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I joined in 1969 and completed training at Helles barracks, 11 Signal Regiment in December that year. It was cold, probably a culture shock especially to most of us when we spent a few days on field exercises in the North Yorkshire moors, probably not the coldest December but it was very wet. I wasn’t aware then what pull Yorkshire would have on my life then but so grateful my basic training was in Yorkshire. I completed 22 years in 1992 and returned to Harrogate where we bought our first home when we passed through in 1985, this was great for our kids in 92 to return home and start there new young careers and they have never looked back. Of course like most Forces people we didn’t come from where we finally settled. Janice and I are From Dundee, I left Dundee to live in Fulham, SW London in 63, Met Janice in Dundee in 69 just before I joined up, then all after is history. Wherever I served Yorkshire was never far from my mind. As said I lived in London, schooled in London and spent a lot of time there. My last posting was London, 31SR (TAVR), based in Hammersmith about 1 mile from where I was brought up in Fulham, you could say it was like going home. The problem was it just didn’t have the feeling of home, freedom, space or fresh air as we have in Yorkshire, no insult to Londoners intended. In Harrogate Janice and I had jobs until we decided we would like to do something together, this ended up with us buying a Guest House in Harrogate just across the road from the conference centre, a very good business location. It was a five year plan to work the business then move on, this we did and had a great time, made some wonderful long time friends and a good living. From the profits we bought a holiday home in Tatlisu, Northern Cyprus where we would spend lots of holidays, we sold it about 4 years ago. We bought in Cyprus in 2005 and around the same time not known to us friends of ours had bought a house in the same area to eventually retire. We never met because we were on holiday and visited Cyprus at different times, this went on visiting and never meeting for about 10 years. We eventually sold our Cyprus property then Janice and I received Facebook enquiries asking if we were those from 1970 to 73 who were based in 4 Div, Herford. It was indeed us and we were so pleased to be in contact with long lost friends, they also provided another couples contact who we keep in touch with. The irony is that our long lost friends owned a property in Cyprus for at least 10 years at the same time as us, they lived only 4 minutes drive from us but we never met, it took Facebook to reconnect us. I would like to thank John and Margaret Brown for catching up with us after such a long time and for rekindling our friendship with them and Rob and Sidney Pinkney.
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