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I left the Corps in January 1992 after serving man & boy since 1968, and went to BT for the next 13 years. After buying our first narrowboat in 1993, fell in love with all things waterway related.
In 2004, on a whim, and long financial discussions bought a canal-side boatyard in Wolverhampton. Apart from now having our own bar, this has been 'interesting' at times and with never a dull moment until the Virus Pandemic. Things are a lot quieter now with the forced closure of the bar and restrictions to boat movement. We still provide essential maintenance, diesel, coal, gas and spares so managed to retain staff at the moment. During my 16 years here were have performed some jobs that I have written up for an on-line magazine (narrowboatworld) with many published. I have spent a little time over the last few quiet weeks to compile those entitled 'Yarns from the Yard' giving some 50 or so 'Yarns in 5 compilations. If anyone is interested than I can send them. Anyone interested can email me and I'll send them.
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