nd birthday.

He served in the Corps from August 1956 to September 1978. He was proud to have been part of the Royal Signals although we know very little of his service.

From Jill Younger-Sword 16/08/20                   Email: Jill Younger-Sword


SSgt Steve Crawford passed away peacefully on 31/10/2017 after a long battle with cancer.

He served 24 years from Boy Service to retirement and loved every minute of it.

From Lisa Craig-Crawford 15/08/20                   Email: Lisa Craig-Crawford


Roger passed away on 8th of August 2020 after a long battle with COPD.

Roger joined AAC Harrogate as a member of 63C Scott Squadron and left in April 1966 as a L/Cpl Technician T2 after attaining the rank of A/T SSM.

A true all-rounder he was also a fine sportsman.

His postings included 261 Signal Sqn, 21 Signal Regiment and 8 Signal Regiment where he passed his T1 and was promoted to Tech Sgt.

He left the Corps in 1974 and settled in Germany with his wife Charlotte. Roger devoted part of his later life organising a 50-year reunion for 63C members and brought together a large number of his intake to a very successful reunion in Harrogate.

A true gentleman he will be sadly missed

From Jim McPhee 15/08/20                   Email: Jim McPhee

Ex SNCO telecommunications technician who trained at the AAC Harrogate from 1963 until 1966.

Served with 261 Sig Sqn in Cyprus and 21 Sig Regt (AF) in Wildenrath and then in Roetgen.

Passed away at his home in Simmerath, West Germany on 8th Aug 2020 after a long illness.

From Gerard Whelan 20/08/20                   Email: Gerard Whelan

CORK, Pete

It is with a sad heart that I'm posting on here regarding my younger brother Pete Cork whom some of you may have known. Sadly Pete died at home on Friday 24th July. He had a long history of health issues going back to a heart attack some 15 years ago. For the last two or three years he has been plagued with cancer related problems. Pete would have been 65 on November 8th 2020. His hugely loving family could have done no more; the same is true for NHS Scotland. Pete fought bravely, with great dignity and without complaint and it's an honour to be able to say I was his brother.

From Phil Cork 27/07/20                   Email: Phil Cork

EVANS, Robert

My father, Robert Evans, served with the Royal Signals in Palestine from 1947-49. He passed away on 12/10/18 aged 89.

He is sorely missed by all and we miss his stories.

From Richard Evans 13/06/20                   Email: Richard Evans

DAVIS, Edward (Eddie)

Eddie passed away at his home in Suffield, Alberta on May 16th 2020 aged 67. He is survived by his wife Val, son Michael as well as 3 grandchildren.

Eddie served in the Corps for 23 years, received the LS&GC as well as the GSM [NI].

A life long LFC fan he was thrilled that after 30 years the 'Reds' were at long last top of the heap.

RIP Eddie, YNWA.

From Veda McLaren 31/05/20                   Email: Veda McLaren

ATKINS, Graham

My brother-in-law, Cpl Graham Atkins, sadly passed away on the 21 Apr 2020. He served as a radio op from Sep 1960 until Sep 1972. I only know he served in Aden in the early 1960s and with BRIXMIS in Potsdam.

From Peter Harwood 29/04/20                   Email: Peter Harwood

BRACE, Leonard Joseph (Len)

My father Len Brace sadly passed away on Saturday 18th of April 2020 after a brave battle after contracting the corona virus. He was 95.

He was very proud to have served with the Signals and over the years attended many reunions with his old pals.

From David Brace 23/04/20                   Email: David Brace

MUNRO, William (Jock)

My father passed away last year: ex-Provo Sgt Jock Munro.

Jock served in 16 Sigs in Krefeld from 1967-70; 3 Div in Bulford (1970-73); 21 Sigs in Wildenrath (1973-78) and 8 Sigs (1978-82) in Catterick.

I will miss my dad very much and I will never forget the postings to Germany or the school I went to in Kent for 4 years. I am his eldest daughter Helen, nee Munro.

Hey dad, I really am a pongo and an Army brat and I love you very much. Helen xxx

From Helen Robson 21/04/20                   Email: Helen Robson

BROWN, James Crombie

My husband Jim pssed away suddenly in his sleep on the morning of 11th November 2019. We had been married for over 51 years.

Jim had served in the Corps for 22 years from 1971 to December 1993. His service included 8 Sigs, 11 Sigs, 16th Signal Regiment, Krefeld, West Germany 1972-1978, 3 Armd Div, Soest, West Germany 1981-1983 and HQ North West District, Fulwood Barracks, Preston, Lancashire 1985-1993.

From Isobel Brown 20/04/20                   Email: Isobel Brown

LING, Raymond

Ray was my brother. He joined up in 1953 into the Junior Leaders in Newton Abbot. After completing his training he joined the Royal Corps of Signals as a Technician and was posted to RAF Wildenrath (21 Sigs if my memory serves me right). He ended his career as an instructor at Catterick in 1963.

He lived in Hadleigh, Suffolk since he retired. He passed away in Ipswich General Hospital after a very short illness on April 3rd 2020.

He leaves a wife, two children and 3 grandchildren. He will be missed by all.

From Peter Ling 18/04/20                   Email: Peter Ling

PULE, Tony

There is a message on the RSA FB page from Tony Pule's wife that he died this afternoon (10th April 2020).

Tony had a severe stroke 5 years ago and had been in a care home since then. He developed pneumonia earlier this week, possibly after Covid 19.

I knew him from 632 Sig Tp in the 1970s and he had attended one of our branch meetings.

RIP Tony

From Alan Turner 10/04/20                   Email: Alan Turner


My brother Ray passed away last March, 2019, following a long battle with cancer.

He left the Corps circa 1980 and was last stationed at RAF Wildenrath with 21 Sigs. He lived in Wegberg.

Ray's last year was increasingly difficult as his wife Uli also passed away very quickly from cancer 12 months before he died: he went downhill after that.

They leave behind a son, daughter and grand children.

RIP bro.

From Gary Latham 02/04/20                   Email: Gary Latham

LEVER, Norman

Norman Lever, loving father, grandfather and brother, passed away on Monday 2nd March 2020 at home.

Norman served in the Royal Signals for between 2 and 4 years sometime between 1961 and 1966 based in Catterick Yorkshire.

His funeral will take place in St Helens at a date to be confirmed later this month. If you knew Norman his son would love to hear any tales or stories of his time with the Signals.

Certa Cito

From Steve Lever 04/03/20                   Email: Steve Lever


My dad, Eric Balmforth, was in the Royal Signals from 4th November 1945 until 5th August 1948. His army no. was 14089631 and he was a driver/signalman. I have several items that he'd kept: ie his soldier's pay book (although it is in a poor condition) and a movement order saying movement will take place on 31 Jan 1947 given by No1 Air Support Signals Troop, and a certificate of Transfer to the Army Reserve, i'm assuming this was issued when he was demobbed. Also quite a few photos where he has written on the back to give some amusing details of the men he served with.

He was awarded the GSM Palestine Medal 1945-1948.

He died peacefully on 26th October 2019 at Thornhill Nursing Home aged 92 years. Dearest Dad of Maureen and father-in-law of Graham. Much loved Grandad of Rebecca and Sarah and Great Grandad of Joseph. A dear brother, brother-in-law and uncle.

From Maureen Kewley 24/02/20                   Email: Maureen Kewley

WISE, David Leonard

A Radio relay technician, who, after service in Dortmund, Rapier Barracks, was commissioned in 1978 and posted to Herford. He also served in Lippstadt and Blandford.

He retired in 2007 and moved to Coin, Spain.

He died on November 14th 2012 and is sorely missed by his wife and daughter.

From June Wise 18/02/20                   Email: June Wise>

SIMPSON, Frederick

14153567 Signalman Frederick SIMPSON passed away at the age of 95 in his sleep on Monday 20th January 2020.

A funeral will be held for him at Barrow in Furness Crematorium in Cumbria at 1pm on Fri 31st Jan 2020. The family have requested family flowers only however donations to Prostate Cancer UK would be hugely appreciated.

He leaves behind 3 sons and 2 daughters, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Anyone wishing to contact the family can do so via the email address below:

From Simon Thwaites 25/01/20                   Email: Simon Thwaites