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Vic was a member of "C" Troop, 21 Signals (AFS) at RAFG Wildenrath around 1965-68 and was a driver by trade. After all these years we saw each other once again last year (2008) but unfortunately soon after he passed away whilst in hospital.

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Neil Urquhart (The Tiree Kid) Died peacefully on Tiree aged 60 on 29 November 2008.

Ex-Sgt Royal Signals.

He will be sadly missed by all including his wonderful wife Toulla and 3 sons, Duncan, Andrew and Iain.

My great soul mate and guide in many misadventures! I will miss him.

From: Terry Kidd.                  .

PHAIR Anthony Richard

I have just been informed that Tony (Lofty) Phair passed away 2 years ago following a heart attack.

We served together at 22 Sigs and 7 Sigs 1964 to 1968ish.

He was a very outgoing sort of bloke who liked a drink and a sing song. He also played rugby for the Regiment.

He leaves a widow Cynthia (Cindy)

From: Bob Waight.                  .


To all those knew my best pal and buddy Dave Young.

He sadly passed away on friday 05-12-08 in Canada where he as resided for the last 18 years.

He was like a brother to me and will be sadly missed.

So Dave where ever you are on the other side rip old pal.

From: Victor Wade.                  .


George McConnell WO2 passed away 27/12/07 in Adelaide Australia

From: Robert McConnell.                  .


My brother Alan,an ex Corps member,passed away peacefully on the 29 Oct 08.
He served with AAC Harrogate,259 Sig Sqn,244 Sig Sqn and HMS Fearless Sig Tp.
Alan was avery popular individual who will be sadly missed by family and friends alike.

From: Arthur Smith.                  .

LAMBIE Grahamk

Graham i think of you often and have told my children all about you.
I remember our training days in Catterick and when we used to babysit for an officer!.
You rang me at a difficult time in my life after i got out, and we were going to meet. but it never happened.
I miss you Graham. xx I came to your funeral and met your wonderfull parents and sister. I will never forget you x

From: Cheryl Guillot .                 .

THORNE Rick aka Dick

It is with sad regret that i inform you all that my father (Rick/Dick Thorne) passed away in Nov 2005.
Another corps brother passed away.
My dad served 22yrs in the army. His last posting was at 28 Signal Regiment,(Franscica Barracks)St. Tonis, Krefeld, Germany.
Dad was the Provo Sergent here and ran the guardroom.
I have made dad a memorial page at Please just put in richard thorne,then it will come up with Richard Thorne, Warrington. Click on dads name and you are then in his site.please feel free to go and look at the photo's and messages and feel free to leave your messages, if you would like too,and feel free to get in touch with me.

From: Debbie Chadwick nee Thorne. Contact Debbie


I have only just heard from a newly found friend about the death of Bob Gladwell. I knew Bob as a L/Cpl in Comms Troop, 233 Sig Sqn (NI) in 1978 and we were particular friends. I also know that Bob served with 321 EOD in NI. A quiet and unassuming man, Bob was easy to get on with and always quiet in his ways. I have heard that Bob left the army and joined the Met Police. He attended the scene of a pub fight in London where he received a blow to the back of the head I believe. This resulted in Bob's death around 1991 and manslaughter charges were brought against an individual. I believe there is a memorial to Bob Gladwell in the street where he was assaulted. I was saddened to learn of his death. To have survived all that he did and to die this way makes it all the harder. Certa Cito Bob, you are remembered mate

From: Ian Millar


My father William Emrys Griffiths who was a member of the Corps (interleaved with being in the Paras) from 1943 until the late 1980s in a regular, TA and latterly ACF capacity sadly passed away recently. He served in 52 Mountain Div Signals (attached 6 HLI) 1943-45 then after being commissioned joined 3 GHQ Signals Regt in Egypt from 1947 to 1950 - on leaving the regulars he was a regimental signals officer in 16 Para (TA) and then back to the Corps itself in a Signals Squadron that was attached to 53 Welsh Div (TA). From 1967 to 1989 he was with the Royal Signals ACF as a detachment commander in Cardiff and on closure of the latter, with RRW ACF in Cardiff and Bridgend. I know that many who were in the units he commanded in the ACF went into the regular army and particularly the Corps. Anyone who knew him please get in touch with me as I would like to speak to you. So I can build up more info on Dad's army history. He was always immensely proud of the Royal Corps of Signals and of having served in it Thanks

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2537083 WOII Frank H Pemberton passed away in February 1995. Unfortunately I did not know this site existed untl recently. My Dad was very proud of being ex Signals and my Mum Joyce who is still around, also is very proud of being a part of the Royal Signals. So to all you old soldiers who remember my Dad,lift your glass next time you imbibe and think of him. I know he used to think fondly of you. Thank you.

From: Sue Butler

MOIR Charles

I would just like to send this message to anyone who knew my dad Chick Moir. He served with 216 Parachute squadron in the late 60's in Aldershot and then with 7th signal regiment being based in Herford Germany, We also lived in a few other places, but 7 sigs is where he met the majority of his good mates. My dad sadly passed away on saturday 27th September, after a relatively short illness, bore as usual by my day without any complaint, even though he was in a lot of pain. He died peacefully with my mum Ann beside him, I would like to thank every one who has sent messages to us, as they have been lovely.

From: Sandra Conklin nee MOIR


Just a brief note to say that Pete Hardwick ex WO11 OF the Corps has passed away after contracting a chest infection. Peter and myself were mates for about 35 years i first met him at 1 Div Signal Regiment in Verden BAOR when we both served there. His other postings that i can remember were Aden, and the Junior Leaders Training Wing at Harrogate in Yorkshire.
He was predecesed by his wife Viv by about 5 years who was also a very good friend of myself and my wife Joan.
Rest in Peace mate we had a lot of good times .

See also Peter Hardwick

From: Dave Milne aka Jock: R.Signals 1963-1975


I am Nick Nicholson,s Daughter Melanie. My dad was in the 7 Signal Regiment and served for 22 years. I am very sad to say i lost my wonderful Dad on Tuesday 5 th August 2008 and my dad was a member of this contact site. I shall be lost without my Dad but me and my Sister Angela will be strong to look after our Heartbroken mother Marlies. Dad had many very Special Army friends and always told me many tales "of the good old days"I wanted to let you know in case there are friends of my dad who are also a member of this website.
My Dad was my Rock, my Hero and my Friend and myself our Family and everyone who knew him shall miss him deeply.

From: Melanie Nicholson

POWELL Charles aka Darkie

Charles served in the Corp between 1936 & 1945. He served in Palestine & throughout the Middle East going on to serve in the UK, France & Germany prior to the end of WW2.
He died on the 30th July 2008, aged 92

From: Ian Powell


He died on the 12th of November 2006, rememberance day. Six months later out here in civiy street I met a good person who I actually and strangely enough managed to ask if was an angel? ha! Rare breed at times good people. I watched in horror him screaming having a double decker coach he was working on roll on top of him! I'm sorry to say he died the following day in the evening. Pain he must have gone through. Without religion or human intervention I can't help but feel such quality people are needed elsewhere

Still every now and again and definatelty today I am reminded how unworthy I was to answer to you. From a selfish point of view and to the boys it matters,...the thought of your approaching attitude to any given situation helps so much in the hardest of times. I just got to say I'm so very grateful to having known you Hoppy

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SILVER Paul aka Taff

Unfortunately, sat the 12th July 2008, 24576989 Cpl Taff Silver died after a long battle with lung cancer at the age of 44, he was married ( 2nd time ) and had two daughters aged 19 and 4 ! He served between 1980 and 1993 as a TeleMech at 259 Signal Sqn at Epi and Airfield troop, K & N troops 21 Signal regt and possibly 7 Sigs!
He was a great guy and will be sorely missed by family and friends!

Anyone, wishing to know more can contact me !.

From: Dave Jenkins Contact Dave

WILLIAMS Ronald Leslie

Our father passed away on June 22nd, while a patient at the Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother Hospital in Margate, Kent, aged 76 years.

I know he served as a National Serviceman in the Far East and in particular during the Insurgency in Malaya. On his discharge he married in October 1953 and began his civilian life as a lathe turner operator for J & E Hall & Co., in Dartford, Kent

Rather sadly, by 1956 his mental health had deteriorated to the extent that he was required to be confined permanently, and so the remainder of his life was spent in one institution or another, finally arriving on the Kent coast in the late 1980's

We never really knew my father, and my father never really knew us but I like to think he was a kind and sensitive soul who suffered the horror of war and paid a price very few of us would be willing to pay, while serving his country

I pray that God has him in his care now and his life has been restored in full, as it should always have been in this World.

From: Michael Williams


23845581 Sig Patrick Ogilvie George Buchanan Special Operator with the Royal Signals from ?1960 - 1966. Married to Miriam Reid WRAC in Rheindahlen in ?1965 when they were both serving with 13 Sig Regt. Left to play his guitar in eternity from Hackney 29 March 2008. Daughter gave him a rousing musical send off with family and friends. (Maggie - sister)

From: Margaret Nealer nee Innes

FITCH Sydney John

Corporal Sydney John Fitch was killed in a tragic accident 50 years ago on 7th July 1958, his memory still lives on with me his younger brother Ern. If any of his old comrades are still with us raise a glass to him, I would love to hear from anyone who remembers him.

From: Ernie Fitch Email: Ernie


My father born Peshaw India joined the army as a boy in the Royal Signals. Served in Cyprus, Germany(Munster, Verden, Dortmund) N Ireland,Hounslow, Isleworth, Tidworth,. Retired a Major but died six months later of carcinoma of the lung in Portsmouth Hampshire.

From: David Crowe


Matt McBirney 1945-2008

Matt started his Army career in 1962 with Minden Platoon, D Coy, AAJLR Tonfanau. In 1963, after qualifying as a Radio Telegraphist at 24 Signal Regt in Catterick, and looking for adventure and excitement, Matt volunteered for Airborne Forces. He effectively survived the eventual ‘P’ Coy at Maida Barracks, Aldershot. In 1964 he joined 216 Para Signal Sqn at Ellis Barracks, Farnborough, and hardly had time to unpack before the Sqn deployed to Cyprus for operational duty with UNFICYP. 1964 was to prove a busy year with another operational deployment to Borneo with Patrol Coy, 2 PARA. In 1965, he joined 2 PARA again, this time for active service in the Radfan - adventure and excitement indeed!

Those of us fortunate to know him will remember Matt as a complete rascal with a legendary sense of humor. Nothing and no-one was sacred - from his early antics in Aldershot impersonating "Dr Kildare" whenever he encountered young QARANC recruits on their first foray into the NAAFI Club - through to the penultimate prize-winning performance that earned him a permanent place in Corps folklore. Not many ride a horse through a Sergents’ Mess and come away unscathed by injury or official retribution, let alone with First Prize and the coveted Blue Rosette.

Some would say it was this sense of fun, and a few days unauthorised leave (AWOL) in Blackpool with the late John Angus (the two of them should have been on a 216 Sqn parachuting exercise) that combined, not in his downfall as you might expect, but in his redemption. How so? Well, following the "Blackpool" incident the powers-that-be decided Matt needed to "broaden his horizons", and he was posted to Air Support Troop, 249 Signal Sqn (FARELF). There he was to meet Jan Walkinshaw of 4 Coy WRAC, a fellow Scot, his future life partner, and given this was exotic Singapore in the 1960s, his undoubted savior.

Having (some would say) fortuitously survived the exotic Far East, Matt, new wife Jan, and first child Lorraine, returned to 216 Para in 1971. There followed a N Ireland tour to Lurgan with 16 Para Brigade, a Drill Course at Pirbright, and numerous para/radio exercises in UK, Norway, Cyprus, Turkey, Sardinia, and Germany. Throughout this time he firmly established himself as an outstanding NCO and a highly experienced radio det commander. Matt excelled at sport, particularly football, and represented the Sqn at Brigade level, and the Corps at Army level.

While in Aldershot, Matt and Jan were further blessed with a son, Gary. In 1976, when 16 Para Brigade disbanded, Matt went as a Staff-Sergent to 7 Signal Regt in BAOR. Promoted WO2 in 1979, he joined Queen’s (Belfast) UOTC as PSI.

His artistically successful UOTC tour was followed in 1981 by a posting as SSM to the newly-formed Junior R Signals Regt at Ousten. His last move was to Cyprus in 1983, as RQMS with 9 Signals at Ayios Nikolias. Matt retired from the Army in 1985, having completed 24 years regular service.

On leaving the army, Matt, Jan and family moved back to Scotland, to Cumbernauld and a job with Tennant’s Brewery. In later years he served briefly with 32 Signal Regt (V) in Glasgow. In 2007, mobility problems forced him to retire early from full-time work. Both his knees were knackered by years of parachuting and football, and he found it most difficult to walk.

By the end of 2007, NHS Scotland had scheduled Matt for double knee-replacement surgery. However, in February ‘08 he suffered peritonitis then septicemia, which saw him spend eight days in Intensive Care, followed by five weeks in hospital. Making a good recovery he was allowed home. He and Jan talked about plans for a summer cruise. Tragically, on 23rd March his heart failed, and he died peacefully in his sleep.

A funeral service was held at Falkirk Crematorium on 3rd April, attended by his family, and scores of friends and work-colleagues. Some old comrades from 216, 244, and 249 Signal Squadron's helped fill the chapel to capacity. There were many floral tributes, sent from near and far, and numerous messages of condolence posted on the 216 website at

Matt will be fondly remembered by his countless friends and comrades, throughout R Signals and the Airborne. Deepest sympathies are extended to his loving family.

RIP, Matt McBirney - a wonderful brother-in-arms - sorely missed, never forgotten.

From: Richard Hamilton

MULLIN Peter Stanley

Sadly Peter passed away on 12 June in hospital.

Peter enlisted in the Royal signals on the 7 January 1937. He saw service in North Africa 1942-1947
      Middle East Land Force 1947-1948.
      France 1952-1953
      Far East (Hong Kong)1955-1958.
      UK 1958-1964. Retiring post Glasgow TAVR Rank Regimental Sergent Major.
Peters awards included the Africa star, Italy star, Defence medal, General service Medal Palestine and the Long service and Good Conduct medal. Sadly Peters wife Joanne passed away earlier. Peters daughter Susan wishes to thank all his many friends and wish them all the best. Peter will be laid to rest on the 26 June 2008 next to his wife Joanne.

From: Clive Lewis

WOOD John aka Joe Lt. Col.

John passed away peacefully on 2nd June 2008. His beloved wife of two years, Elizabeth was at his side.

Joe, known in the corps as 'Toddy', served with the signals for many years and has been remembered as being much respected and fondly remembered as an upright man, who, although never one to join in with the antics of his comrades, was very willing to watch on with an amused twinkle in his eye.

From: Caroline Atkinson


Died Nov. 2006 after long battle with cancer. Respected by all his pals


Gone but certainly not forgotten. One real character. My life is richer for knowing you


Ray (Scouse) Garnett passed away on 23rd May 2008 of a heart attack. A tragic loss.

McSTAY John aka Jock

Jock (John William McStay) Hutton sadly passed away on 30th Mar 2008 aged 52, after a battle with cancer.
He spent many years in 264 (SAS) Sig Sqn and settled in Hereford after leaving the army. His funeral was attended by his close family and hundreds of past and present members of the Sqn.
He will be sadly missed by all. RIP.

BUCKMAN Derek William James

Derek AKA Danny Buckman died last February (2007) He joined Junior Leaders aged 15 in May 1961, served at 22 Sigs Lippstadt, and 7 Sigs at Herford, from where I believe he "bought himself out" His service number was 23820947 (how's that for a memory?) I know he had been married but had no children. I somehow lost touch with him in 1996.

Bob Waight Photo in the AALJR

KEEN Barry Sgt.

Known to many as Baz, a well liked, respected and competent member of the Corps, (tele op spec) now EW Systems Operators. Killed by a mortar after returning from patrol in Afghanistan August 2007, whilst serving with 14 signal regt (EW). He had previously served in 9 signal regt, 225 signal sqn, 14 signal regt. Other units which i can no longer remember. he will be sorely missed by us all who know him in our small community


Service Number 24222746

Started service in 1973 at the age of 22 in the Royal Signals he did his basic training in Catterick. He completed 16 years service; he had varied postings during his service which included Northern Ireland and Germany.
During his service he was awarded the Northern Ireland clasp, long service and good conduct medals as well as others. He was medically discharged in 1988.
Sadly Larry Parkes passed away on the 8th of April at the age of 57 due to heart and lung failure.
He will be sadly missed by all who knew and loved him especially his two daughters Heather Hughes and Tina Parkes, grandchildren Teana and Jymi, His wife Peggy Parkes. His sisters and brother in-laws Margo and Charlie Watson, Linda and Paul Antrobus, Sharon and Dave Sharples, Janet Sandum and Cath and Ken Herd. His mother Dorothy Parkes and his nephew and nieces Michelle, John, Kelly and Christopher, Michael, Mandy, Jack, Chloe and Benjamin, Steve, Angie, Abbey and Shavonne, Michael, Gayle and Harry.

If there are any men or women that served with my uncle I thank you from the bottom of my heart as he always talked about the good times he had while serving in the force.


Fred Died unexpectedly in April 2008. Aged just 65.
He was a keen member of the East London Branch Of the Royal Signals Assosiation.


John Frederick Gayther (also known as 'Jack B ) was born on 30 April 1933 and joined the Royal signals on national service when he was 15.
He remained there until 1972 when left the Royal Signals, his last posting being Celle in Germany with I believe 224 Signal Squadron to join GCHQ in Cheltenham. John spent a lot of his early times at Catterick and in Bravaria where was a Corporal in 1956.
In the 1960s particularly 1963 when I was born in BMH Hanover he was stationed in Germany with 226 Signal Squadron 'B' Troop.

John Retired when he was fifty seven and spent the rest of his time raising a lot of money for worthwhile causes.
John was diagnosed with Bone Cancer in May 2007 but was in remission in February when he suffered a heart attack. He died of heart failure at 06.45 am on Friday 21 March 2008 at Cheltenham General Hospital.
His funeral was on 4th April 2008 at St Peters Church Winchcombe, Gloucestershire. He is survived by his wife Mary, his two children myself Nicola and my brother Simon and my two children Tim and Tors. He is greatly missed.

Dad mentioned quite a few on the list, especially Dougie Laing (with a lot of laughter) and although very sad, he has left me with a lot of stories to tell. I am interested in seeing any copies of photographs that anyone may have of my dad's time in the Royal Signals. We have so few.

Many thanks

Nikki Gayther

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