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My sympathy goes to Joe Vassallo's family on his death from a stroke last month.
We served together in 234 Signal Squadron Marfa, Malta he was a great friend of mine.
May god bless him and let him rest in peace.

From: Joe Camilleri.    24-12-2009                   .


Roy who served with 204 Signal Squadron middle 1960's passed away suddenly at home in Ryde I.O.W. His infectious smile will never be forgotten

From: Mick Swinton.    24-12-2009                   .


I have heard that Bob died from cancer this year.
I served with him in 234 Signal Sqn Malta in 1970-72 where he was MT Sgt and also in 16th Sigs at Krefeld in 1973.
He was one of lifes Gentlemen.

From: Ray Cripps.    18-12-2009                   .


Sadly Sgt Prte "Jock" Laing, former Lineman of the Royal Signals passed away this morning 14-12-2009 peacfully at Ninewells Hospital Dundee.
After a very short illness.
Rest in peace Dad at last you are back with Mum after a short time apart.
Love you, Pete, Dawn Derek and Stewart

From: Peter Laing.    14-12-2009                   .


Late of 2 div.HQ and signal regiment Bunde B.A.O.R.
Died of coronary disease at Millport, Scotland 1994.
Tommy was a brilliant (if tempramental) musician and will be remembered by many who served at Bunde.

From: Joe McAllister.    12-12-2009                   .

CARLILE Maxwell "Pat"

Maxwell "Pat" Carlile
Sad to advise of the passing of a great and close friend, Max Carlile, although many will have known him as Pat Carlile.
He died on 1st October 2009, after short illness.
Served in Singapore, 22 Sigs in Lipstadt and with the Para's.
Missed by wife Kaye, family and many friends.

From: Harry Jack.    26-11-2009                   .

LENAHAN Brian John

Corp Brian Lenahan
1937- 1998
Love you always and always. My darling husband and father rest in peace until we meet again.

From: Mrs Susan Lenahan.    25-11-2009                   .


Eric (Ossie) Osborne served from 1942 to 1967,and retired as WO2.
He was a Normandy and Korean war vet,also Aden.He was on the staff at JLR Denbury in the late 50s and mid 60s

From: Lee Manley.    04-11-2009                  .


I met Roy in Berlin 229 Signal Squadron in 1962 we became friends and it is with regret that I learnt of his death.
He died about three years ago and I am sure all who knew him will join me in saying farewell RIP.

From: Robert "Bob" Hurst.    28-10-2009                  .


Colin sadly passed away this morning, 27/10/09,after a very long illness.
I served with Colin in 21 Signal Regiment around 1977.
I am sure all his comrades and friends will miss him, and wish Jackie and his family sincere condolences. R.I.P. my friend

From: Glynn Jones.    28-10-2009                  .


Have been advised by another former Denbury Boy that Alan passed away on 1 Sep 09 he served at Denbury as a Junior Leader from 1958 to 1960 and completed his service in 1982 as SSgt RIP Ala.

From: Steve Wright.    09-10-2009                  .


My father, Signalman D E Mildenhall(served 1941-45), passed away on September 26th 2009.
He was attached first to the 51st Highland Division in North Africa, Sicily and Italy and then Beach Signals on D-Day, where he was wounded and shipped home with shrapnel wounds. Some shards he carried for the rest of his life. On recovery he rejoined his unit and was present at the crossing of the Rhine. He was demobbed at Osnabruck when the war ended. I still have a card showing the Regimental Crest on which he and a mate had compiled the 'battle honours' they had shared. Some of the places weren't the usual honours sites(e.g. Netley!)but I'm sure he and his mates had their reasons. Osnabruck is listed with the note 'Demobbed for the good of the army' and there's a general comment, 'Give 'em spam!'. He was always quietly proud of his regiment, the band, the display team and of having been a fine 'di-da-di-dit'.

From: Keith Mildenhall.    07-10-2009                  .


Roy Sutton member of 22 Signal Regiment he also served in Lippstadt,Singapore and Catterick Garrison.
Sadly passed away 17th May 2008 Much loved & much missed.

From: Cheryl Angela Hollindale (nee Sutton).   09-09-2009.                  .


On Sunday the 6th of September we paid A visit to Chelsea Hospital.
During this visit I sadly found out the Wally had passed away about the week before.
I first met Wally at Chelsea and a couple of times at Blandford. I spent a few hours chatting with him he was a true gentleman.
In his younger days Wally was a good sportsman and was presented with the corps coulours for boxing and I beleive one other sport.
Wally you will be sadly missed by all your friends. RIP.

From: Brian Streetly.   08-09-2009.

CLARKE Douglas Roy "Nobby"

My Dad passed away a few years ago and would love to hear form anyone whoe served with him during ww11 in africa italy or afterwards. He was in the TA and served the entire war as a private. Nobby was a private person and I know very little of his war history except he was a keen sportsman and done high speed morse.

From: Ian Clarke.   08-09-2009.      Email Ian Here

SMITH Ronald Alan

I have just found out today 03.09.09 that Ron passed away on the 21st of August.
I first spoke to Ron around 10 years ago and last spoke to him around 2 years ago.
Another of these sad cases where we say we must meet and never do. Although about 4 years ago we were going to and I got stuck on the motorway just outside his front door his words not mine. I was there for around 21/2 hours which stopped me going to see him.
Ron gave me many kind words and help in setting up this site at the beginning. I have had a few chats with him in various chat Rooms on the web. He was always polite kind and helpful. He had the nickname at one time of “The Great Man”
I know that you will be sadly missed by your family, and your friends. But you will be missed by us that counted you as a friend although we had never met.
Rest Easy Ron.

From: Brian Streetly.   03-09-2009.


Our Bill was a Sgt TE Tech when he was discharged in 1976 from Benbecula South Uist.
He joined the corps 1966, AAC Harrogate, 222 Sig Sqn Sharjah, 69-70, 244 AS Sig Sqn RAF Benson to 1974,
He died as result of car crash nr Pretoria South Africa 1987.
He was a great football player.
Left wife, daughter and son.
Greatly missed by all his family and friends especially brothers Charlie and me Frank all R.Signals
cya mate

From: Frank Behan.   30-08-2009.                   .


25041137 Cpl Mark "Boss" Cartwright 18/11/1975 - 08/06/2007.
Mark was tragically killed in a RTA in Nottinghamshire on June 8th 2007.
We will always love you and miss you so much daddy,
Heather & Holly Cartwright XXXX.

From: Charlie Carwright.   30-08-2009.                   .


23877918 Dick Emmings I have just been informed that Dick passed away around 4 Years ago.

From: Ronald S Butler .   27-08-2009.                   .

TAYLOR Stephen Colin

Steve was born on 10th May 1955, and died on the morning of Sunday 23rd September 2007.
He had had heart surgery but suffered a stroke after the operation, and he passed away without regaining consciousness in Northampton General Hospital.

From: Ronald S Butler .   27-08-2009.                   .


I met Joe around 1964ish in Germany at 614 Signal Troop.
A couple of years or so ago I had contact with his daughter who informed me that Joe had passed on.
I have no other information other than that. Do you have any further information that you can tell me?.

From: Brian Streetly. 27-08-2009.

Le MARCHANT Keith Maitland

I met Keith in basic in 1964, and we stayed in contact up to six years ago.
We then both changed addresses about the same time. So I had a tremendous shock after finding his brother, when he told me that Keith died three years ago.
I last served with him in 4 Div. (He was a Lineman).
He was a good friend and we had many happy sessions together, Bugis Street and the like, I will miss him as will his many friends and his family.
There are photo's of Keith at, in the 19 Sigs. section.

From: John Goodfellow.   12-08-2009.                   .

JONES Raymond S/Sgt

SSgt Ray Jones March 1945- Jan 2000
Served in various location including Cyprus 1974-76, and various in Germany 1976-1984.Discharged 1986. Member of the Army Archery Association.

From: Sian Jones.   04-08-2009.                   .

McCANDLES Dave "Fritz".

Dave passed away on the 14th July 2009.
A great guy I joined boys service with him, Harrogate 61C. a complete and utter nutter. but a more loyal friend you coul not have. Rest in Peace Fritz

From: John Coultish.   01-08-2009.                   .

Like John, I met Fritz at Harrogate AAS in '61. Unlike John, our paths nver crosed after that, although I was in contact with him just after he had his op last year. As John says, a raving nutter with a great sense of humour.

From: Phil Crone.   04-08-2009.                   .

I also had the privelage of knowing Fritz, we were at 16 Sigs together, we got on very well and I still have the Kukri scar to prove it. Been a pleasure Fritz RIP

From: Charlie Rodgers.   06-08-2009.                   .

HUGHES Islwyn "Wyn".

Suddenly on Monday 13th July 2009 Wyn passed away in Carmarthen, West Wales.
Wyn was with the 10th Indian Division: Signals and was stationed in Rawalpindi in 1946.
He was a keen Radio Ham, "GW4ZXL" and participated in the Raynet organisation.
He was a keen member of many local clubs and societies and will be sadly missed by his children, grandchildren and everyone who knew him

From: Derek Rice.   15-07-2009.                   .

Click to see his Album

McNAUGHT Adam Robert.

Adam Robertson McNaught sadly passed away 27th December 1997. On his CV he noted the following ...
"Served as Signalman 14623818 Royal Corps of Signals, June 1943 - June 1946: Army & Navy - Telegraphist. Service in India, Singapore, Siam. Operation and maintenance of receivers and transmitters on board a L.S.T."
... if anyone knew him, has any photos, stories, I would love to hear from you.

From: Sandra Winstanley (his granddaughter).   16-06-2009.                   .

BALL Leslie.

Leslie Ball passed away 13th May 2009 aged 92yrs.
He served during the 2nd World War with the RCorps of Signals as part of the Eighth Army in North Africa, Sicily, Italy and Germany.
He was mentioned in dispatches for recognition of gallant and distinguished services in Sicily - 2337618 Serg L. Ball - London Gazette Tuesday the 21st of March 1944.
Leslie was proud of having been a soldier and serving his country.

He was a wonderful father and grandfather.
He is missed by all of his family.

From: Adrienne Howells. (Daughter)   15-06-2009.                   .

McKEE Abraham W "Abe".

Abe McKee was called up to do National Service in the Royal Signals 1946 to 1948.Served at Graz in Austria.
Became an upholsterer, then worked as a civilian teleprinter operator for the R.Signals in Brighton.
He emigrated to New Zeland.
He joined the RNZ Signals 1953. Where he became a Keyboard and Cipher operator.
He worked his way up through the ranks becoming a S/Sgt Signals Centre supervisor.
He retired as a WO1 1977.
Abe worked in Army HQ Cipher Section and is remembered with great affection by his co-operators of that time, 1954 to 1963.
We will miss you Abe

From: Jim Dove Ian Dunford Ron Burton .   15-06-2009.                   .

DAVIS Elgan "Taff" Davis WO2.

I have just read of the sad news of my old snooker sparring partner WO2 Egan (Taff) Davis passing away.
I met Taff the day I was promoted to Sgt when I was stationed at Blandford.
It cost me a fortune in promotion drinks but Taff managed to put most of them on the RSMs bar tab, sorry to Pete Sutherland who was RSM at the time.
Taff challenged me the junior Sgt to a game, snooker for a bottle of port I lost and continued to lose for the nex couple of years.
Taff proved his populaity when he invited some of of his friends from his home town to Blandford for the weekend half of Wales turned up, what a weekend.
Taff you were a good mate not only to me but,to all who came in contact with you. God Bless you mate RIP

From: Tony Knight.   14-06-2009.                   .


Quarter Master James {Jimmy} Shields of the royal corps of signals WW2. born 1909 passed quietly at Erskine hospital May 2005 at the age of 96. Gone is a good soldier & my best friend.


From: Dave Cockburn.   04-05-2009.                   .



Two mates. I served with, I met up with them again 45 years later but sadly they both are no longer with us.
We were at Catterick 1950. We had some good times playing football for Charlie troop.
We were then posted to Tripoli and had a great time there. We were then moved on to Fayid; Egypt for the rest of our time.
The three of us were demobbed at Newton Abbot in 1952.

Many years later I was on holiday in Somerset.I got talking to two chaps from Newport; Wales Les was from there, you would not believe it but they knew him.
Two days later Les turned up at the pub I was staying at. For a few years we met at the pub while I was on holiday.
Sadly one day I got a letter that Les had died.

Bernard was from Chesterfield, and drove a taxi. One day he was in Rotherham, when he got my address from a phone book from then we visited each other.
Like all good soliders we had some stories to tell.
One we had the boxing gloves on in the sports store when he landed a punch on my nose I could not stop it bleeding. He did not come back to the store for three days. I wanted to land him one back

With great sadness I learnt that Bernard died in 2006
Bernard would have loved finding old mates.
I would not have missed, it happy memories.

From: Jack Nettleship.   16-05-2009.                   .


Very sad news of another Denbury Boy passed away 30 Apr 09 23666349 David F Feirn joined Denbury 24-Sep-58 K Tp/White Swan graduated 11-Apr-61 to train as Cipher Op at 24 Sig Regt unsure of his service time but believe he went on to serve in the TA and was an active RSA member Rotherham branch his funeral will be held at 11 am Monday 11 May 09 at Swinton Church, Church Street, Swinton, Nr Mexborough, Yorkshire

From: Steve Wright.   04-05-2009.                   .


Sorry to inform you of the passing of 23944716 Fred Shorter he served at the Junior Leaders Regiment Denbury from Jan 63 to Apr 65 in Kukri Troop and was posted to 24 Sig Regt arriving May 65 to train as Electrician Driver he has been suffering from cancer to some time and passed away in hospital Monday 27 April 2009 the funeral will be on 11 May 2009 at The Garden Of England Crematorium, Sheppey Way, Sittingbourne, Kent ME9 8GZ

From: Steve Wright.   04-05-2009.                   .

COWAN Norman Hugh "Hughie".

I met Hughie Cowan in the summer of 1960.
We became very close taking me to Dublin to meet his parents Christmas and New year of that year,before he went to Malta early 1961.
I Have been searching for many years and have just heard of his death in 1969.
He was a fine young man it has left me very sad and full of regret for not going with him..

From: Winifred Daniel.   25-04-2009.                   .

VAIL Dnis "Bill".

Denis Vail was born at 33 Richmond Grove, Surbiton, Surrey on 16th February 1929, the eldest child of Gilbert and Bessie Vail. He died at Adelaide Road, Surbiton on 1st April 2009, having recently celebrated his eightieth birthday. As a boy he attended Christchurch School and Hollyfield Road School. As a young man he did not wait to be called up for National Service but joined the Royal Signals in which he served for six years attaining the rank of sergeant. He spent time in occupied Germany (BAOR) and after leaving the Regular Army joined the Royal Army Reserve. Subsequently was called up to serve in the Suez Crises for 6 months in 1956.

Denis returned to civilian life and lived in Surbiton prior to marrying Betty Drake in 1955. The couple lived in Deer Park Gardens, Mitcham for some 25 years.

Following in his father's footsteps he was a member of the St John Ambulance, in which he served during the 1960s. He had a number of jobs including working as a grocer for Sainsbury's, a manager for Home & Colonial, an insurance agent and a salesman for Brooke Bond tea. But for most of his working life he was a postman in the Streatham area of London. He was an active member of the Streatham Postmans Social Club, a member of the Royal British Legion and a life member of the Royal Signals Association.

Denis and Betty divorced in 1983 but remained friends. Following the divorce Denis moved to Shakespeare Road in Tulse Hill. After his retirement from the Post Office he returned to Surbiton living in Moray House in Adelaide Road. His time was spend working part-time for the Corps of Commissionaires, Angling, Sea fishing and visiting his friends at Surbiton Royal British Legion. It was at the Legion Club that he made contact with many of his old school friends.

Bill was known for being generous to his friends and family and to good causes. He had an interest in technology, science, mathematics, local history and nature. Denis also had a gallows sense of humour and would have thought it amusing that he died on April Fools day!

He is survived by his younger sisters Doreen and Tina and his two sons Ray and Andy.

From: Ray Harrington-Vail (Son).   21-04-2009.                   .

BIRTWISTLE Archibald Cull "Archie" Major General (Retd) CB CBE DL.

Archie Passed away peacefully on 18th March 2009, aged 81 years.
Loving husband of Sylvia devoted father of Mark, Robin and Fiona and much loved grandfather.
Will be greatly missed by family and friends..

From: Paul Milner.   20-04-2009.                   .

PIERPOINT Frank "Geordie".

Sorry to inform you all that 23963204 Frank 'Geordie' Pierpoint passed away in March 2009.
he served at Denbury Apr 63 to Dec 64 in Quadrant Troop returning as a Signalman in Jan 65 to complete his BIII Comcen Operator training
From there he was posted to 4 Div HQ & Signal Regiment then to 249 Signal Squadron and 28 Signal Regiment.
For those who remember him please go to for more details.

From: Steve Wright.   14-04-2009.                   .

He will be much missed by all who knew him especially all the the Ex-boys from Denbury.
Especially the intake of April 63.
Frank passed away on March 11 this year and was laid to rest in the big Comcen in the sky a week later.

From: Douglas Robert Hellyar.   29-04-2009.                   .

A great friend for 45 years.
We first met at 4 signals, Herford in 1964 and immediately struck up a friendship. Although we lost touch due to our respective postings, I am pleased to say we met up again in the big wide world after army life.
Frank never changed and stayed 'as young and daft' untill his sudden death in March this year, shortly after taking early retirement.
Sadly he didn't live to enjoy his well desirved rest. To use the old cliche, 'old soldiers die but are never forgotten'. I'll miss you mate.

From: Keith Hind    12-07-2009                   .

DAVIS Mervyn.

Mervyn sadly died on the 7/1/09.
He Served from 1951 TO 1963 HE was a L/CPL.
He did his training with 7 Selection Regiment. 5 Training Regiment, also 2 Training Regiment.
He served in Korea Cypprus Malta.
He was on the Empire Windrush when it sank. On its way back from the far east in 1954.
If anyone has any photos or if you knew Mervyn, His family would love to hear from you.

From: Jayne Dixon.   04-04-2009.   E-mail me


Recently heard that Matt passed away last year,I remember him from the AAJLR training camp in Tonfanau, Wales. Rest in peace Matt

From: John Hattersley .   04-04-2009.                   .

MANNERS Ernest Ronald.

My Father Ernest Ronald Manners Did his National Service with the Royal Signals Based at Catterick in 1954.
Sadly my Father passed away on the 20th November 2002.
Sadly missed by Son Martin Manners.
If anyone knew my father from their national service days please feel free to contact me

From: Martin Manners.   21-03-2009.   E-mail me

TASKER Ron 1930-2008

Born in Cleethorpes on 22 July 1930, Ron first went to work on the docks in Grimsby, as a barrow lad, aged 14. After that he worked as a steam engine fireman on the railway. On 25 Sep 1947 Ron enlisted into Royal Signals at Lincoln. After basic training he volunteered for airborne duties, completing his para training at Ringway in Jul 1948. Ron met his future wife Rene at a church youth club bonfire party the same year. He was posted/attached 33rd Para Lt Regt RA, the Gunner unit of 16 Indep Para Bde Gp, which was then serving on static occupation duties in Germany. Ron joined 16 Para Bde Sigs in Nov 1949 and with the rest of the Bde Gp moved back to its new home at Lille Barracks, North Camp in Aldershot.

In 1951, 16 Indep Para Bde deployed to Cyprus and Egypt (Suez Canal Zone), and eventually returned to UK in 1954. In 1953, Ron asked Rene to marry him, but she didn't want to be an army wife, (famous last words), so he left the army and in June that year they were married in Cleethorpes. Their first child, Carol, was born in 1954. Although his Civvie job was lorry-driver for the Hope & Anchor Brewery, even with its perks Ron was so unhappy out of the army, that Rene suggested he sign-up again. So he did, and in 1955 returned to 16 Para Bde Sigs a happy man. He and Rene moved house to Aldershot, where their first married quarter was in the infamous Scott Moncreif Square. They were later upgraded to the delights (sic) of Rutland Terrace. 16 Indep Para Bde deployed to Cyprus in Aug 1956 in preparation for Operation Musketeer, which eventually began in Oct with the airborne assault by 3 Para on El Gamil airfield, and the subsequent sea landings at Port Said. In 1957, son Chris was born.

In 1958, 16 Para Bde deployed to Cyprus, then to Amman in Jordan, following the revolution in Iraq and much unrest throughout the Middle East. The deployment lasted until Nov of that year. Ron was promoted Sgt the following year, and by all accounts was very effective in the MT Troop. In Sep 1959, 16th Indep Para Bde Gp Sig Sqn changed its title to 216 Sig Sqn (Para Bde Gp).

In 1961 many Sqn SNCO's, including Ron, were posted out of the squadron "to broaden their outlook and gain promotion." RSigs MRO said they had been in the Para Sqn too long. Ron went to 4 Div at Iserlohn, Germany, and hated every moment of this enforced "hat" posting. Secretly, he plotted his return. In 1962 their second daughter, Mandy, was born. Tragically, she later died of a brain haemorrhage, aged only 43.

In 1963, the Tasker family were planning to go back to UK for Christmas, and to allow Ron to attend a Para refresher course. Ron had secretly been in touch with Robbie Laing and John Griffin in Aldershot, because he desperately wanted to get back to Para Sigs. It was agreed that if he could somehow get back to the UK, he would be allowed to rejoin the Sqn. His OC in 4 DIV at the time was ex-para, and he authorised the Para Refresher course, knowing full well that Ron wouldn't come back to BAOR. The family loaded everything that they could into the car, along with the three children, and then off they went, doing a moonlight flit, back to Ron's beloved Para Sigs. On the day that JFK was shot in Nov 1963, the Tasker family returned to UK.

In Aldershot Ron continued his service with Para Sigs, being promoted SSgt, the year after his triumphant return. He was always careful never to have his hair cut by the barber in Arnhem Barracks, known to many as "Charlie the Chop". On one occasion though Ron had an inspection due and left it too late to get his hair cut elsewhere. So he had to go to Charlie. He felt the result was so awful - he didn't take his beret off for two weeks.

In Jul 1965 the Sqn changed its title from 216 Sig Sqn (Para Bde Gp) to 216 Para Sig Sqn. Ron was promoted WO2 (RQMS) in 1970. He remained with Para Sigs until he retired in Jun 1972. In a full career of 25 years, he served 20 years with the Paras. Ron was a recipient of the GSM (1918-62) with clasps Canal Zone, Near East, and Cyprus, and the LS&GC medal.

On leaving the Army, Ron joined the RSPCA, whereupon he was asked to write an article about the Society for the Army Resettlement Board. This resulted in a few servicemen following his example - notably two of his comrades from 216, Jim Shearer and Ivor Wells. Ron was firstly the local RSPCA Inspector for Basingstoke later promoted to Chief Inspector. He was invited to be a founder member of the newly instigated Special Operations Unit, and afterwards spent a lot of time working undercover, abroad. Unfortunately Ron suffered a heart attack in 1986, which required quadruple, bypass surgery. He was told it would last for 10 years. Due to his stubborn refusal to submit to old age, his love of life and Rene's loving care (and nagging), he was able to make it last 22 years, before he finally succumbed. During his RSPCA service Ron was awarded the European Group Medal for "Outstanding Services to Animal Welfare in Europe", the Special Service in Europe medal, the Special Service Medal for "Animal Rescue in Dartmoor", and the RSPCA Long Service medal. He was eventually promoted to RSPCA Group Chief for Surrey, and retired in 1992.

Retiring to live in W Sussex, Ron led an active and happy life with Rene and their children. He delighted in being a much-loved Granddad to Gemma, Lucie, John, Kate and Joshua, and a Great Granddad to Lauren and Jasmine. In 2008, Ron became increasingly very ill when his heart began to fail. His stubborn determination was in evidence when, on being moved into intensive care, he asked for his Jack Higgins book and reading glasses, because he'd need something to do while he was in there. IC patients don't usually sit around reading books, but he was insistent, and of course the book went with him. Sadly, Ron died of heart failure on 3 Sep 2008. His last words to the family were, "Remember to put the bin out, and please bring chocolates in for the nurses."

Carol e-mailed the Para Sigs OCA website, where condolences and farewells were later posted by many of
her father's ex-comrades. They may be read on the guestbook at On 16 Sep, the chapel at the Surrey & Sussex Crematorium in Crawley was packed with family and friends. Members of Para Sigs OCA were also present, accompanied by Dave Fox MBE, bearing the standard of Weston-on-the-Green RBL Branch. Ron's great nephew, a serving member of the RAF, read the Homily. In committal, Ron's ashes were scattered at his daughter Mandy's memorial in the Snell Hatch Cemetery in Crawley.

Ron's first love was Rene and they were happily married for 55 years. His other great love was the Paras -
he was a Para through and through. His years with them formed the character that was to serve him so well
into a second successful career with the RSPCA, and for the rest of his life.
R.I.P., Ron Tasker, small (but perfectly formed) Airborne Warrior.

From: Richard Hamilton. 11-03-2009                   .


Eamon passed away on the 29th June 2008.
Eamon served with 229 Signal Squadron in 1962-1965 he was a very popular and cheerfull person. A gentelman.
He was a good friend to me and many others in the Squadron.
He will not be forgoten as long as we his Family and friends alike think about him and remember him as we knew him.
He has left his wife Lorna, daughter Patricia and 2 sons Charles and Eamon behind.
Certo Cito.

From: Robert Hurst aka "Bob". 11-03-2009                   .


Tom a linesman by trade completed 22 years service in the corp.
On completing his trade training as a linesman he was posted to 16 Signal Regiment, Krefeld W. Germany
Following that he went onto 19 Signal Regiment. Singapore with Air formation Signals.
To my knowledge he also served at 11 Signal Regiment. as a instructor.
Tom in later life ran his own Taxi firm and also worked as a undertaker for quite sometime.
He was a regular member of the 16 Signal Regiment from the 1960s reunion club and having worked the clubs locally in and around York was always happy to put on a show for our members at our annual reunions.
Sadly I am unable to fill in the gaps of his service, but I have no doubt that anyone who served with him will know the man I mention, quite simply because of his sense of humour.

From: Gordon Harper. 07-03-2009                   .

I have just read the the sad news of Tom Thornton he was my troop Cpl at 11 Sigs in 1975.
I met up with him again at 9 Signal Regt in Cyprus he was training wing Sgt.
I then met up with him at Blandford around 1984 What a great bloke RIP from all in 4Troop 11 Signal Regiment 1975.

From: Tony Knight. 12-04-2009                   .

I knew Tom from 11 Sigs in 1975 as well. Excellent bloke, one of the best men I met in the mob. Funny and as strong as a bull! Can anyone tell me how he passed on as he wouldn't have been old? Thoughts with family.

From: John Cooper. 23-02-2011                   John Cooper

I also knew Tom. Yes he was a real nice guy. I also knew him as an Instructor at 11 Signal Regt in 1974. Really sad to hear.

From: David Higson. 18-03-2011                   David Higson

Tom served with me at Changi troop in Singapore 1970-71. He came on a jungle recce in Malaya for 4 weeks, great guy. There were 2 UK linemen, Tom and Terry Haughton, Tom And Gerry! Great guy will be missed.

From: Colin Wood. 12/01/2020                   Colin Wood


Having met up with Alex Kubu at Tom Thornton's funeral I was informed of the passing of Sam Degei who retired back home to Fiji.
Alex said that Sams' son telephoned him of his passing approx 10 days ago.
Sam served in 30 Signal Regiment, 249 Signal Squadron, 7 Signal Regiment and I believe finished his service with either a cadet force or TA in London.
These postings are to my knowledge!
Sam a very likeable character will be missed by whoever came into contact with him.

From: Gordon Harper ( aka reme ). 04-03-2009                   .


I knew Sam very well from his 249 days, he served with me in Long Nok Tah (Crown project) in Thailand
He was a very likeable member of the corp and he will be sadly missed by all who knew him.
Good bye Sam

From: Joe Gibson. 05-03-2009                   .


Sam it was an honour to serve along side you at Blandford.
You were one hell of a guy along with a lot of other Fijian's i got to know with the S.A.S, Rest In Peace my friend

From: Peter Dunnings . 16-06-2009                   .


Len died in Cyprus last year,he was the most laid back Y.O.S in the Royal Signals.He will be missed by all who knew him

From: Dave Robertson. 04-03-2009                   .

PEARCE Victor Charles

My father Victor Charles Pearce 22084676 served with the Royal Signal in the 50's and early 60's.
Sadly passed away in 1980 after a two year fight against lung cancer

From: Stuart Pearce. 03-03-2009                   .


L/cpl Mel. Escott died 16 June 2007.
Served AAC Harrogate 1976 to 1979
21 Signal Regiment, RAF Wildenrath late 1970,s early 1980s.
9 Signal Regiment. Cyprus untill 1985
AAC Harrogate untill 1988 when he left the army.
We miss ya Bro.

From: Trev Escott. 02-03-2009                   .

DUNBAR Maj Allan "Taff"

DUNBAR - Maj Allan (Taff) Dunbar died 22 September 2007

The Corps took a pace backwards when it heard that Maj (Tfc Offr) Allan Dunbar had contracted an illness that was likely to prove fatal. Why? Because he was a tough soldier, arguably the finest all-round sportsman to serve Royal Signals during the past 40 years and even in retirement he kept himself extremely fit.

Allan hailed from Whitland in Camarthenshire and having attended the Grammar School with distinction he joined the Army Apprentice College, Harrogate in January 1961. Colleagues have suggested he set high standards even at 17 years of age but there was more than that. He was a gifted teenager with a fine brain, an athlete's body that could turn to any sport with the realistic hope of excellence and a sunshine personality.

Forty six years after joining Royal Signals Allan's contemporaries talk about his steadfastness and loyalty, his calmness and never having the need to raise his voice. He wasn't a gung-ho leader but his warm personality and reasoned approach ensured people always followed him easily.

Unusually Allan, or by now Taff Dunbar was posted from Harrogate and trade training as a TG Op directly to 249 Signal Squadron, Singapore. Air Support Troop was a specialist morse unit with the very highest of standards and Taff immediately started to reach for the uppermost branches. He was detached to 266 Sqn Borneo. It was too quiet at HQ Div and Taff found himself in the warm seats in rotation. Based with the Brigades at Kuching, Tawau and Brunei he was pushed 'upcountry' to the battalions on the Indonesian border and always returned with glowing reports. He usually returned to Labuan at weekends, where Army Borneo played RAF Borneo at rugby. Playing without Taff at flanker was like having a leg cut off.

Taff flew back to Singapore with operational experience, was promoted Cpl and given a 'tentacle' - a forward air support detachment - working with the battalions in the jungles of Malaya. Lt Col Ponanga, CO 1RNZIR, a Maori, treated him like one of his own and would bypass protocol to call in person for Taff 's detachment. There was confusion because at about the same time and despite his large frame, he earned the nickname 'Dun-bahadur' - a tremendous accolade suggesting in the jungles of the Far East, he could be likened to a Gurkha.

In the 1960s 'matelot morsers' enjoyed a fine reputation as HF radio operators and none more so than on the aircraft carriers, but in short order Taff was stretching their very best to 28 words per minute on circuit. It was a game because few could write at that speed but it established the Far East pecking order with Royal Signals in pole position.

That is not to say that this paragon of virtue was all virtue! Taff had an enormous appetite, enjoyed copious quantities of 'Tiger' and the very hottest curries from Zam Zams in down town Singapore. His party trick after rugby, more Tiger Beer and a few 'blue juice' curries was to run with others along the length of the upper floor and leap out of the window to land amidst the tables and chairs below.

In 1966 he was posted back to 24 Regt Catterick as a trade training instructor. By now married to his first wife Yvonne, his first son Mark was born in June and Wayne, currently a serving WO2 in the Corps, was born 3 years later whilst with 7 Regiment in Herford.

At this stage Taff started to play some seriously good rugby, being cemented into a rampant Corps team dominated by Fijians, and frequently the Army. He was often mistaken for a Fijian; he excelled in the rough and tumble of 15's, was a fine 7s exponent and had he stayed in Whitland, who knows what Wales representative honours would have been bestowed on him. He was that good.

Despite the various labels of Maori, Gurkha and Fijian, Taff remained a fierce and openly patriotic Welshman, true to his roots and all that stood for. He enjoyed a fine voice and wore the Red Shirt with pride.

When the time came in 1969 Taff 'flew' the YOS entrance exam, strolled the most difficult course devised in the Army and was posted to Hong Kong as a SSgt (YofS). Tours in 3 Bde (NI), more promotion and tours at large international headquarters such as SHAPE led to his commission into the Corps, a return to Northern Ireland, then Cyprus and Bielefeld. He played an important role in the development of Army CIS Engineering before retiring in 1998 to join NALLA UK, where he met Bernie and they married in 2000.

Taff was happy in retirement. The sportsman in him took up golf and the domestic man turned to gardening - not any old heap of dirt but a patch to be proud of. The leopard never ever changed his spots.

These few words have painted a picture of a man on top of his game in all areas of his life. He was a Corps man, an Army man without, at any rank, feeling the need to be a 'military wotnot'. He was promoted ten times from Sig to Maj; he attracted friends with ease throughout his life who each felt a very special bond with a very special man. From GD wallahs to Generals he was known as Taff. If proof were needed, some 400 turned out at Blandford to bid farewell to a true friend. It does not matter how many times people said Taff's funeral was a celebration of his life, which it was, it was also a very sorrowful occasion. When the kilted piper played, the men who had faced bullet, bayonet and worse were in tears.

Taff Dunbar was a man who had nothing to prove to anyone. He was a stable platform in a troubled sea - but he could also create waves. He was a first class soldier, a gifted sportsman and a family man who took enormous pride in his sons Mark and Wayne and their families. He was a great guy to be with at both work and play. We, probably thousands of us, would like to share with his wife Bernie, sons Mark and Wayne and his grandchildren Fiona, Rachel, Kerriann and Kieran, their grief. We send our sincerest condolences to all his family but particularly to his devoted wife Bernie who was at his bedside throughout the darkest days of a long illness.

From: Ronald Coburn. 02-03-2009                   .

TAYLOR Peter Fraser aka "Jock"

My father, Pete (Jock) Taylor died on 19 Feb 2009 aged 67.
Born in Aberdeen and raised in Glasgow he joined the R Sigs in Jan 1959.
He left as a Sgt in 1973 on a medical discharge with an exemplary service record. During his time he served in Libya, Borneo, BAOR, Singapore and Hong Kong.
He will be missed by family and friends.

From: Peter Taylor Jnr. 20-02-2009
If you knew Pete, or served with him and can tell me anything about his service I would love to hesr from you E-mail me Here

It is with very great sorrow to hear of Pete's passing.
I was one of the first people he met on leaving trade training as a TG Op in 1960 and a very young soldier and his first posting was 245 Signal Squadron (Benghazi), he and I became very good friends as he did when he met his other mates.

From: Joe Gibson. 07-03-2009                   .


Sammy died in Aden in 1958.
I Had arranged to meet him on the beach when I arrived 10 minutes later he was dead presumed drowned. Very was astrong swimmer.
I think it must have been aheart attack. But sadly I never found out.

From: Barrie Storer 20-02-2009                   .

PENNY-LARTER Ian Phillip Michael aka "Penny"

A very dear friend and compatriot of all members of Radio Troop 229 Signal Sqn (Berlin)1969-1971 never to be forgotten. Died 15 May 2005

From: Dai (Franco) Francis 16-02-2009                   .

THOMPSON Arthus Parkes

Born: 5.10.15. Died : 24.2.09.
Company Quarter-master Sgt during 1940-45.
Attached to 59th Division during Normandy Campaign. Caen; Orne Crossing; etc). A sturdy old trooper to the end
"Lest we forget."

From: M.G.Marvin. 08-02-2009                   .

HAYES George Alfred

George (my Dad) passed away due to a stroke at the age of 74. On 10/02/2002
I have his Royal Signals army book with the photos in but some are missing.
I would like to contact some of the people he served with if they have any photos of him. I do not have many, he he tended to take photos of other people

From: Alan Hayes. 03-02-2009                   .

JEFFERIES Frank William

My father served with the Signals during WW2. He has written an account of his experiences during this period which I have now put on line at in his memory

From: Michael Jefferies. 29-01-2009                   .

ROSS Desmond

My Father Joined up around 1958 and left the service as Sgt Ross in 1977. Dad died 4th September 2001 having fought cancer for 3 years.
He was always very proud of his time in the corps and is very sadly missed by everyone who knew him

From: Stephen Ross. 27-01-2009                   .


Paul Carman from Newcastle.
Paul And I spent four excellent years together at 14th Signal Regiment [EW] 1987-1991.
I have just found out he died some time in 2004, February I think, he had left the Corps and was working for BT.
He collapsed after taking penicillin for a virus, had a bad reaction and very sadly died.
So very sad a true friend for life. He left behind his wife and young daughter. Paul had just reached his thirties. RIP my friend

From: Ian Speight. 15-01-2009                   .

ARNOLD Edward James ('Ted')

1st Jan 1919 - 5th Jan 2009
Ted passed away suddenly after a short illness on 5th January 2009 at the age of 90 years.
I believe he served with the Royal Signals 1939-45 and saw active service in France and Germany from soon after D Day until the end of the war in Europe.

From: Brendan Arnold.                  .


My father, James Greenhalgh , who served in the Signals during WW2 passed away in March 2002 in Toronto, Canada.
Dad and Mom emigrated to Canada in 1952 but he never lost his strong Lancs accent.
Happily I took Dad on a trip to England the year before he passed.
We visited the old Prestatyn site and went to Blandlord to see the museum. Being there brought tears to Dads eyes as a lot of memories flooded back.
He was proud of his service and wore the Signals crested sweater we bought that day with pride

From: Paul Greenhalgh.                  .


It is with regret I report the death of my brother Paddy Patrick Mulhall.
He was 67 and died in November 2008 after a very short illness.
He served with the Corps for 12 years In 2 Sigs, In Singapore also Brunei and a couple of Stints with the United Nations in Cyprus. He left a wife Janet ,

From: Edd Mulhall.                  .


John and I were together at DADPTC Blandford in early 70's.
I remember him very well. We used to attend evening classes on Computer Science at Bournemouth and have a few beers afterwards, and talk through what we'd learnt. It was very early days for computer software development, and John was my mentor. He had a fantastic way of putting things across.
We met again in the 80's, at Hammersmith, when I was a software engineer at Leeds Polytechnic, and he was a software instructor with Honeywell. Again, he was a great inspiration to me at that time in my career.
I had tried recently to reestablish contact, so it is with great sadness to learn of his untimely death. RIP, old friend.

From: Ken Rouse.                  .