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SAUCER, David William

Signalman David William Saucer passed away in Evesham County Hospital aged 85 on 9th December 2017.

David, a National Serviceman, served in Korea during 1952/1954.

From Tony Bowdler 14/12/17                   Email: Tony Bowdler

HOWARD, George William Henry

14900530 L/Cpl George Howard served with 2 Troop, 2 Sqn, 2nd Eqypt Command, Royal Signals between 25th February 1945 and 14th May 1948.

Formerly serving with the Royal Berkshire Regiment as a Marksman Instructor, George was downgraded to A2 fitness after developing a chronic hip condition. He served with distinction with the Signals throughout the Ismalia area, up into the Delta, across Sinai, and down the Red Sea coast including laying telephone service to the fledgling Special Air Service who were 'next door'. His work both official for the Regiment and on-detachment were his 'bread-and-butter'. He never moaned, was always reliable, an expert with map and sun-compass. He loved his military service, a love which has been passed on to his sons and grandsons.

George Howard passed away on 6th March 2017 aged 90.

From Barry Howard 27/11/17                   Email: Barry Howard

STEWARD, Leslie George William

Sad to say my Dad, Les Steward, passed away on Tuesday November 14th at 5pm.

He was trained in Catterick, spent a while at Orsett in Essex, and did a stint in Nicosia, Cyprus around 1955/6, I believe.

From Terry Steward 23/11/17                   Email: Terry Steward

WHALE, Gordon

Sgt Gordon Whale passed away 16 Oct 2016.

He was my Chief Clerk in 8 Inf Bde Sig Sqn, NI in the late 1980s.

RIP Gordon.

From Bryan Smith 15/11/17                   Email: Bryan Smith


Sadly I must inform members of the passing of Pete Allport.

Peter passed away yesterday evening (Friday 10th November 2017) after a long fight with illness. RIP, Mate!

From Bill Wilkie 11/11/17                   Email: Bill Wilkie

LLOYD, Peter

You were proud to be part of The Royal Signals. You did not like to talk much about your time over in Ireland as you had lost so many dear friends. In 2016 you lost your battle with cancer but being a true soldier you put up a brave long and hard fight.

So in memory of all your dear friends and of you, Peter, I am writing this obituary. I love and miss you so much but you will always be in my heart xx

From Sandy Bennett 08/11/17                   Email: Sandy Bennett


Ian Stanley Cornwall sadly passed away on the 26th October 2017 in Swindon.

A husband, father, brother, brother-in-law and cousin, he will be greatly missed by his family.

A loving husband to Caroline, father to James, Sam, Charlotte and Louis, he lost his short battle with cancer a few weeks after his 60th birthday.

After spending his teenage years in Leysdown and serving for 12 years in the Royal Signals, it meant he would fight this illness until the end.

His funeral will be held at St. Peter's Church, Swindon, SN5 7ES on Thursday 16th November at 1pm.

His family have requested no flowers, but any donations to be made to the Prospect Hospice, Moormead Road, Wroughton, Swindon SN4 9BY.

From Bob Cornwall 08/11/17                   Email: Bob Cornwall

BRACE, George William

After battling pneumonia, and various complications which followed, my father sadly died on 25 August 2017.

He served for 24 years in Egypt, Beirut, Cyprus, Germany and various locations in the U.K., including Catterick in North Yorkshire, and was incredibly proud to have served in the British Army and the Royal Signals (leaving in ca. 1976 as Sergeant).

From Alistair Brace 01/11/17                   Email: Alistair Brace

SILBURN, David (Yorkie)

With deep sadness, David's wife Jan and family announce his passing on 11/10/17.

For any of David's old pals who may be able to attend the funeral: it will be at Sheriff Hutton church at York on 2nd November at 11am. All are welcome.

From Janet Silburn 28/10/17                   Email: Janet Silburn


Joined up at Catterick in 1948 with his friend Johnny Peacock. He was a proud soldier for 35 years serving in Catterick, Aldershot, Reindahlen, Hong Kong, Singapore, Ashford, Northern Ireland, Cyprus and back to Catterick. He served as Emergency Planning Officer for Hambledon district in Yorkshire for 10 years.

After short illness he died on the 18th October 2017 aged 90.

Thank you to all the other soldiers who made his life so meaningful.

From Sandy Willingale 20/10/17                   Email: Sandy Willingale

FOX, Ted

It is with great sadness but many happy memories that I would like to inform you of my dad's passing on the 18th October 2017.

After taking a fall at home, he broke his hip and suffered a heart attack the day after surgery, peacefully passing on the following morning.

Mum is being remarkably steady considering they were together for 67 years. Dad was looking forward to the get together on Sunday as we all enjoyed past gatherings with all the members. I will forward the service arrangements once it's been sorted.

Warm regards to all.

From Tim Fox 20/10/17                   Email: Tim Fox

MUIR, Brian (Bri)

Bri and I served for a while in 16 Sigs and became firm friends. Great sense of humour. He accused me of getting his wife pregnant, but that's another story. A good mate and sorely missed. CERTA CITO Bri.

From Phil Crone 17/10/17                   Email: Phil Crone

LE QUESNE, Eric Hammond

Our father, Eric Hammond Le Quesne, sadly passed away whilst away from Guernsey on a cruise around the Fjords of Norway, something he had been looking forward to for a long time. Dad served in Norway and Keith was born in Oslo and it was one place he always wanted to return to. Sadly, he passed away on the day he should have been disembarking in Stavanger.

Dad always worked hard and loved the military lifestyle. He thoroughly enjoyed mess life and relished the posting at 1 Div, Verden where he was RSM and CMC of the Sgt and WO Mess.

Dad retired to Guernsey in 1996 with ambitions of buying a boat and seeing out his days fishing. Typically, Dad got involved with the Royal British Legion, becoming Island President and filled the position of Secretary of the Island's Royal Signal Association. He worked tirelessly for both and that, coupled with charitable work for the Mines Awareness Trust and La Societe Guernesiaise, meant he was never able to find time for his fishing. Not that he would have changed it for the world. Dad lived his life to the full and died doing what he wanted to do. He had the ability to make people laugh and was known for his practical jokes and amusing speeches.

Dad will be missed by his children Jacqui, Rachel and Keith and their extended families.

Copied from The RSA In Memoriam pages 17/10/17                  


Sadly passed away on 3rd May 2017 after a long, courageous fight against heart and lung disease.

I have fond memories of our time in Singapore from 1958 to 1960 with 18 Signal Regiment. Worked at Signals HQ by Tanglin Barracks.

I would love to get photos of the old Sampan cinema and nearby cafe/swimming pool. Any help down memory lane would be much appreciated.

From Jan Hilton 01/10/17                   Email: Jan Hilton


'Oz'. Ex of 21 Sigs, 30 Sigs, 22 Sigs, 644 Sig Tp, 222 Sig Sqn.

Sadly passed away in March 2016.

My best friend forever and will be remembered by many of the Corps from the postings above.

From Chris Allen 26/09/17                   Email: Chris Allen

BLONDEL, Graham (Brummie), BEM

Brummie Blondel, BEM, served from 1971 to 1993.

I'm so sad to have to tell you all but after a long brave battle with cancer Graham finally passed away last week.

Brummie was one of life's true gentlemen who always had time for anyone. Above all his family came first.

RIP mate

From Denny Denton 22/09/17                   Email: Denny Denton

ROSS, Colin

It is with great sadness that I have to report that Colin Ross passed away on the 4th September 2017 after a long battle with cancer.

I first met Colin on the 8th January 1963 when we joined the Recruit Sqn at AAS Harrogate. Colin went on to serve 32 years in the Corps reaching the rank of WO 2 (RQMS).

We met up again in Jan 2013 in Harrogate to celebrate our 50 years since joining the Army.

From all the boys of 63A: we will remember you.

From Jim McPhee 08/09/17                   Email: Jim McPhee

ACRES, Trevor

Trevor, my brother, passed away January 21st 2015.

Trevor served with me at AAC Harrogate, 1978-80, and then at 21 Sig Regt and 9 Sig Regt.

RIP bro.

From Roger Acres 07/09/17                   Email: Roger Acres


It is with deepest regret that I report the death of my brother in law Alan Savage.

Alan Served from the mid fifties (firstly as a National Serviceman and then a regular soldier) until 1971. He served in the UK, Hong Kong, Aden and B.A.O.R. He played football at regimental level and was an uncomplicated and uncompromising midfielder.

His main strength was his devotion to his family and his ferocity in protecting them. A totally dedicated husband, father, grandfather and great-grandfather. He will be sorely missed by his family and friends.

From Richard Licence 02/09/17                   Email: Richard Licence


I regret that one of our number passed away on Saturday, 26th August 2017.

Martin Ormerod 206 had been fighting cancer for more than twenty years. May he now rest in peace.

From Mick Foster 28/08/17                   Email: Mick Foster


My husband was Alan Wonderling was at 11 Sigs from 1975 to 1976 as an instructor. He was in the car accident with Johnny Mountcastle. I remember Archie Cairns, Sid Wilson and Andy Cummings. Previously Alan had served 6 years at 2 Div, Bunde.

Sadly, after 42 years of marriage, Alan passed away on the 13th June 2017 aged 67 years.

From Jill Wonderling (via the Photo Album) - added 03/07/17

I am very saddened and sorry to hear that Alan Wonderling passed away recently and deeply regret having lost comms with him after we both moved out of Bunde in 1975 - Alan to Catterick and me to Herford at 7 Sigs.

As a freshly trained ED I was posted to 2 Div and worked with Alan and our gaffer Yorky Renshaw. To Alan, I was a gift from heaven as shortly after my arrival he was promoted to L/Cpl so that the Army could get the best out of me!

I have nothing but fond memories of my time with Alan. As a work buddy (both in the barracks and the field) he taught me almost everything about succeeding in the Army and played a big role in my development - despite having signed up for 9 years I ended up completing just over 22 years.

RIP Alan.

From Joe Sharma (via the Photo Album) 03/07/17

FOSS, Peter

Mr. Foss was a friend whom I met through dog walking in March 2016. He suffered ill health for several years but sadly passed away on Tuesday, 20th June, 2017, aged, 65 years.

He served in both the Northern Ireland conflict and in the Falklands. He was in the Signals Corps. His funeral takes place on Monday 17th July at Wilford Hill Crematorium, Nottingham at 2.40pm.

From Lesley Caudwell 29/06/17                   Email: Lesley Caudwell

FORD, Frank

Passed away on 17th April 2017 in Bristol. Sig F.W. Ford, G Troop, 40 Infantry Division, 25th Field Regiment, 1949, Hong Kong. Born in Gloucester.

From Paula Hunt 28/06/17                   Email: Paula Hunt

MCGOVERN, Thomas Alexander

My big brother, Tommy (Tam) McGovern passed away after complications with his diabetes.

Tommy served in the Royal Signals from 1966 until 1970 when he was discharged, and he then joined the Royal Scots for a couple of years.

Upon his discharge from the Royal Scots he joined the R.E.M.E where he served for another 22 years.

I know that whilst in the Signals he served in Minden for some time. When I joined in 1969 we served together at 7 Sigs, Herford.

His family and friends miss him very much.

From Patrick McGovern 07/06/17                   Email: Patrick McGovern

MCLEOD, William H.B.

23827407 Sgt. W.H.B. McLeod: Junior Leaders 1960 - 1963; Man's service 1963 - 1972.

Served in Singapore, Thailand, Germany and Belgium. Retired to New Zealand in 1972.

Bill passed away at home after a brief illness on 31st March 2017.

Please contact Beryl McLeod (below) for further information.

From Beryl McLeod 23/05/17                   Email: Beryl McLeod


Sadly died a few years ago now but I know he served in Cyprus and Paris. My eldest brother was born in Nicosia, the next in Bulford and I was born in South Tidworth. Dad left the Signals in the mid 1960s.

I believe he was in the Corps band.

I have a few photos which I will try and post but if anyone has any information about my dad I would be delighted to hear it.

From Mark Guilbert 18/05/17                   Email: Mark Guilbert


Sadly my dad, Denis Connell, passed away on Saturday 6th May. Dad's health hadn't been great in recent years. Following the loss of my mum, Muriel, he made great efforts to remain self sufficient.

Dad joined the Royal Corps of Signals as a 17 year old and served in Korea and many postings in Germany, serving in 7 Signal Regiment, 20 Armoured Brigade, Detmold and 13 Signal Regiment with other postings to 39 Infantry Brigade where he served as RSM. He was then posted to 28 ANZUK Infantry Brigade, Singapore. Following the withdrawal from the Far East, he was finally posted to The Army Education Corps School of Languages at Beaconsfield. I'm sure there are some omissions in that list.

Mum and Dad joined me and his granddaughters in Shropshire, where they enjoyed their retirement.

Dad made some incredible friends during his long service, and I would like to thank everyone for their thoughtful messages.

Funeral to be held at Emstry Crematorium, Shrewsbury on Monday 22nd May at 16:15.

From Mike Connell 12/05/17                   Email: Mike Connell


Robbie Carroll, ex Royal Signals and White Helmets, passed away in tragic circumstances on 6th July 1988.

A true friend, father, husband, son and brother who was loved by all. Best ever.

From Jeanette Carroll 26/04/17                   Email: Jeanette Carroll

AYRES, David (Ayrsie)

It is with deep regret that I announce the death of my friend and comrade Dave Ayres. He died this morning, 18/04/2017, at Derriford Hospital, Plymouth, Devon. His wife and son were with him when he died. He had been ill since Christmas 2016.

Dave served as a Terminal Tech for nine years in the 1960s. His last posting was 19 Air Formation Sigs in Singapore. Before that he served with 16 Sigs in Krefeld and Bielefeld. Dave also boxed for the Regiment and was a keen parachutist having passed P company. It was a love that Dave brought into civvy street and he was an able parachute instructor and freefaller for many years after his discharge from the Corps.

Dave was a great chap and he will be sadly missed by his many friends in Kingsbridge Royal British Legion Club, Devon.

From Derek (Paddy) Dawson 18/04/17                   Email: Derek (Paddy) Dawson

ALLEN, Wilfred Roger

2325285 WO1 (FofS) Wilfred Roger Allen, 1922-2012, served 1936-1949, 1950-1964.

Wilf was born in St Briavels, in the Royal Forest of Dean, on 25 April 1922. He joined the Royal Corps of Signals as a Boy Soldier in 1936.

Answering Churchill's call, he volunteered for parachute training, and won his wings at Ringway, Manchester, in 1941.

He jumped into North Africa on Operation Torch in 1942, Sicily on Operation Husky in 1943, and at Taranto, Italy, on Operation Slapstick, also in 1943.

He remained in Italy as part of the so-called 'Forgotten Army' until 1946.

In April 1946 he married his childhood sweetheart, Zita Hughes: she would often tease him in later years on the grounds that she was a Substantive Sgt (WAAF) at the time of the wedding, whilst he was 'only' Acting Sgt! "Acting PAID." he would retort!

Having reverted to Cpl, Wilf was posted to 1TR (1 Training Regt) at Catterick, and served there until 1949 when he was transferred to the reserve.

Called back to the colours in 1950, he was sent to Korea, coming home in 1952. He decided to remain in the Army, and returned to 1TR as a Sgt.

In August 1955 he moved his wife and three children to Singapore on posting to Amoy Quee, where he was Staff Quartermaster Sergeant until April 1957, when it was back to 1TR again, in the rank of WO2.

Wilf was made up to WO1 the following year, and posted to GHQ Malta in the Castille, Valletta, for three years. Whilst in Malta he was offered a commission but turned it down, saying that he had reached the top of his tree, and didn't want to start again near the bottom of somebody else's!

In 1961 the family returned to the UK, and lived at Inglis Barracks, Mill Hill; Wilf worked in the War Department in Whitehall until his demob in April 1964.

He held the 1939-45 Star, the Africa Star, the Italy Star, the Defence Medal, the War Medal, the Queen's Korea Medal, the UN Korea Medal, the 1918 GSM (Malaya) and the Regular Army LS&GC Medal.

He was employed as a project engineer by Marconi for several years, later joining Racal, with whom he spent many years in Saudi Arabia.

He died in Dunbar on 19 February 2012, a few weeks short of his ninetieth birthday.

From Darby Allen 13/04/17                   Email: Darby Allen

RAE, SSgt Andrew (Andy)

My dad, SSgt Andrew Rae, served in the Royal Signals for 35 years. He was a happily married for 64 years. He had six children and we all enjoyed our childhood moving from country to country - we wouldn't have had it any other way.

Dad did 2 years National Service: his 2nd year ended on August 14th 1949. He then decided to become a Regular. I know that he was in Cyprus and Egypt before he had his children. He then served in Germany (where his first daughter was born in 1958), Scarborough (second daughter Susan boŕn in 1960), Catterick (third daughter Grace born in 1961), Singapore, France, Brussels (fourth daughter born in 1968), Hackbridge in Surrey. Then Nairn, Inverness, Edinburgh and Sutton Coldfield before finally being posted to Glaagow in August 1977. My two eldest brothers were born in Stirling. Andrew was the eldest born in 1952: he served in the RCT but sadly passed away on December 20th 2012. Stewart was born in 1956: he served in the Black Watch.

He came out of the army in November 1983. He enjoyed his hobbies which were Glasgow Rangers football team, playing golf, playing his chanter and listening to his pipes and drums.

Dad sadly passed away on April 22nd 2016 (2 days before his 85th birthday) in a nursing home where he had been for 16 months since he suffered from vascular dementia.

He is very sadly missed by his loving wife and his children and grandchildren and great grandchildren.

Photos here and here.

From Grace Rae 28/01/17                   Email: Grace Rae

JAPP, Mathew

Sad to hear of the passing of Mathew Japp, just a week before his 103rd birthday. Mathew served from 1938 to 1946, and during the war he spent some time driving Churchill in North Africa. He was still an active member of the Blackpool branch of the RSA: he even paraded with the branch on Rememberance Day. RIP Mathew.

From Keith Kimberley (via the Comcen) 17/01/17                   Email: Keith Kimberley