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1) Len Payne 
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Wednesday, 1 September 2021 20:24 Permalink

The Muster

Do you hear the Long Reveille echoing across the halls of time,
calling ghostly squadrons back into the line,
from Sebastopol to Delhi, Corunna and Verdun,
the armies are assembling, under the setting sun.

A squadron of Hussars decked out in fancy dress,
caught the eye of a Pikeman from the time of Good Queen Bess,
a soldier from the Boer War in khaki dress so drear,
was looked upon in wonderment by a dashing Cavalier.

If all the sons of England who have served their native land,
were gathered each together, they'd outnumber desert sand,
so should you think to treat an old Soldier with your scorn,
Remember it was for folks like you, that the Uniform was worn.

To the Volunteers.

Len Payne.
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