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BROWN, William Donald

My brother, 22141690 Sig William Donald Brown, served as a despatch rider between 1948 and 1950, with his initial training completed at Catterick before being posted to Austria. Whilst serving there he sustained an almost fatal accident when thrown from his motorcycle and fracturing his skull. An emergency operation was conducted by the surgeon, Col.Wright, who saved his life, although Donald remained unconscious for two weeks thereafter. Eventually he recovered and was demobbed in 1950 when he returned to the Post Office and joined the Territorial Army to become a Warrant Officer.

Donald died of cancer on 20th November at the Velindra Hospital in Cardiff with final farewells expressed by family and friends at his funeral in St Peter's Church, Fairwater, Cardiff on the 1st December 2011. He has rejoined his wife, Bette, both laying at Thornhill Cemetary, Cardiff.

If anyone remembers him then please feel free to contact me at my email address.

Haydn Brown 16-12-2011                   Email: Haydn Brown


Denis Boadella was a Sgt. in the Corps, I believe from 1944 to about 1950, and served out East after the end of the war. He died this year on the 25th October after a short illness. He was 85 years old.

Roger Staff 07-12-2011                   Email: Roger Staff

BOYLE, (Maj Gen) Tony

"The Best...Top Man" Fondly remembered.

Peter Jackson 17-11-2011                   Email: Peter Jackson

Tony was my OC at 20 Armd Bde, Detmold from 1975-78. He, as many have already said, was a perfect gent who had the utmost time and respect of and for everyone.

I left the Corps in 1981 and joined 33 Sig Regt Territorials where I spent another 10 years.

RIP Tony and heartfelt respect and wishes to his wife and family. DEGG6

From: Frank Tushingham    13-02-2016                   Email: Frank Tushingham

I had the honour to be the General's only RSM at 9 Signal Regt Cyprus. We arrived at the same time, which was unusual for both the CO and RSM to arrive simultaneously.

1980 was not a good year for 9 Sigs. Col Tony was an outstanding CO and man; he immediately had a Regiment who, to a man, would run through brick walls for him. The two and a half years I served with him will remain with me for ever.

I have only just found out as I was going through old photos that he signed my son Mark into the Army; indeed as far as I understand he was the last CO to do this. It was a good day and he even supplied the champagne. That was the sort of man he was.

As somebody stated he was indeed the first Army Officer to start astronaut training at Cape Canaveral. Unfortunately for him he was recalled to the UK as a witness in the spying trail of some military personnel at the Old Bailey.

To Ann and family please accept my belated condolences. I know exactly how you felt as I have just lost my wife Jan. Jan knew Ann very well, having worked together with the new wives and families.

From: Brian Beadle    16-08-2018                   Email: Brian Beadle

GIBBONS, William Alan

My dad died after suffering from lung cancer in April 2011. I shall try to recall what I know of his army service for those who may have known him.

He joined up in 1969 as a Combat Driver. He served in Northern Ireland as the troubles started, returning to Catterick and was there as HM the Queen renamed the barracks after herself. He went on to train young soldiers on adventure training stationed at Donnington near Telford, moving on to Catterick again where he trained recruits as far as I know.

From there we went to 1 Div at Verden where he was SQMS, 2 SQN where he was well loved and admired. He returned to Catterick, 210 sigs (I think).

From there on he went to Woolwich where he finally left the army returning to his home town of Kidderminster in Worcs.

He is survived by his loving wife Sandra and his three children: Chris, Sarah, Carla and all the grandchildren.

We miss you dad. You have left a gaping hole in our lives. Through your dignity you endeared yourself to us and you will never be forgotten.

Christopher Gibbons 16-11-2011                   Email: Christopher Gibbons


It's some years now that a great friend and fellow instructor, Sgt Ricky Whight, died of cancer. He settled on the Isle of Wight as a pub manager with his wife Sheila and 2 children until his passing. Also I would like to remember Tom Thornton, another great guy we all sadly miss.

All of 1 Sqn, 11 Signal Regt, mid 1970s

R.I.P Guys from Steve (Geordie) Peel, Titch Fuller, Sid Wilson, Terry Rampton and the rest of the boys from 11 Sigs

Steve Peel 02-11-2011                   Email: Steve Peel

SMART, James Ramsey

It is with great sadness that I inform you that James (Jim) Ramsey Smart passed away on Saturday 22nd October 2011. His memory will live on through his 4 children and 7 grandchildren. He served with the Royal Signals for 27 years after joining in 1943.

Alex Hayes 02-11-2011                   Email: Alex Hayes

MANNING, Leslie James

Sadly passed away 6th Oct 2011. He was a Corporal in 1945. He was a great grandad and will be sadly missed by all. RIP.

Dee Chapman 30-10-2011                   Email: Dee Chapman

BELFIELD, Christopher (Chris)

It is with a heavy heart that I announce the passing of my husband Christopher Belfield (Chris). I know Chris would want me to post this on The Royal Signals remembrance wall.

Chris passed away very suddenly at home on 4th January 2011 aged 48. He was born in Rochdale on 20th November 1962 and he joined the Royal Corps of Signals on 1st August 1979 aged 16 years.

His postings included time spent in the UK, Germany and Denmark. Chris was a Lineman and was also a Regimental Policeman for some time. We met in 1989 when he was stationed in Germany, and we met purely by chance whilst he was on leave. We exchanged many letters and met up as much as we could when he was on leave: love blossomed and we were engaged in 1990.

Chris served his time and left the army in November 1989 and moved to Liverpool, we married in 1991 and had 20 wonderful happily married years together. Chris loved married life and living in Liverpool.

He always remained fit and joined the TA for a short while as he missed ''army life' and the comradeship that came with it. He would always say 'civvy street isn't the same'. Chris was always closer to his ex-forces colleagues where he worked and I know he took delight in chatting with them about forces life.

He had a few hobbies, one being Judo, and he also loved spending time as a couple and going on holidays.

Chris was deeply dedicated to me as his wife; his love for me knew no bounds and he will remain in my heart forever. A beautiful, dedicated, loyal husband, friend and companion. I am lost without you my darling.

Certa Cito

If any of Chris's friends wish to contact me they are very welcome to do so by clicking on the email link below.

Jeannie Belfield 03-10-2011                   Email: Jeannie Belfield

HARRIS, Alan James

In loving memory of my darling brother Alan who sadly passed away 10th July 2011. A loving brother, a good boss, and most of all a hero. You will be eternally missed.

June Harris 24-09-2011                   Email: June Harris


Dad served in 13 Signal Regiment, Birgelin, from 1975-1979. He was in charge of the Sgts' Mess. It is with deep sadness that I have to inform you dad passed away on 26/06/2008. His ashes have been interred at Yalding Cemetery, Maidstone. Dad served for 27 years.

Beverley Smith 18-09-2011                   Email: Beverley Smith


Derek and I joined up together in March 1968. He was from Edinburgh, I was from Glasgow. We did our basic at 11 Sigs and Radio Relay training at 8 Sigs. He went to 22 Sigs and I went to 7 Sigs. We saw each other a couple of times in the 4 years we spent in BAOR. We both met up again at 233 Sig Sqn, N.I., did our two year stint then lost touch with each other. I have recently come home from living in the USA and tried to find Derek. I managed to find his sister tonight, 13/9/2011, who informed that Derek passed away in 2003. I was so looking forward to meeting my old pal. May he rest in peace. Certa Cito, mate.

Harry Dillon 13-09-2011                   Email: Harry Dillon


It is with deep regret that I have just heard from Barry's widow that Barry passed away on July 14th 2011. I served with Barry at the Berlin Signal Squadron during 1949- 1951. I am deeply saddened.

Gordon Dibden 08-09-2011                   Email: Gordon Dibden

GREEN, Brian

Sadly Brian (Dodger) Green passed away in July and was cremated in Darlington.
Brian a man's man and what I would call a proper soldier, one who I personally would both follow anywhere and do anything for, such was the esteem that I held him in. I believe Brian enlisted circa 1957 and left the Royal Signals circa 1979. Among his postings was Aden in the late 50s, 10 Sigs when in Krefeld, W. Germany and 22 Sigs where he was a military training instructor.
Although his trade was that of an Electrician Driver, which he also instructed, he excelled as a military instructor and did quite a time with the apprentices in Harrogate, finally finishing his service as RSM of 30 Signal Regiment, where he commanded the greatest respect of his men. Brian was a member of the Harrogate branch of the Association and a regular attendee at the old comrades' weekends in both Catterick and latterly Blandford and, in fact, attended this year along with myself. Brian sadly lost his wife Edie last year and they leave a son Jim and two daughters, Tracey and Jo. Brian I hope that you are now reunited with Edie. Brian I am a better person for having known you. Goodbye, Reme.

Gordon (aka REME) Harper   07-09-2011                   Email: Gordon Harper

BLAKEBOROUGH, Johnnie (Yogi)

Johnnie (Yogi) Blakeborough passed away on 31st july 2011.
I knew Johnnie at 21 Sigs RAF Wildenrath and have fond memories of our time there in K Troop. I met Johnnie again in 2007 at a Denbury reunion. He was Air Formation Signals through and through.
RIP Yogi.
Lest we forget.

Geoff Jackman   06-09-2011                   Email: Geoff Jackman

COLLETT, Ivor John James (John)

John Collett passed away peacefully on 14/03/2006 after a long battle with cancer. He is still very much sadly missed. I have very fond memories of my dear old dad and remember many happy times during my childhood in the army. My dad served in the Royal Signals: 22 Signal Regiment in Germany (Lippstadt and Bockenforde) Malta (Sliema Bay), South Yemen (Aden, 1966), Dorset (Blandford Camp, 1976), and many other postings. All my dad's army memorabilia were donated to The Nothe Fort in Weymouth Dorset. I would be really interested and thrilled to hear from anyone who knew my dad.

Melonie Holford   15-08-2011                   Email: Melonie Holford

COOPER, Christopher

Cpl Christopher Cooper, 3 GHQ Signal Regiment, Fayid and Episkopi 1955/6. Accidentally drowned while swimming at Episkopi 22 May 1956. Buried Waynes Keep Cemetery, Nicosia

Edmund Hodges   18-08-2011                   Email: Edmund Hodges

POWELL, Trevor

Sig Trevor (Chod) Powell served from 1967 to 1972: 2 Sqn, 1 Div Sig Regt, Verden. 45 Med Regt RA, Dortmund. 262 Signal Sqn, Cyprus. Worked for many years in Venezuela. Passed away on 2 August 2011 in Edinburgh. Had been ill with cancer for some time. So long old pal.

David Smith   13-08-2011                   Email: David Smith
McMURRAY-TAYLOR, Timothy (Paddy)

I have received the following from Andrew McMurray-Taylor, son of Timothy (Paddy) McMurray-Taylor. If you could add to RIP and enter deceased against his name on 262 Signal Squadron.

"It is with much sadness that we announce the death of Timothy (Timmy) Patrick Leach McMurray-Taylor on the 8th August 2011 at the Royal Victoria Hospital following the onset of a rapid illness.

Born on 25 February 1945 the son of the Rev James McMurray-Taylor and Maisie (Leach) he lived in Derrybrusk and the Rectory House (now The Ceders Hotel) in Killadeas and attended Portora Royal School as a day pupil before serving overseas for many years with the Royal Corps of Signals.

He retuned to Northern Ireland in the early 70's and lived and worked in Bangor and Lisburn, settling in Carrickfergus to be close to his aunts and uncle, Lewis and Mary Seymour and Margaret Taylor from Ballymena.

Tim always said he was raised a Ballymena man, but his heart was always in Fermanagh, racing the Fairy class yachts at Lough Erne Yacht Club for a number of years and taking part in many Erne Boat Rallies, he introduced many of the places of his childhood to his family.

His love of sailing and golf were affected by a long illness as he coped with rheumatoid arthritis for many years, but a recently discovered love and talent for poetry and writing had become a great source of joy, and some embarrassment, for him.

A man deeply dedicated to his family and with a great love of his grandchildren, he will be sorely missed by his family and friends and his calmness, insight and wisdom will remain in the hearts of all who knew him.

Tim is survived by Ann McMurray-Taylor, his wife of 35 years, and three children, Andrew, Jackie and Tara and his grandchildren Ben, Rebecca, Lucy, Dara and Emily. He also leaves behind his two sisters, Nicola Cassidy and Vivienne Taylor and a godchild Deborah Watson."

A friend of long standing and will not be forgotten."

Brian Tunmore, Barry Ellershaw   10-08-2011                   Email: Brian Tunmore


Dean passed away suddenly on Monday 28th March 2011 aged 48 years. Loving husband of Jean, much loved father of Shaun and Wayne and a dear grampy to Oliver. He will be greatly missed by all his family and many friends.

I knew you when we were both 16 going on 17 years old, we did basic training together in Ouston at Albermarle Barracks based in Newcastle. We both managed to get through the hard training and eventually got our cap badges in the Royal Corps of Signals. We lost touch during our colour service mainly down to the different trades we took and our respective postings. We eventually contacted each other again through Facebook after many years. I was glad to notice that your wicked sense of humour was undiminished.... A very decent bloke.... I'm glad I touched base with you before you left.... I'm shocked and saddened, my condolences to your family ..... Certa Cito Dean.

Derek Brabrook   22-07-2011                   Email: Derek Brabrook

GARBETT, Robert Arthur

Served in North Africa, specifically Libya, then up the west coast of Italy then across to Venice where he helped set up ship to shore comms.

Peter Garbett   17-07-2011                   Email: Peter Garbett


Died about 4 years ago in Sunderland. He was with me at 2 Div HQ & Signal Regiment. Always remembered.

George Brace   11-07-2011                   Email: George Brace

CLARK, Ernest Herbert William

Ernest Clark, my father sadly passed away on the 2nd March 2008 in his 87th year. He served in the Army from 26th Feb 1942 until Dec 1946. He was in the Royal Corps of Signals in 109 Special Wireless Section. He did a brief diary of his wartime experiences which I am presently copying into a spreadsheet.

Colin Clark   25-06-2011                   Email: Colin Clark

CASTLE, Geoffrey Fitch

Geoff Castle was my father. He served with Phantom in Belgium, Holland and Germany in 1945. Previously he had served with the London Rifles and Sherwood Foresters. He was an instructor at Sandhurst in 1944. As for front line service he was a Major in Phantom and told of patrols in Bren gun carriers with an NCO ahead of the main force. He described the entry into Hamburg particularly well with the populace coming out but turning their backs on the British Forces to indicate they did not feel beaten. Hamburg had been surrendered after a telephone call to the Rathaus! Geoff was one of the first British officers into Denmark at the end of the war. After hostilities he was charged with "de-Naziification" in the Hamburg area. Geoff passed away in 1994. He was married to Shelagh and had 3 children.

David Castle   16-06-2011                   Email: David Castle


Ken Cattell passed away in Good Hope Hospital on 29 May. His funeral takes place at Streetly Crematorium (WS9 0SG) at 1245 hrs on Thursday 16 June.

Ken served from 1950 to 1956.

Lewis Williams passed away on 3 June. His funeral takes place at Robin Hood Crematorium (B28 0LG) at 1100 hrs on Tuesday 21 June.

Lewis (92) served through WW2 and after going blind some years ago he was able to use his morse skills again to broadcast on behalf of St Dunstans.

George Hedge
Chairman Birmingham & District Branch
Royal Signals Association

From: Ken Moore    10-06-2011                   Email: Ken Moore


S/Sgt Jack Holtum. Member of the Corps from 1945 to 1967. Died May 2011

From: David Holtum    31-05-2011                   Email: David Holtum

WRIGHT, Ian (Lefty)

Joined AAC Harrogate in 1975, 75C Rawson Sqn, then posted to 10 Sig Regt, moved out to Germany and was with 210 Sig Sqn amongst others. Born 9 March 1959, and passed away from cancer 11 July 2010. A good friend and sadly missed.

From: Bob Hildreth    28-05-2011                   Email: Bob Hildreth


Sad to hear of Tommy's death in 1994.

Served with him at 2nd Sigs at Bunde 1967-1969 and played in Regimental football team in which he was goalie. Refereeing a Squadron kickabout he once sent me off for dissent and we had a laugh about it later!

He was a fine sprinter but once while training I took him on at the 100 metres and beat him! I think Tommy gave me a bit of a start expecting to zoom by me near the end but to his astonishment I held on, and I was a 400/800 metre man!!! Revenge for the sending off, or what?

I think I can remember him strumming on the guitar in our barrack block and I seem to remember him originally being named "Easton" changing it to "Livingstone"! Plenty of English/Scottish rivalry with him and other "Jocks", Pete Ferns for one, whom I last heard was living in France.

I last saw Tommy down at Blandford just before I was demobbed in 1972. He was already a "civvy" and was very dapper in a three-piece suit!

Rest in Peace old mucker!!!

From: Geoff Lokey    28-05-2011                   Email: Geoff Lokey

BURNS, Robert

I knew Rabs when he was in 244 Sig Sqn (Air Support). He was an outstanding piper and entertained the clientele of the Spotlight Club at RAF Brize Norton many a time, though on one occasion some TA wallah from 10 Para took umbrage and tried to remove his bagpipes; suffice to say that did not end well for him.

He had a fantastic dry sense of humour and kept his own counsel.

I learned of his passing while I was still in the Corps and it truly saddened me, its only since I dicovered this site (today, 22nd May 2011) that I am finally able to pay my respects.

'Some Gave All, All Gave Some' RIP Rabs

From: David McGahey    27-05-2011                   Email: David McGahey

JENKINS, Robin "Jinx"

My son Rob was killed by a careless driver who rear ended his Yamaha 2000 while on his way home after a 24 hour shift as a firefighter in Kissimmee, Florida, 6th October 2006.

He joined as a Junior in 1979 and rode with the White Helmets Team prior to going to Germany with 11 Signal Regiment.

From: Diana Jenkins    26-05-2011                   Email: Diana Jenkins

SAMPSON, Charlie

  • Sig/DR M.E. Peck: died of a heart attack around 1970 in Northamptonshire aged 34 yrs
  • Sig/Dvr Charlie Sampson: died of cancer circa 2008. He lived in Gloucester
  • Sgt/Supvr Jim Crow: a Regular, died circa 1970 in Ripon
  • L/Cpl Norman, DR instructor, 4 section: died in car accident some years ago. He lived in the Chester area

All served in 1 War Office Signal Regiment.

At the going down of the sun, and in the morning, we will remember them.

From: Ken Moore    23-05-2011                   Email: Ken Moore


Tim passed away on Sunday 14th May 2011 at Poole General Hospital. I first met Tim at 204 Sig Sqn in 1966 and we remained friends from that first day to his last day.

Tim was a larger than life character serving in various units, ending his 22 year service at Blandford.

Tim and his wife, Dawn, have lived in France for the last few years enjoying the country life with their horses, not quite the life most of us would associate with Tim, but he loved it. After leaving the Corps Tim and Dawn built up their own driving school business which was very successful. He also had a son and two daughters whom he was very proud of as they were of him.

Tim lived life to the full. Rest in peace mate.

From: Les Spence    19-05-2011                   Email: Les Spence


Need to pass on very sad news: on 4 May 2011 Leo Gordon-Marchant, former Denbury Boy, died of a heart attack aged only 65 years young.

Leo joined AAC Harrogate on 5th September 1960 and was in C Coy in 1961. He was posted to the Junior Leaders Regiment, Denbury after an "incident". He was a member of Iron Troop and graduated on 30th July 1963 as one of the first Radio Ops to leave Denbury with B3 trade. He went straight to 204 Sig Sqn, Hubblerath then on to an infantry regiment as a member of the rear link detachment.

He later served in the UK with 205 Sig Sqn, Bulford and 5 Airportable Bde HQ & Sig Sqn, serving on detachments in Aden and Cyprus. He was in Ulster at the very start of the troubles in 1969 and went on to 2 Div as a Sgt, then ended up on his Yeoman's course, which he passed, but after an "incident" ended up in 2 Sqn 1 Div HQ & Sig Regt, Verden-Aller as a Cpl. He decided to leave the Royal Signals shortly afterwards.

RIP, Leo, "Star of stage and screen"

The funeral is on Wednesday 25th May 2011 at 11:30am in Saltash, Cornwall. Please email if you knew Leo and wish to attend.

From: Steve Wright    11-05-2011                   Email: Steve Wright

One of the most generous, witty, and charming men EVER!

The US of A was blessed by your presence. I almost made a southern gent of you. Rhett Butler did not hold a candle to you. May you be blessed in your eternal rest. Love always, M

From: Marilyn Vaughan    08-06-2011                   Email: Marilyn Vaughan

My brother Leo was a very generous person, always there for me You lived life to the full; you will be always missed I will raise a glass on your birthday. Cheers, my dear, love you. Mo xx

From: Maureen Steer    18-08-2011                   Email: Judith and Alan Granshaw

I would just like to say from both of us that Leo was one of the greatest people we had ever met. Not only did he support us when we started our business but for several years he rang up and was 'Father Christmas' to our kids on Christmas Day. Typical Leo!

From: Judith and Alan Granshaw    25-07-2012                   Email: Judith and Alan Granshaw

ROSE, Lewis

I believe that Lewis passed in 1995. I came across his records as a friend is sorting out his wife's belongings after she recently passed away. 2374079 Lewis Rose, Royal Signals (driver mechanic), served from 1941 to 1946. Rest in peace with your wife, Lewis.

From: Bob Champion    09-05-2011                   Email: Bob Champion

BURTON, David Thomas (Col ret'd)

Royal Signals through and through up until his retirement in 2002. CO of 21st Signal Regiment at RAF Wildenrath in the early 80s, followed by time at NATO HQ in Belgium before finishing off at Blandford. Passed away on 5th August 2005 in his beloved South of France. Missed terribly by Tricia his wife and Simon his son.

From: Simon Burton    06-05-2011                   Email: Simon Burton

McANDREW, Bernie

I thought I should let old colleagues know of the sudden passing of our brother, S/Sgt Bernie McAndrew, on September 14th 2010, aged 49. He served from 1977-2001. We would like to say thank you to his former colleagues who travelled to Shrewsbury for his funeral. I have created a memorial page on the new RSA website if anyone would like to leave their memories. It would be lovely to hear from you. RIP Bernie x

From: Liz Houghton    20-04-2011                   Email: Liz Houghton

LEDGER, Mrs. Sonja

My Mam passed away very unexpectedly on the 21st April 2006 (aged 66). She was a Clerical Officer with the White Helmets and 8th Sigs based at Catterick.

I know she was a civilian but a lot of you out there will have known her as she worked for the army for 30 years. My Mam was the best person in the world, she was the kindest person anyone would want to meet and I am the luckiest person in the world to have been her son. That's why I miss her so much.

I am sorry its taken 5 years to do this; we did inform the Regiment and the White Helmets at the time of her death and both the vets and current organisation were brilliant.

If you have any memories of my mam please share them with me and my wife. We would love to hear from you.

From: Nicholas Ledger    06-04-2011                   Email: Nicholas Ledger

Very sorry to hear of Sonja's passing. I was in the display team for 6 years whilst Sonia was there. Like many of the team lads I thought she was great - like a second mum. If Nicholas gets this, please contact me on my email address.

From: Paul Engering    07-05-2011                   Email: Paul Engering

DOWSE, Terry

Terry was sadly killed in a road traffic accident in 1988 following his return from Ex Hardfall South, 249 Sig Sqn AMF(L) annual Norway deployment. He looked after me on what was then my first Arctic deployment. He lost control of his motorcycle on his way home and hit a stationary vehicle. As a clerk and friend I had the horrible task of going through his personal effects before they were released to his parents. Rest in peace Terry.

From: Mike Smith    02-04-2011                   Email: Mike Smith

PECK, Mark E.

Mark was my DR mate for 2 yrs in the War Office Signals.

A "Delboy" but a good friend. Left Primrose Gardens, Middlesex, remarried and went to Northhants. I lost contact but was told that he died around 1970. Any info would be apreciated.

From: Ken Moore    25-03-2011                   Email: Ken Moore

STEADMAN, Edwin John

My father fought from Dunkirk to Italy, Africa and Greece in the Royal Signals. He died a very brave man in September 2009 and was buried in his blazer with the Royal Signals badge. The British Legion remembered him at the service.

From: Peter Steadman    20-03-2011                   Email: Peter Steadman


Died in September 2010. A good friend passed away: ex Tech, Royal Signals with us at Task Force Foxtrot/206 Airmobile in Soest, W. Germany, BAOR. Sadly missed.

From: Billy Messruther    20-03-2011                   Email: Billy Messruther

BRINE, John William Thomas

John Brine, former Captain, Royal Signals stationed in Malta and Catterick in the 1940s and 1950s, died peacefully on 4th March 2011 aged 85. Funeral at 2pm on 22nd March at the Counties Crematorium, Northampton.

From: Janet Douglas    18-03-2011                   Email: Janet Douglas


1 Troop, Royal Signals 1957. Spent his national service in Cyprus 1958. Born July 4th 1938, deceased November 30th 2010.

From: Karl Mennell    16-03-2011                   Email: Karl Mennell

PENNOCK, Fred and ADAMS, Guy

I just found out that they have passed away. RIP

From: Tom Smith    28-02-2011                   Email: Tom Smith

ANGUS, Roland Dewar

My father passed away in April 2009 just after his 86th birthday. He never said much about his army life. I do know he was a Warrant Officer and spent time in Malaya and the Middle East.

From: Jane Dewar Luck    23-02-2011                   Email: Jane Dewar Luck

PRICE, Alan F.H.

My Dad was in the Royal Corps of Signals, J Section, HQ Infantry Brigade BNAF. He served in Palestine and Italy and maybe other countries.

He died in 1975 without us, his daughters, realising what he gone through during WW2. If only we could turn back time!

From: Patricia Palmer    18-02-2011                   Email: Patricia Palmer

O'BRIEN, Maurice Godfrey

To all who knew my brother Maurice who served from 1961 to 1970 here and in Germany, he sadly passed away on Wednesday 2nd February 2011.

Anyone wishing to contact me can do so at the email address below.

From: Andrew O'Brien    11-02-2011                   Email: Andrew O'Brien

GILL, Graham (dec'd 07/01/2010)

I knew Graham when I was in Schemes Troop in the early 90s, he was a really decent guy and a good mate. We had some good nights in the White Rose Club which I will always remember. Condolences to Rett and their two sons.

RIP Mate

From: Keith Kimberley    02-02-2011                   Email: Keith Kimberley


James Le Boutillier was born 20th September 1918 in Jersey, CI. Living life to the full, he had 3 brothers and 1 sister all now passed away.

During his life Jersey was alway important to him, and he was well known and loved on the island, as were all of his generation.

He married his childhood sweet heart Barbera Oliver Barker

His life was the army until his discharge after Korea, when he joined Harrods in 1958 and worked until his retirement 40 years later, living in Kensington, raising three boys and dying in 2006. He is buried in Kensal Green Catholic Cemetry.

His best army chum was Doug White who retired to Wellington, New Zealand.

May God bless his generation without whose help and sacrifice we would not be here today. His army medals were his pride and joy but unfortunatly they were stolen and today I am trying to piece together his service history so that we can replicate his army career and medals.

God Bless you Dad, always in our thoughts.

From: Charles G. Le Boutillier    30-01-2011                   Email: Charles G. Le Boutillier

NEWTON, William R. (2360428)

Despatch Rider, Royal Corp of Signals 1939-1946. Passed away on the 6th January 2011 aged 92 having seen active service in Norway and Burma during WWII.

One of six despatch riders on active duty in Norway.

Proud of his service to the end.

  • Defence Medal
  • World War Two Medal (with Oakleaf)
  • 1939-45 Star
  • Burma Star
  • Mention in Despatches

From: Steve Newton    26-01-2011                   Email: Steve Newton

RAVENSCROFT, Robert William

Sadly passed away aged just 60. He died at home with his family at his side. He was an ex-service man who served in the Royal Signals for over 22 years; the army was always his life.

He was a true hero who was taken far to soon and who will be missed by all

From: Chris Brooks    26-01-2011                   Email: Chris Brooks


Peter left the Royal Sigs in the early 70's and joined the Australian Army and served with 152 Sig Sqn (SAS) for many years.

Passed away in Queensland this week. I believe he was a Manxman.


From: Kevin Bovill    26-01-2011                   Email: Kevin Bovill

HEANEY, Malcom (Mal)

Today I realised there was no record of my old mucker Mal Heaney in the Obituaries section of the website. This is to set the record straight.

Mal and I joined together as members of Harrogate intake 67C. After a brilliant three years together during which we became good pals, we were both posted to Sharjah, 222 Sig Squadron.

Mal was always one of nature's athletes, having a figure like a racing snake. Following our tour in the Gulf we lost touch as he went off to become one of "them" and practice the dark arts at 264 Sig Squadron, Hereford.

We met up again briefly at 8 Sigs on our T1 courses after which we again went our separate ways.

I linked up again with Mal and his partner Joan (via this website) in May of 2005. They were living in Belfast at the time and, since we're just down the road a ways, we were delighted to meet up with them when they stayed with us for a couple of days on a camping trip around Ireland.

We stayed in touch for a while until Christmas of 2005 when I heard the dreadful news from Joan that Mal had died in 1st December after a short illness.

A good mate. May he continue to Rest in Peace.

From: Mike Graham    21-01-2011                   Email: Mike Graham

LANGSFORD, Arthur (Pasty)

Pasty served in Iron Tp Denbury, 8 Sigs Catterick, 254 Sigs and 15 Sigs Aden then 21 Sigs Brugen BAOR. Pasty died in April 2010 of cancer and was as brave in illness as he was in army life on active service. LEST WE FORGET.

From: Greg Moger    20-01-2011                   Email: Greg Moger


Sadly passed away December 2010 after a 70 day battle with cancer.

From: David Baldwin    14-01-2011                   Email: David Baldwin

IVES, Reginald Inglis

Dad passed away quite a few years ago now January 14th 1990 but I have only recently found this site. Rest In Peace Dad xx

From the site database: Reginald Ives, Signal Regiment, London 1936-1945. Was in Royal Signals 2 Corps B.E.F. EMBARKED 29/9/1939.

From: Malcolm Inglis Ives    02-01-2011                   Email: Malcolm Ives