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ROSS, David (Jock)

I've just been informed that Davy (Jock) Ross passed away last Wednesday, 12th December 2018. He worked at MAOT in 28 Anzuk Bde and we used to Skype every Saturday. What a great shock. RIP Jock

From Brian Dennis 19/12/18                   Email: Brian Dennis


Sadly, I must report the passing of Peter Dunnings, who left us on Monday, 3rd December 2018. Our thoughts are with his wife, Carol, and son Joshua at this sad time. R.I.P. Mucker.

From Bill Wilkie 07/12/18                   Email: <Bill Wilkie

REES, Brian James

Brian passed away on 08/12/2012. A National Serviceman, conscripted in 1953, he trained as an Operator Keyboard and Wireless and served in the Whitehall Communications Centre, and later at a Communications Center just outside Cheltenham.

After demob he worked at an air traffic communications radio station at Birdlip, Gloucestershire, and later at the Margam steel works near Port Talbot.

He graduated from university late in life, and was very proud of his BSc.

He was 77 when he died and was survived by his wife Glenys, 4 children and 4 grandchildren.

Anyone who knew him would remember he was full of fun, no matter what the circumstances.

From Alan Dodson 11/11/18                   Email: Alan Dodson

DELLER, Ron (Del)

My dad passed away on 6th September 2008 at the age of 72

He used to talk about his days in the Army and he always had a smile on his face. Billy Cork (Corky Bill) was one of my dad's best mates while doing his national service.

He met my mum, Connie Soulsby, in Yorkshire. They married in 1957 so they would have been married 61 years now.

From Kim Deller 27/10/18                   Email: Kim Deller

MALEARY, Stephen

My husband, Steve Maleary, served with 22 Sig Regt (REME) from approx 1973 to 1989. He left the Army to join the Prison Service where he worked until 1999

He passed away on Wednesday 12th September 2018, peacefully, with his family beside him after a battle with cancer.

Steve remembered his service in the Army as a good time and often spoke of his different postings and the camaraderie with his colleagues. He was always wanting to do more (e.g. running the bar) and has medals of his time in 1979 and 1983 doing the British Ramblers walk at Lippstadt as he loved running.

From Kay Maleary 30/09/18                   Email: Kay Maleary

McGREEVY, Tom (Munch)

Liney. Passed September 2018.

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16 Sig Regt, Krefeld: 1973-79.

I was a Combat Lineman B1, in Kilo Troop, 2 Sqn. (Troop Sgt was Johnny Luck). My Nickname was ' Munch '. I did 6 years at 16 Sigs, with detachments to Northern Ireland after NITAT Training in Germany.

30 Sig Regt, Blandford, 1979-84

Combat Lineman at 30 Sigs, but did tours in The Falklands, 12 months in Belize, Central America, 12 months in Cyprus with the U.N. and detached to 'The Commonwealth Ceasefire Liason and Monitoring Force (1980) in Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe). Also worked for a while in the Trg Wing at 30 Sigs doing BFT's etc. Did 2 seasons with the 30 Sigs touring Recruiting Team as well.

From Jim Udale 25/09/18                   Email: Jim Udale


Cpl John Price, 22 Sig Regt, FARELF Singapore 1958-61, BAOR 1961-65, Cyprus 1965-67 BAOR 1967-72.

Born 14/06/37; Died 03/09/18


From Helen Stacey 04/09/18                   Email: Helen Stacey


SSgt George Crellen passed away in July 2018 at the Friarage Hospital, Northallerton.

George and I served together in Dvr/Pwr Group, 8 Sig Regt, Catterick, 1977.

From Bill Fry 21/08/18                   Email: Bill Fry


Derek sadly passed away in St Michael's Hospice, Harrogate on the 12th of July 2018 after a short battle with cancer.

Derek served from April 1964 until January 1987, retiring as a WO1 (Supvr R). He served in Swaziland, 30 Signal Regt Blandford, 13 Signal Regt, 225 Signal Sqn, 14 Signal Regt, 9 Signal Regt and E Sqn (Northern Ireland), the later on several occasions throughout his army career.

He was a staunch and active member of the Harrogate RSA, serving at one point as its secretary. His charm, strength of character and good humour were always present and his presence will be sorely missed by all who knew him.

From Richard Levett 15/07/18                   Email: Richard Levett

BOWEN, Desmond Christopher

Desmond Christopher Bowen passed away on Saturday 23rd June 2018. He died peacefully in his bed aged 88.

Desmond was very proud of his service in the Royal Signals, serving in Malaya.

His funeral service will be at Kingsdown Crematorium near Swindon at 11.15 am on Thursday 19th July 2018. He will be cremated in his Signals tie and a blazer. Representatives from the Royal Signals will be warmly welcomed.

From Derek Bowen 06/07/18                   Email: Derek Bowen


David, beloved father, husband and grandfather, sadly passed away on 04/07/18.

When he left the Corps he was a Class 1 Combat Signaller. He loved his time in the services (1974-1986)

He will be missed by all who knew him.

From Nigel Littlewood 06/07/18                   Email: Nigel Littlewood


I have been informed by his wife that Trevor passed away at home in Worcester last Sunday (24th June 2018).

Trevor served 22 years in the Corps. I knew him at 39 Bde in Lisburn in the mid 1960s and again at 4 Div in Herford in then early 1970s.

RIP Trev

From Alan Wood 29/06/18                   Email: Alan Wood

COLLINS, Kenneth

Kenneth Collins, Corporal, 22698186 (Group 5215), Royal Signals, trained in Catterick and ended up in Düsseldorf, Germany from 1954 to 1958.

Sadly, after suffering from Alzheimers from 2012 to 2018, he died aged 84 years. He was cremated on 12th June 2018.

He is sorely missed by his wife Kathleen, two children and six grandchildren.

I would love to hear from anyone who knew him.

From Kathleen Collins 16/06/18                   Email: Kathleen Collins


Warrant Officer Cliff Thompson, ex 55 Signals TAVR, died this year. In his Royal Signals rôle Cliff was a Radio Operator. Prior to this be was a para with 4 Para TAVR. His civilian occupation was taxi driver.

Cliff was a real soldier and a great judge of men. Always happy, he just loved to wear combats.

He is now in the All Ranks Mess above - mine's a brown-mixed, Cliff

From William Maher 15/06/18                   Email: Wiliam Maher


John Eggleton passed away on 13th June 2018.

John did his training in Catterick in 1948 and was then posted to Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia until 1951. On return to the UK he was with 2/20 Army Signal Group (TA) based in Wanstead for a number of years (this unit later became part of 36 Signal Regt).

John was a member and regular attender until recently of the East London RSA Branch.

From Alan Turner 13/06/18                   Email: Alan Turner


I have just learned from one of his grandchildren that Ernest Roberts, with whom I was with in Basic Training from Sept 1965, died from a stroke in October 2017.

RIP Ernie

From Alan Turner 27/05/18                   Email: Alan Turner


Derek served with 210 Signal Squadron between 1958 - 1970. His funeral will be held at Markeaton Crematorium, Derby at 1020 hrs on Monday 21st May 2018.

From Stewart Richardson 18/05/18                   Email: Stewart Richardson

PALMER, Michael (Mick)

My dad, Mick Palmer, passed away after a short illness on the 11th May 2018 aged 82.

He was with the Corps for 22 years, man and boy. He loved the time he had with the Royal Signals family and found it very difficult when he got out.

He is now again with my late mum Jean and my brother John. Survived by three daughters and will be sorely missed.

Certo Cito. Stand easy, soldier.

Love you dad xx

From Michele Smith (nėe Palmer) 14/05/18                   Email: Michele Smith

HAYNES, Edward (Ted)

This email is to sadly inform you that my father passed away on the 17th April 2018. He wanted me to let you know so if you would be able to tell people on the site I would very much appreciate that.

From Louise Haynes 10/05/18                   Email: Louise Haynes

GRAY, Frank (Maj)

Joined October 1932 Reg No: 2322301

28th November 1946 at Reading, Berkshire, England. Rank: A/WO II C.S.M RR1940 parr 390(XXII). Discharged for the purpose of being appointed to a Commission.

On receipt of commission Serial No: 375369 to be Lt. (T.M.O) effective 29th Nov 1946

1st Jan 1949: Lt.(T.O.M) Frank Gray 375369 from Emerg. Commn to be Lt.(T.O.M) 1st Jan 1949

Short Service Commn. Lt. (T.O.T) F Gray (375369) to be Capt. (T.O.T) 16th Nov,1954

16th Nov 1960 - England. Promotion to Major (T.O.T)

9th August 1963 - Royal Signals Reserve Army Training Centre, Burniston Barracks, Scarborough Short Serv. Commn. Maj. (T.O.T.) F. GRAY (375369) relinquishes his commn., on completion of service, 7th Aug. 1963, and is granted the hon. rank of Maj. (T.O.T.).

After retiring in 1963 Frank emigrated with his family to New Zealand.

He died suddenly 27 Jan 1981. RIP

It would be great to hear from anyone who knew Frank during his time in the Corps, and could tell us anything about where he was and what he did, especially during the war years.

From Steve Webster 06/05/18                   Email: Steve Webster

BAILEY, Albert James (Bill)

I realise this is late but my father was a proud soldier who served in the Royal Corps of Signals, starting out in Boys Service. My dad passed away in October 2010 at the age of 82 yrs 4 months after the passing of his wife Ivy May Bailey.

They met in Egypt (the Canal Zone) where dad was building the telephone system where mum was working as a telephonist in the WRAF. In the 1950s/early 60s he was based in Catterick Garrison. Later in the early 1960s he served in the African Rifles (Kenya) for 2 tours, 2 tours in Germany and finally retiring from Blandford in the early 1970s when he went to Oman as a military civilian working for the MOD. In the early 1980s he returned to Oman but this time in the Army.

Dad finally hung up his military boots in 1986 but took a role in SSAFA to help military people and their families. He died in Boston Lincolnshire.

If anyone knows my dad, I am trying to put together a book for my children/grandchildren.

From Trisha Bailey 25/04/18                   Email: Trisha Bailey


Colin Macdonald passed away in March 2018 after a long battle with cancer.

Colin served from 1965 until 1988.

From Dennis Southwick 18/04/18                   Email: Dennis Southwick

McGANN, Peter Terence

My husband Peter passed away on the 17th March 2018. He sufferered from Alzheimer's and was in care for two years. Thankfully my daughter and grandson were with him when he passed away.

He will be sadly missed by his family and friends. He served in the the Royal Signals from 1956 until July 1992 in France, Singapore, Germany and England.

From Alice McGann 11/04/18                   Email: Alice McGann


Ken Crickmar passed away on 24th March 2018 aged 81. He served in the Royal Corps of Signals from 1955 to 1957, attaining the rank of lance-corporal. He also boxed for the Corps.

Ken was a great husband, dad, grandad and great-grandad. He was a builder by trade, working with his father and three brothers.

From Glen Crickmar 02/04/18                   Email: Glen Crickmar

BEDFORD, Raymond

Raymond Bedford, army number 2362568, electrician by trade, entered the Army in October 1939 and was demobbed in January 1946.

He served in the Royal Corps of Signals at Catterick Camp in 1939, in the B.E.F on the Somme in France in 1940, the North Africa Campaign, the Sicily/Italy Campaigns, and Austria. He spent four and a half years overseas.

Raymond died in February 2007, an honourable man.

From William Evans 22/03/18                   Email: William Evans


My father in law, L/Cpl James Longworth, who served between 27th October 1970 - 5th February 1990, passed away from cancer on 11th January 2018.

From Craig Richardson 15/03/18                   Email: Craig Richardson

CLICK, Peter

Peter passed away peacefully in hospital with his son by his side on the 11th February 2018. He was 71.

He served from 1966 until 1976 including spells in Bahrain, Germany and Hong Kong.

The funeral will be held at South Bristol Crematorium on the 14th of March 2018.

From Jonathan 08/03/18                   Email: Jonathan


Sig Peter Davidson, 23533081, aged 77, passed away peacefully after a short illness on the 17th February 2018.

He served 9 years in the Royal Signals from 1957 to 1966. His postings included 226 Sig Sqn (radio) BFPO38, and G section, 2 Sqn, 9 Sig Regt BFPO53.

His immediate family was with him at the end. Peter will be missed by all his family, friends and all who knew him.

The funeral takes place in Bradford on Monday 5th March.

His brother Paul.

From Paul Davidson 03/03/18                   Email: Paul Davidson

CLAYPOLE, Colin Edward

Former Sgt Colin Edward Claypole (23749080) passed away on Sunday 25 Feb 2018 after a long illness

Colin served the Corps for 35 years from early 1960 to late 1994, the last 16 years being with the Personnel Selection Team then based in Catterick Garrison.

He was awarded not only the Bar to his LS&GC but also the Meritorious Service Medal.

His funeral service will be held at Darlington Crematorium at 0945 hours on Friday 9 March 2018.

From Maj GW Claypole 02/03/18                   Email: GW Claypole


Peter enlisted on the 28th November 1962 in the Royal Signals and served until the 3rd May 1971

Peter had the Radfan Star for serving in Aden and was attached to many regiments, where he boxed and played soccer.

He was born on the 20th May 1945 and died on the 15th February 2018.

Peter will be remembered always. xxx

From Deborah Greenwood 26/02/18                   Email: Deborah Greenwood


Sadly ex-Sgt Dave Thorley passed away quite suddenly at home in Stoke on 10th February 2018.

I believe that Dave's last unit was 233 Sig Sqn prior to his demob in about 1980. I knew Dave in 244 Sig Sqn at RAF Benson back in the early seventies, a great and lively character who will be sorely missed.

His funeral will be on Friday 2nd March 2018 at the Carmountside Crematorium in Stoke-on-Trent at 14:30

From Richard Levett 22/02/18                   Email: Richard Levett

DOBSON, Michael (RSM - Geordie)

Michael Dobson, Ex WO1 (RSM), aged 67 years, died on 2nd February in hospital.

Funeral at Newcastle-upon-Tyne, West Road Crematorium on Thursday 15th February at 1230 hrs. followed by drinks at Bank Top Club, Throckley (on the road to Hexham)

"Stand Easy, Big Man"

[Registered members can see Geordie's postings by searching the Members' Database. Mike G]

From Ron Gordon (Ex WO2) 14/02/18                   Email: Ron Gordon

KEYS, Clifford William

My Dad passed away on 04/02/18. His service record shows he served from 1963 to 1966 in 11th and 19th Signal Regiments in Singapore and Borneo.

From James Keys 11/02/18                   Email: James Keys

WRAITH, George Ian

My brother George Wraith passed away on Friday 27th Janjuary 2018 in Cornwall.

Sgt George Wraith was, like me, a spec op in 13 Signal Regt in the 1960s, Borneo and Singapore, Berlin and other postings in Germany.

Funeral wil be in Truro on Friday 9th Feb.

Diddly Dah di Dah xx

From Patrick Wraith 02/02/18                   Email: Patrick Wraith


Sadly, in October 2017, our friend and staunch reunion member John died unexpectedly.

John served with our group in Minden, BAOR in the mid 1960s. He was a great 1500 mtrs runner for his unit, 211 Sig Sqn, 11 Inf Bde.

John organised outings on our London reunions each year and always managed to get the cheapest rail tickets available.

John (Flea) will be sadly missed for his humour, windups and other mischief for which he was renowned.

Rest in peace John: your life ended far too soon and the reunions will never be the same.

From Bill Freeman 01/02/18                   Email: Bill Freeman

BROWN, Peter

Based in Lippstadt, Germany (22 Sigs) in the 1970s. [He also served in 253 Sig Sqn, Kowloon.] He was a Sergeant. He loved the Signals. He passed away on 27/01/2018. Sadly missed by his loving daughter Beverley Brown.

From Steve Watson 29/01/18                   Email: Steve Watson

CALDWELL, Frederick (Fred)

Fred Caldwell passed away in hospital on 3rd January 2018 due to complications from COPD, which he had suffered from for some years.

I don't know Fred's full unit history but I knew him circa 1972/73 at 5 (Airportable) Bde HQ & Signal Squadron based in Tidworth, Hampshire.

Fred also spent some years at 22 Signal Regt, then based in Lippstadt, BAOR.

Although not originally from the region Fred had settled some years ago in Kilwinning, not far from Kilmarnock and Largs in Scotland.

His funeral was held on 22nd January 2018 at Greenock Crematorium.

From Dennis Addey 26//01/18                   Email: Dennis Addey

CHAPMAN, Maurice Clifford

In memory of my late father, who served 1939-1945,in the Western Desert with the Tyne Tees 50 Div going on to Sicily and finally in the Normandy landings, through France and into Germany. Died 25 September 1996

From David Chapman 09/01/18                   Email: David Chapman

SANDERS, Donald Roy

WO1 Donald Roy Sanders passed away in Durham aged 79 in December 2017.

Don served between 1957 and 1979. He was trained in Catterick before postings in Hamelin, Munster, Oman, Hohne, Hong Kong, Wildenrath, Rheindahlen and Harrogate.

From Paul Sanders 02/01/18                   Email: Paul Sanders