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1) Keith French 
Gloucester Location
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Tuesday, 1 December 2020 16:31 Permalink

Here’s another blast from the past!!!
Remember Muktas shop come cafe on the Airport Camp at 644 Signal Troop, UNFICYP? It used to have the pinball machines where you could build up credits in exchange for soup (oxtail) and a roll!
I bought my Omega watch there:10 Cyprus pounds deposit and 10 a month!! I still have it, it keeps perfect time and it’s worth about 15 times what I paid for it.
I always remember that’s where I heard the American song The Ballad of Green Beret.
It’s funny how things stick in your mind - I can’t stand the song now!
Stay Safe everyone - soon be over
Keith (Frenchie) French
P.S will think of some more soon!!
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