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Friday, 23 August 2019 18:14 Permalink

The founder of this site, Brian Streetly, let us know here that he wasn't enjoying the best of health.
Brian's wife Jo sent this update to a good friend of theirs, Alan Turner, and has given me permission to post it here:
Hello Alan. I thought I should update you on Brian's condition.
As you know he was diagnosed with small cell lung cancer at the end of 2017. It had been contained for about a year but this summer showed signs of spreading mainly to his throat/neck area and to his brain. Chemotherapy was started and he has had 3 cycles.
However although stable in the body it is spreading in the brain. Since Friday his condition has worsened. He can no longer look after himself. His conversation is often random. I am now his full time carer. Chemotherapy has now been stopped.
As you can imagine I am devastated and cannot bear to see him in this state. He can no longer use his laptops etc. which I feel is frustrating him.....
We have missed the RSA meetings but since his initial diagnosis have not felt travelling to Ilford of an evening has been possible. Please give our regards to everyone at the RSA and tell them we often think of them. Best wishes Jo

I'm sure we all wish Brian and Jo all the very best and will keep them in our thoughts at this time.
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