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1) Colin Alexander 
Wigston, Leicestershire Location
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Sunday, 3 January 2021 15:01 Permalink

Hi Mike, thanks for doing all of the photos, as I know there were quite a few, and that it would have taken you a while. I've sent a donation through PayPal. Thanks for all your hard work on the website - I know for one that I appreciate it. Really look forward to seeing the latest photos and comments, and not so much the Last Posts. Have a great year and stay safe - hopefully you'll get over to Kyrenia in the not too distant future. Take care.

Mike Graham Monday, 4 January 2021 05:55
Thanks Colin and your donation has been received and acknowledged.

You're right - it would be nice to see more photos being sent in. People don't have to register to be a member of the site to send me pictures but, of course, the idea of this site when the late Brian Streetly set it up was to let people get in touch with old mates with whom they served in the Corps, and a photo is a good way of reminding people who we were and where we served.

If you want to see what many of us looked like in the "olden days" then take a look at the Then and Now photo album. More pics for this would be great!

To send any photos just send me an email or click on the link at the foot of every page.

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