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My darling Pete passed away on May 10, 2012. He served in Aden, Mombasa and Berlin. We married in 1967 and I went out to Berlin after leaving the Army as a switchboard op in Aldershot. We met at Catterick Camp and had a great time together. Very much missed.

From Elaine Slatter 31/12/13                   Email:Elaine Slatter

ELLIOTT, Stuart William (Bill)

RIP Dad. You're with Mum now. God bless you both. Once a lineman always a lineman: 1947-1971, S/Sgt Elliott, Royal Signals. Norma, Andrew, Alyson and the boys xx

From Andrew Elliott 27/12/13                   Email:Andrew Elliott

FINISTER, Maj Ronald

Ron passed away in 1998 R.I.P.

Whilst trying to contact Ron, I received a letter from his daughter informing me that he had passed away.

When memories live, the sun never goes down.

From John Cole 13/12/13                   Email:John Cole


John Beeton died in Burma in 1943. He was 25 years old. Not much is known in my family about my Great Grandfather, even though we are trying very hard to get any information we can. We know that he was born in Nottingham in 1918, and became a Royal Signalman. It is believed that he was killed in action, and we know the year of death was 1943, location: Burma. He had a 4 year old daughter back home, whom he never met, and we're not even sure if he knew his girlfriend at the time had found out she was pregnant shortly after he deployed. I really wish I knew more about this man, who at such a young age, fought bravely for the freedom of strangers. If anyone out there happened to know him, please, please contact me. My name is Megan, but the username on the account is my great grandfather's, may he rest in peace.

From Megan 13/11/13                   Email:Megan

HILTON, Arthur Roy

RIP Roy, loving father and grandfather: 01.12.1932 - 02.11.2013

From Leslie Haines 04/11/13                   Email:Leslie Haines


Born Glasgow 11th August 1919. Enlisted in Glasgow, 3rd November 1937 as an Army Signalman, Royal Signals (TA), army number 2574287. Regular Army, Royal Signals, 24th August 1938.

Postings: home 24/08/38 to 17/19/39; B.E.F. 18/09/39 to 31.5.40; home 01/06/40 to 13/11/40; Middle East 14/11/40 to 15/08/44; home 16/08/44 to 21/03/45; N.W.E. 22/03/45 to 22/05/45; home 23/05/45 to 29/05/45; Norway 30/05/45 to 29/11/45; home 30/11/45 to 18/12/46.

Awards: Africa star; 1939/45 star; France/Germany star.

Died 12th December 1978

From Alex Newton 29/10/13                   Email:Alex Newton

STOCKTON, John Daniel Hamlett

John Daniel Hamlett Stockton, 'Danny', (22851467), National Service in the Royal Signals, Feb 1953 to Mar 1955. Passed away on August 11th. 2013 in Launceston, Tasmania aged 78. Sadly missed and always remembered by his son Gary, daughter-in-law Susan and all his friends in Whyalla, South Australia.

I know little of my Dad's service, if you knew him, have photos or any information on how I may be able to find out what he

From Gary Stockton, Launceston, Tasmania 22/10/13                   Email:Gary Stockton


Roy Blease (Gobby) passed away on Monday 23rd September. He had memorable times serving with 225 Signal Squadron, Scharfoldendorf, Germany 1964/1967.

From Malcolm Blease 26/09/13                   Email:Malcolm Blease

HYDE, Leonard (Doc)

Dad left the Army in 1984 after 22 years service. He finally succumbed to cancer 13th September 2001 after a bloody hard-fought battle. He truly missed the Royal Signals and was proud to have served.

From Ian Kitson-Hyde 10/09/13                   Email:Ian Kitson-Hyde


Frank passed away on May 31st at Centenary Hospital after being admitted from Tony Stacey House. His previous address was 364 Old Finch Ave.

Loving husband of Patricia and formerly married to my birth mother, Irene. Pat passed away on December 13th,2008; Irene in January 2013. All were members of Jimmy and Associates. I miss you folks

Please feel free to contact me.

From John Freeman 04/09/13                   Email:John Freeman


Ex-WO1 (YofS) Ian Sleightholme died suddenly on 14 August 2013, aged 69. Funeral took place on 22 Aug at Narberth Crematorium, Pembrokeshire.

From Richard Hamilton 27/08/13                   Email:Richard Hamilton


David Taylor, ex WOII (RQMS), Royal Signals, and ex Corps Cricket Captain passed away on 7th August at Harrogate Hospital.

From Jim McPhee 19/08/13         


Roy sadly passed away on 16th August 2013 after a fairly lengthy illness. I was a good friend of Roy's and served with him in 234 Signal Squadron, Malta, in the seventies where he was SSM.

God Bless Roy and RIP.

From Martin Bevis 18/08/13                   Email:Martin Bevis

ROYAL, Kenneth John

Kenny was killed in Belfast, 28/04/1983, whilst serving at 233 Signal Squadron. Sadly missed by all in the section but not forgotten.

From Steven Powell 17/08/13                   Email:Steven Powell

CLAY, Jack

Jack Clay, Signalman and Creed Cypher Mechanic, passed away in Leeds General Infirmary 7th May 1982. He was a member of the Special Wireless Section attached to HQ 21 Army Group, 1944.

From Ian Clay 05/08/13                   Email:Ian Clay

BEHAN, Charlie

Cpl Charlie Behan, R.Sigs. 1959-70. AAS c.1959-60. 22 Sigs/194 LoC, c.1961-64. 259 Sig Sqn, c.1964-68. 3 Div/39 Bde, 1968-70. Migrated to Australia 1970. R. Aust Sigs 1970-93. Mainly 7 (E-W) Sig Regt, retd, SSgt.

Died 22 Mar 2013 after a brief illness aged 69 yrs. Life and soul of the mess. Leaves 1 daughter, 1 grandson, 2 granddaughters.

Sadly missed by all his mates downunder and no doubt UK. Especially missed by his brother Frank and family in UK.

From Frank Behan 29/07/13                   Email:Frank Behan


Sat to belatedly report the death of 22776475 Bill Pegley who sadly passed away in Oct 2009. Bill enlisted into the Royal Signals in May 1953 and joined 6BTR Beverley. He left Denbury in Dec '55 and served in Aden and Cyprus prior to leaving the Army in 1961.

Missed by his many BEBAs members. Rest in Peace Bill.

From Bob Woods 28/07/13                   Email:Bob Woods


On 22nd July, Roni Turaga passed away. He was one of the initiators of the annual 211 Signal Squadron, 1963 - 1970, re-union at the Union Jack Club and contacted any ex-211 member that he could find to get them to come to the reunion.

Roni was a typical Fijiian, built like a brick wall, hard as nails and uncomprimising on a rugby pitch. Off the field he was a quietly spoken gentle giant, technician by trade, who enjoyed his social life. He will be sorely missed at our re-union in September but will not be forgotten.

RIP Roni.

From James Young 24/07/13                   Email:James Young


I have the sad duty to report the death of Roni Turaga - he died of a heart attack in Hammersmith Hospital in London after a long and debilitating illness on 22nd of July. Roni was one of many boys from Fiji who joined the Royal Signals in the early sixties, he trained as a technician at 8 Sigs and served the majority of his time with 211 Signal Sqn/11Inf Bde in Minden. As most Fijians Roni was a formidable sportsman excelling at rugby and athletics - he was a member of the 211 Sig Sqn team that won the Morrison Cup three years on the trot in the sixties.

On retirement from the forces Roni lived and worked in London - he knew more about the history of our Capital city than most Brits.

A founder member of the 211 Sig Sqn/11 Inf Bde reunion club - Roni organised many interesting and educational outings during these reunion weekends.

He leaves a wife Sylvia and daughter Luisa. A great friend and comrade, he will be sadly missed by all of us.

Funeral arrangements: Monday 5th August - 1350hrs at Wesley Methodist Chapel, City Rd, London EC1Y 1AU.

From Dave McGurk 24/07/13                   Email:Dave McGurk


Sadly I have to announce the death of Sgt "Big Al" Munroe.

Alan passed away after a long illness on 10th July in Celle, West Germany. Alan had met his wife Hella whilst serving with 1 Div HQ & Sig Regt in Verden, or should I say whilst playing golf at Hohne Golf Club. Alan served with 10 Signal Regt in Hounslow, 3 Div Sig Regt when they were Strat Reserve in Bulford and with 1 Div in Verden.

A larger than life character - Rest in Peace, Big Al.

Funeral in Celle 23rd July 2013.

From Dave McGurk 18/07/13                   Email:Dave McGurk

DONALDSON, George Davidson

Sergeant George Davidson Donaldson passed away on the 14th May 2013. He will be sadly missed by all who knew him. Rest easy soldier.

From George Donaldson, Jr. 08/07/13                   Email:George Donaldson

SMITH, Frank Beaumont

Signalman Frank Smith passed away on the 9th March 2012 after a gradual decline to his health.

From Douglas Smith 26/06/13                   Email:Douglas Smith

PERRINS, Michael N.

My father came ashore in France during the D-Day landings and was in 101 Beach Sub Area Signals. He had with him L/Cpl Jim Beresford. Dad never talked about it and I've had a hard time finding any details.

Dad was later posted to India until de-mobbed in 1947.

I have a group picture entitled 42 Squad No.1 Coy, 1 O.T.Bn, R. Signals.

My father Signalman Michael. N. Perrins no. 14430728, died 25th Nov 2012 aged 88. I'd love to hear from anyone with info about his unit. 

From Barry Perrins 06/06/13                   Email:Barry Perrins

RAMAGE, Mark Beresford

Mark Ramage passed away 22 May 2013 aged 89. He was a former member of Phantom Regiment. Former chairman of Sharps Advertising. 

From Crispin Robinson 28/05/13                   Email:Crispin Robinson


Captain (Retd) Vic Zimmer, late 216 Para Sig Sqn, late RSM 2 Div Sigs (Bunde), passed away May 22, 2013.

Rest in peace, Vic, Airborne Brother-In-Arms. 

From Richard A. Hamilton 23/05/13                   Email:Richard A. Hamilton


Have just picked up on the RSA site that Clive Tepielow has died. Clive was R Signals PSI at Exeter UOTC when I was PSI at Bristol UOTC. He became RSM 14 Signal Regiment, I think. He served 1970-93. A large character who seems to have gone too soon.

Funeral at Exeter Crem., Topsham Rd, Exeter EX2 6EU, on Thu 23 May at 1115 hrs.

RIP Clive. 

From Mick Tait 20/05/13                   Email:Mick Tait

GILL, Reginald Arthur

Served 1942-46. Took part in the D-Day landings attached to 99th London Welsh Anti-Aircraft Regiment 

From John Gill 30/04/13                   Email:John Gill


I have just noticed that my old Tp Sgt from when I was on my A3 RTg course at 8 Sig Regt, Vimy Bks, Catterick Garrison, died on 9 February 2013. John Bradford was a 'firm but fair' old lineman of the old school. He was very popular with the lads. He served 1954-80. RIP John 

From Mick Tait 19/04/13                   Email:Mick Tait

PERRIN, Michael

Sgt Michael Perrin served from 1969 to 1973 in 229 Signal Squadron. Recently passed away after a short illness. 

From A Perrin 16/04/13                   Email:A. Perrin

OWEN, Stephen

Steve Owen (known as 'Bagfrey' back home in Rhosneigr and 'Wobley' from his army days) has been fighting brain cancer since November 2011.

Unfortunately Steve has lost the battle and passed away at 2am on the 27th March 2013. Steve will be greatly missed by a close and loving family and a great number of friends made throughout his life.

Steve served a full career in the Signals joining as a Radio Relay Op in 1980, leaving the colours as WOII in 2006.

Anybody wanting to attend the funeral in Watford on the 11th April please contact me for details. 

From Dave Bradford 31/03/13                   Email:Dave Bradford

ROBERTS, James W. (Jim)

Jim (22084765), ex 10 WTS, December 1948 - May 1949. Via the Depot Regt at Ripon and Empire Test to Famagusta - to 2 Sqn, 2 Wireless Regt, June 1949 to June 1950 then (ZT) Reserve.

Died on 22nd February 2013 after a lengthy debilitating illness.

Jim was, I believe, a member of the R. Signals Radio Club - call sign not known.

We enjoyed most of our full time service together and kept in touch afterwards. 

From Ron Gordon 28/03/13                   Email:Ron Gordon


I would just like to see if anyone remembered my Dad who did National Service between 1954 to 1956 in Catterick. His number was 23083417. He passed away on the 16th March 2013 after a 2 and 1/2 year battle against mesothelioma. If anyone has pictures and stories I would love to hear from you. Thanks. 

From Elliot Harrington 19/03/13                   Email:Elliot Harrington

BROWN, James Dobbie Gibson

He was my dad. Did 22 years in the Royal Signals and was posted to many places: Germany, Cyprus, Holland, Worcester to name a few. He also went to Australia and Belize.

He was know as the tight-fisted Jock since he was the first to roll his own smokes in his training class. 

From Gordon Brown 09/03/13                   Email:Gordon Brown


Died 5.2.2013 aged 76; cremated 26.2.2013, Mountsett, Co.Durham. National Service in B.A.O.R and Hong Kong.

A quiet, gentle, smiling rebel. 

From Lex Askew 07/03/13                   Email:Lex Askew


Jack Johnson died Oct 2010. Royal Signals Radio Engineer. National Service from 1949, stationed in Singapore. 

From Peter Johnson 03/03/13                   Email:Peter Johnson

WOOD, Roger

Roger and I served at 237 Signal Sqn, Singapore and 22 Signal Regt, Lippstadt between 1965 and 1969. Sadly and suddenly he passed away on the 16th February 2013 at his home in Radcliffe, Manchester aged 67 years. Roger originally came from Ferndale in the Rhonda Valley. 

From Ralph Smith 17/02/13                   Email:Ralph Smith


Lcpl Trevor Roberts passed away on 5th February 2013 after a long illness. He was one of my Orderly Room Clerks in 39 Bde, Lisburn, 1974 - 76. He also served in 5 Bde 1972 - 74 and 11 Bde 1976 - 78.

He was cheerful to the end.

RIP Trevor. 

From Peter Hinton 06/02/13                   Email:Peter Hinton

TAYLOR, Michael John

Michael sadly passed away on Saturday 27th January at the age of 72. He entered the Royal Signals as a boy soldier in Harrogate in 1955, and also served in Germany, Cyprus and the Gulf States. Of all the subjects he loved talking about, it was his time in the Royal Signals and especially his time in Cyprus and Aden that he most enjoyed. Sadly missed. 

From Peter Rouse 29/01/13                   Email:Peter Rouse

HAYES, Paul Simon

Telecommunications engineering at ROYAL SIGNALS; husband since March 2000 to Nicola Hayes; and outstanding father to Summer and Bethany.

Our Paul sadly passed away on the 26th January 2013 after losing a strong fight against HLH, a very rare illness that attacks the body's immune system. He was a very loving person who had fought for Queen and country since his teens.

He was a brilliant golfer and had a love for motorbikes, jumping out of planes and doing many more things to put our mum's nerves close to shock.

Tribute website here

Paul Simon Hayes, 25-02-1976 to 26-01-2013. Love you Bro... 

From Andrew Hayes 28/01/13                   Email:Andrew Hayes


So very sad to report the death of Keith Halliwell, ex WO2(YofS), served from 1954 to 1979 in the Corps. Keith's funeral took place on Friday 25th January 2013 at 1100hrs in the Parish Church at SMISBY, Near Ashby de la Zouch. RIP Keith 

From Peter Ferns 23/01/13                   Email:Peter Ferns

CLAYTON, Pamela Florence

My mother spent nearly 3 years in Egypt, sailing from liverpool in 1950/51. She had a marvellous experience there. She was with the Royal Signals. She pased away in 2005 

From Carolyn Oddy 20/01/13                   Email:Carolyn Oddy

MASON, Nelson James Geoffrey

Driver Nelson James Geoffrey Mason, born February 1923.

12 Wing, 1st Air Formation Signals

Served January 1943 - July 1946

Deceased January 2013 

From Charlie Annear 15/01/13                   Email:Charlie Annear

BANHAM, Reginald (Major)

From the Royal Signals Association website Last Post on 7.1.2013.

The report of the death of Major EJW Banham has been removed as he is alive and well, and the report was posted in error. Apologies to anyone who has been affected by this.

Major Reginald Banham (Retd), Royal Signals, passed away at home on New Year's Eve. Reg was born in Londonderry in 1934 and proudly served his country for 36 years in the UK, Germany, Northern Ireland, Malaysia and Hong Kong. The funeral service will be held at Bretby Crematorium, Swadlincote, Derbyshire on 11 January at 1000. 

From Richard Hamilton 07/01/13                   Email:Richard Hamilton