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Thursday, 23 April 2020 12:37 Permalink

Thanks for sharing your stories lads. Any more out there?

On a more serious note: one site member has contacted me because he received an email demanding money by blackmail. The email contained a password which, he assures me, is only used in this website.
Now all the passwords in our database are encrypted but, as we signallers know, nothing is 100% secure.
Also no compromising information is held in our database (unless you don’t want anyone to know that you might have been in the Wanchai, Bugis Street or the Reeperbahn at some time during 197x!)
Nevertheless it is possible that our database has been hacked, although again our security in terms of input to and output from it are fairly secure.

So if anyone else suspects that their username (although this is often our old army number which can be easy to find) or password (this would be indicative of a hack) has been compromised either recently or in the past then please let me know by email (by clicking on the “Problem” link below) ASAP.

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