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NAY, Jim

Sgt Jim Nay, formerly of 7 Signal Regiment, retired to The Royal Chelsea Hospital and, after a few years, passed away on the 18th May 2012. RIP

From Barry Stevenson 22/12/14                   Email: Barry Stevenson


It is with great regret that I have to report the passing of Eric Pickering, aged 72, on 14th December 2014.

Eric served in 14 Sigs, Worcester, and always had dry wit and ready repartee. He lived his final years in Malvern and was found every evening at the Nag's Head, resplendent in blazer and Corps tie. He will be sadly missed by all who knew him.

RIP Eric. Hope you find plenty of ladies and sports cars.

From Steve Birch 19/12/14                   Email: Steve Birch


Senior staff member, Junior Leaders' Regiment, Denbury, 1959-63; Aldershot RSA Branch/BEBA/Airborne Sigs Assn.

Harry was possibly the best ever golfer in Corps and at one time was the Captain of Corps Golf. During his career he represented the Army in golf tournaments.

Harry's funeral will take place at Guildford Crematorium, New Pond Road, Godalming GU7 3DB on Thursday 18 Dec 2014 at 12:45 hrs and afterwards (appropriately) at Bramley Golf Club, Links Rd, Bramley, Guildford GU5 0AL. All friends are very welcome and his family look forward to meeting them. Please inform his son Peter Meekings if you can attend (tel: 01483 450788, email: Peter Meekings) as he'd like to make sure that everyone is well catered for.

Harry's wish was that his funeral not be too sombre an affair and it would be lovely to see Corps ties.

From Mike Butchers 13/12/14                   Email: Mike Butchers


Officer Mike Kilvington was a Tech and was commissioned from the Ranks. He was an Army cricketer and Minor and 2nd X1 County player. He died about 2011.

From Oliver "Steve" Butler 01/12/14                   Email: Oliver Butler


Cpl Frank Parris, a TG Op for about 16 years, passed away in Germany in 2013 after a short illness. He was born in Barbados, married Anita of Germany and served in Libya, Aden, 2 and 3 Div.

From Oliver "Steve" Butler 01/12/14                   Email: Oliver Butler


My brother died in May 2012 in Darmstadt, Germany, where he'd been working with the European Space Agency. We served together in 249 Sig Sqn in the mid 60s after which he served in Hong Kong and SHAPE. See you later Pete.

From Alan Catterall 29/11/14                   Email: Alan Catterall

Auxiliary Units Royal Signals Personnel

Remembering the Royal Signals Personnel who served in the Special Duties Section (Signals) of the secret British Resistance/Auxiliary Units at GHQ Coleshill and in Control Stations all around the UK in the 1940s, and the ATS Operators who worked with them.

From Bill Ashby 23/11/14                   Email: Bill Ashby


Frank Parris passed away about September 2013 after a short illness in Germany. He joined the Royal Signals about 1955 and left after about 13-16 years. He was stationed at 2 Div HQ and Sig Regt around the 1960s after stints in Benghazi, Aden, Catterick and 3 Div, Blandford. He was a TG Op Cpl. His widow is Anita. His daughter predeceased him at age 25.

From Oliver Butler 11/11/14                   Email: Oliver Butler

ANDREWS, Geoffrey (Brummie)

It is with a heavy heart that I announce that my old mate Geoff passed away on 25th October 2014 while he was living in Rhyl, North Wales. He was 70 years old.

Geoff initially trained as a Spec Op in 224 Signal Squadron, Loughborough in 1963. He served at 225 Signal Squadron (BAOR) and 9th Signal Regt in Cyprus, and he returned to 225 Signal Squadron in Langeleben in 1969/70.

It was after this return that he decided to re-train as a Storeman, and served in 3 Div at Bulford Camp before returning to Germany, serving in Soest and eventually back to 225 Signal Squadron as Staff/Sgt S.Q.M.S.

Geoff was a keen sportsman and represented his units at football and cricket, but he would take part in any sport where possible, and always maintained a high level of competitiveness.

After leaving the Army in the mid 1980s he joined H.M. Prison Service, where his Army experience and knowledge put him in good stead for another successful career.

I was Geoff's best man when he wed his lovely wife Sue in 1967 while we were serving in Cyprus. They later had a son Gareth who, like his Dad, is a real nice guy.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Sue and Gareth and his family at this very sad time.

Rest in peace Geoff, we shall miss you lots.

From Merv Davies 29/10/14                   Email: Merv Davies


Sad to report that John Tovey, aka JT, died on 26 Sep 2014 after a long illness, bravely borne.

John was a Junior Soldier in Denbury (I think) and he served briefly in BAOR before volunteering for Airborne Forces around 1965. He then served with 216 Para Sig Sqn until 1977. During those years he carried out operational tours for 1 PARA in Aden, 1 and 2 PARA in N Ireland, and HQ 16 PARA Bde in N Ireland.

He was a well known and well respected member of the Sqn and a superb tradesman and soldier. After 216 he served with the Maritime Regt, ending his career in BAOR at the Sig Sqn in Detmold as a SSgt.

Post army life found John driving vans and buses until he joined the Coastguard, and eventually became a crew member on his local RNLI launch.

Happily married to Marion they had a son Ben. Tragically John's latter years were taken over by an ever-worsening illness which eventually caused his early death.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Marion and Ben at this sad time.

RIP, JT, an Airborne brother-in-arms, dearly loved, sorely missed.

From Richard Hamilton 07/10/14                   Email: Richard Hamilton


It is with regret that I inform the community of the passing of Dave Trigg. Triggy served in 13 Sig Regt, 9 Sig Regt, Northern Ireland and a couple of other places we probably shouldn't talk about. When he left the Army he went to work for the Prison Service, from which he retired about 7 or 8 years ago. He was President of the Newent Rotary Club, a keen golfer and ex-Seniors Captain at South Herefordshire Golf Club. He will be sadly missed. RIP old chum .. ese AR SK

From Terry Brenchley 06/10/14                   Email: Terry Brenchley

HILL, Tony

I have just received news from the wife of Tony Hill that Tony passed away on the 1st October. I only knew Tony because we happened to be in Kenya at the same time around 1955-1957. and we had made contact via this web site a couple of years ago. Tony was at Buller Camp and Kenton Wireless Station, Nairobi, East Africa Command Signals Squadron.

R I P Tony.

From John Kirby 06/10/14                   Email: John Kirby

GIBNEY, Stanley Cartmell

My dad passed away 30th March 2013. He was great man, a real hero, our leader. Our family will never be the same without him.

From Glenn Gibney 01/09/14                   Email: Glenn Gibney

Chief Yeoman Warder SHARP, Thomas Henry, MVO

Tom Sharp was a faithful servant to his country and his family. He served in Germany and in the UK and will no doubt be remembered by lots of the Corps as a WOII in 11 Signal Regiment. He also served at the Army School of Languages so may well be remembered for his posting there.

Our family memory is of a devoted soldier who chose to continue his military service by joining the Body of Yeoman Warders after his service in the Corps. The ending of his career as Chief Yeoman Warder at the Tower of London saw him receive the M.V.O from Her Majesty the Queen.

Tom Sharp died peacefully at home on 3rd August 2014 with his daughters at his side.

He will be sorely missed.

From Nichole Falconer LL.M 06/08/14                   Email: Nichole Falconer


My Grandad recently passed away after a long battle with cancer. He will be missed dearly by everyone who knew and loved him.

If anyone has any information/memories about my grandad please email me; myself and my family are desperate to know more about the time he served from 1949 onwards. RIP Geoffery bobbles xx

From Mikaela George 06/07/14                   Email: Mikaela George

WOODFINE, Richard (Dick)

It is with great sadness that I announce the death of Dick Woodfine, who served in the Corps from 1973 until 1995. Dick died peacefully in his sleep (25th June 2014) of a heart attack as a result of the cancer from which he had been suffering.

Dick joined the Corps as a TE tech and rose to the rank of SSgt. Dick's final posting was at the Army Apprentice College in Harrogate, having served at RAF Wildenrath, 4ADSR, 14 Sig Regt and Regensburg with NATO.

Dick was a keen skier, a cricketing fanatic and an accomplished sailor and many will know him for his time on the Corps Yacht. Please contact me (by clicking the email link below - MG) for details of where to send cards or condolences.

Funeral is at 11.40am on Friday 11th July 2014 at York Crematorium. Family flowers only. If anyone would like to make a donation please give to Diabetes UK.

A proud Yorkshireman, and a credit to the Corps. He leaves behind his widow Kay, son Christian and daughters Helena and Rebecca, as well as his grandchildren.

From Mick Cooper 26/06/14                   Email: Mick Cooper

CURRIE, Steve 'Kid'

Our dear friend and comrade, Steve "Kid" Currie, died 6th August 2013 after a long battle with the big "C" - Stand easy now Kid...

From Pete Line 20/06/14                   Email: Pete Line


My dad, Barry William Archer (Sgt), passed away on 8th December 2013 aged 74 following a 10 year battle with Lewy Body Dementia. He served from 1956-79, Ripon, Cyprus, Bulford, Rheindahlen BAOR, RMA Sandhurst, 13 Sig Regt Birgelen and 16 Sig Regt Krefeld BAOR. He is dearly missed by all who knew him.

From Beverley Priestley 14/06/14                   Email: Beverley Priestley

STRINGER, Frank Edmund

A wonderful gentleman, husband, father, grandfather and great grandfather who served in the Royal Corps during WW2 in the Middle East. Frank died in October 2013 and is missed very much. We are all so very very proud of him. Thanks for everything Frank.

From Tracy Smith 05/06/14                   Email: Tracy Smith

PATERSON, James Henry

My father, RSM James Paterson, sadly passed away in August 2000.

I have only just discovered this site and would be very grateful if anyone who knew him would get in touch to share their memories of him. I only know he served in Malaya, Germany, Kenya and Catterick.

From Fiona Bumpstead 26/05/14                   Email: Fiona Bumpstead

MEIKLE, Douglas

Dad was a wireless operator who served with the 3rd Telegraph Co. from 1943-1947. We know he was in North Africa and then in Bari, Naples, Rimini and his much loved Venice with an office overlooking the Grand Canal. Known as 'Ginger', he was best mates with 'Sandy'.

Dad died in 1989, but had good memories of his friends in the services.

From Jeanette Meikle 25/05/14                   Email: Jeanette Meikle

BOWSTEAD, Denis Arthur

My Dad passed away on 16th May 2014 at the grand age of 95 years old. He used to keep us enthralled with stories from the 2nd World War, but would only tell us the "funny bits". He was awarded the Military Medal for his part in the D Day landings. This medal will now pass to my brother who in turn will pass it to my son.

A few years ago we took him to the museum at Blandford Forum and he was so proud to see his name on the medal board. We are so proud of our Dad.

RIP Dad and you will be greatly missed by all who knew you.

From Annette Bowstead 18/05/14                   Email: Annette Bowstead


Clive Brooks passed away after a long battle against cancer on 5 April 2014. He and I were in basic training together in 5 Troop, 11 Sig Regt in October-November 1965, and served together in 225 Sig Sqn, Langeleben between 1969 and 1971. RIP old chum!

From Terry Benchley 16/05/14                   Email: Terry Benchley

SPENCER, Colin George

Colin lost his battle with cancer on August 9th 2013. He was a true friend for 50 years and is sorely missed. Today (15th May 2014) would have been his 72nd birthday. On the ball, City.

From Paul Butcher 15/05/14                   Email: Paul Butcher


Sadly, Eric (Mac) passed away early this year in Warrington.

The funeral was attended by myself (Shep) Tom Cooney and Mitchell Kerr: all of us were stationed at 3 GHQ Signals Regiment, Episkopi, Cyprus 1957/58.

R.I.P. Eric. God bless. You were a great mate.

From John Shepherd 07/05/14                   Email: John Shepherd


Elaine Muir notified me of Tom's death on 22 April 2014.

Tom had been suffering from cancer to his throat and oesophagus for several months. Said illness prevented him from taking solid nourishment, and while existing only on liquids he shed at least 5 stones in body weight. All of this he reported to me via a Skype call at the end of March. At that time he seemed remarkably cheerful and upbeat, regardless of his condition.

I'm glad I had the chance to reunite with such a grand old pal after many years just exchanging Xmas cards. Tom and I served together in 2 Sqn, 3 ADSR, where he was one of my most reliable SNCOs and a good friend too. Not one to tolerate fools or "eejits", he and his Troop were always able to produce the goods when called upon. In later years I was delighted to dine with him in his Mess at 11 Sigs during the RSMs' Convention of 1985.

Tom was a big, cheerful, some might say scary, Jock, a good man, a fine member of the Corps, an excellent friend, and, no doubt, a sorely missed husband to Elaine, his wife of many years.

R.I.P. Tom, old friend and Brother in Arms.

From Richard Hamilton 24/04/14                   Email: Richard Hamilton

SAXBY, Adrian

Ada my mate:

I first met Ada in 1973 when we were both chucked in the same room at the Army Apprentice College, Harrogate (Rawson Sqn). We were eventually set loose and allowed down into Harrogate town where we would go to the Crown Hotel sipping the odd pint of lager whilst repeatedly putting Status Quo on the juke box, much to the annoyance of the locals. Eventually we widened our haunts in Harrogate to The Glue Pot and The Intercon Disco (Nightclub in new money!).

Well, with the training over and done with, we then got our first posting along with Paul Holt Click). What a posting! 225 Signal Squadron (Langeleben): we had fallen on our feet; all that training at Harrogate came in handy. We were soon joined by a couple of Catterick commandos in Keith Baron (Roch) and David Grant (Wobin) and later Jim Mitchell, what a bunch, we called ourselves the "Biffs" (don't ask). We were young and different so didn't always see eye to eye with everyone. They were the best years of my life. Every weekend was a blast, showing the locals what "jolly chaps" the English were. We taught them how to do dead beetles and how to dance without holding onto each other. All good things come to an end when, one by one, we were all posted out and went our separate ways. Ada to Belize and me to Northern Ireland.

I later met Ada on our A1 courses at Catterick. It was a good catch-up session, although older and wiser (well older) we still managed to surprise a few people with our varied sense of humour, but that was us all over.

That was the last time I saw Ada. We kept in touch and although in the scheme of things those years with Ada seem a short period of time now, the memory of our years together will be with me forever.

With deepest sympathy to Claire and his two daughters.

Rest in Peace, my mate Ada.

From Steve Dixon 24/04/14                   Email: Steve Dixon


Alf died on 15th April 2014, a few days after a major operation.

From Tom Neal 19/04/14                   Email: Tom Neal

ROSE, Adrian

A very good friend of mine, ex-Sgt Adrian Rose, R Sigs, passed away yesterday in Kansas City, USA.

I knew Adrian when he was Chief Clerk of the UNFICYP Sig Sqn between 1988-1990. He left the Army under Options for Change in circa 1993 and he moved to Radcliffe, Greater Manchester. Subsequently he moved to the US some 15 years ago and married an American girl, inheriting a large and loving family.

Adrian was a passionate Manchester United fan and loved football and golf. He died after battling Guillian-Barre Syndrome for 6 months.

RIP mate and sleep easy.

From Alan Tucker 29/03/14                   Email: Alan Tucker

McLOUGHLIN, Colin (Maj)

Colin died peacefully in hospital on 16th March surrounded by his family.

Colin, an ex Y of S, made good. A 'Boro lad he played Corps football for many years and was a member of the very strong 8 Sigs team in the sixties. I played with Colin at 11 Inf Bde Hq and Sig Sqn: a strong team which won many trophies.

Colin took up golf on completion of his footballing days, as did many other Corps sportsmen. He played for many years at Strensall whilst serving in York.

A smashing guy who will be greatly missed by all his friends.

Funeral: Friday 28th March in St Bede's Chapel, Teesside Crematorium in Middlesbrough at 1330hrs.

From Dave McGurk 24/03/14                   Email: Dave McGurk


Suddenly at Aberdeen Royal Infirmary on Friday 28 February 2014. Thomas (Tom) Noonan, loving husband of Lilian and much loved father of Alan.

Tom Noonan served from 1962 to 1984, leaving the R Sigs with the rank of Staff Sergeant. He served in the UK, Germany and Kuwait (1968-1970) among others.

Service at Aberdeen Crematorium, West Chapel on Thursday March 13 at 1:35pm. All friends invited. No flowers please but donations to Erskine Hospital at the exit door of the crematorium.

From Alan Noonan 06/03/14                   Email: Alan Noonan

SAXBY, Adrian "Sax"

It is with great sadness that I have to report the death of Adrian "Sax" Saxby on 24th February 2014

Sax joined the Royal Corps of Signals at Harrogate with intake 73C as an Apprentice Radio Telegraphist. After training he was posted to Germany to various units including 22 Sig Regt and 207 (7 Armd Bde) Signal Squadron. He did wonders for the German economy during his time there. In 1983 he was posted back to UK 19 Inf Bde in Colchester leaving the army in 1985.

He certainly left a mark wherever he went and made many true friends with whom he still had close contact. His humour was infectious and very dry, often going over the head of many a young (and older) officer. Pictures of him nearly always show him with a cheeky grin on his face: we just wished we could work out what he had just done.

He leaves behind a wife Claire and daughters Hannah and Becky.

Sax, the world will be a much duller place without you.

Gordon Bland and all from the Jerboa Club.

From Gordon Bland 26/02/14                   Email: Gordon Bland


When I arrived at 207 Sig Sqn in Soltau, I thought that I had seen it all (3 QUEENS, 2 R IRISH, and 2 Div Sigs etc) but then I met 'SAX'. He was a fellow RTG from the intake before me at Harrogate. He shortly went to the RA RLD at Hohne, but would attend the Jerboa Club and Soltau in general with other lunatics from that det, who came along in an old car (det car) which cost a few Ds and they made up a BFG no for, so they could zoom along the tank tracks from Hohne. RIP Sax, -...- .-.-. (BT - long break AR -Out)

From Mick Tait 28/02/14                   Email: Mick Tait


John (Dad) served for 28 years with the Corps achieving the rank of Staff Sergeant (Chief Clerk). His service took him to Singapore, Malta, Shape (Belgium), Rheindahlen (Germany) and the TA centre at Horfield, Bristol plus many other places.

He sadly passed away on the 2hd February 2014 and is sorely missed

From Andrew Richardson 17/02/14                   Email: Andrew Richardson


Roy Served in the TA for many years in the 39th (City Of London) Sig Regt. I was in 2 (Dundee) Sqn as a PSI and Roy and his wife Carol always put me up on my many visits to London.

We kept in touch until his death yesterday. He will be missed. He leaves behind a wife and 2 daughters, Susan and Sharon.

From Bernard Copley 13/02/14                   Email: Bernard Copley

DE BOND, James

I'm very sad to report that James (Jim) De Bond passed away peacefully, with the very best of care, on Saturday 1st February 2014, after a long battle with cancer, at the Cynthia Spencer Hospice, Northampton.

Jim joined 1 Div HQ and Signal Regiment, (Verden), during 'The Cold War' as a Radio Relay Technician in 1974 after completing his Apprenticeship at Harrogate.

It was during my time at 1 Div HQ, '75 to '77 that we became even closer friends. On one occasion I turned up on leave on Canvey Island, Essex, where Jim hails from, with a note from him to his family saying; "please look after my friend until I get home". As one of a tight knit bunch, that was often the case for many of us - brothers, sharing our friends and families. Some of our absolute best times were when we ventured out to the nearby cities of Bremen, Hanover and Hamburg, doing our bit for Anglo-German relations :-)

I was Best Man at his wedding then Jim returned to 1 Div from leave married to Joan. Shortly afterwards, they were blessed with a son, James, and daughter, Joanne (Jo).

Jim and I always kept in touch including through his recent and, very sadly, final battles. My last honour was to be his pallbearer on Tuesday 11th February 2014.

Too many hilarious adventure stories to post, I'll simply sign off by saying "No better Friend".

Anyone who knew Jim and would like to know more, get back in touch please.

Miss you so much mate. Rest in peace, Gentleman Jim.

From Garry Stratton 04/02/14                   Email: Garry Stratton

HAWKES, Keith Wlfred Edward

It is with sadness that I have to notify you of the sad loss of my father, Warrant Officer Keith Wilfred Edward Hawkes, in December 2013 of double pneumonia.

My father would have liked me to convey his best wishes to all those with whom he served, particularly in Cyprus, Hong Kong and Germany, where he had his fondest memories. Martin and Win

From Martin Hawkes 24/01/14                   Email: Martin Hawkes

GILDERT, Terence

Terry passed away on the 19th Jan 2014 in Spain.

Ex White Helmets.

From Bernard Copley 24/01/14                   Email: Bernard Copley