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Wednesday, 21 July 2021 13:26 Permalink

21 Signal Regt (AS), 1984
Can anyone from the Hele Support Sqn up in Osnabrück in 1984 remember a Royal Australian Signals Sgt who was with us for a few weeks in summer/autumn of that year.? He was probably on Exercise Long Look, which was the annual soldiers exchanged exercise between Australia and the UK from August to December.
I am trying to get in contact with him. I had heard from an Australian friend of mine that a Dave Brogden might be the person I was looking for and the name started ringing bells in my longterm brain area.
On contacting the Australian Signals Association late one afternoon to ask if they could help me with a contact address for Dave, I was surprised to find an email from him in my inbox the next morning (thats what I call quick!). He was FoS in 4 ADSR in Herford in 1988 when I was there - hence the 'bells' - but not the Aussie I was looking for.
That said, it is always good to hear from 'old' friends wherever they may be on this planet and we are exchanging mails now.
Still no success though with my 1984 Aussie.
Don Blacklaw
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