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1) Clive Napier 
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Thursday, 23 April 2020 11:41 Permalink

OK! I’ll contribute! Every kind of meeting, entertainment and re-union cancelled.
So I spoke to my local Police control room and they said that as I was ‘paid’ by the farmer in kind (rabbits), I can call it work that I can’t do from home! I have shooting permission over 2000 acres of farm land. But, unfortunately the world and his wife and kids are walking all over the place, so the shooting has had to stop. People don’t seem to be concerned about shotguns, but I use a .22 firearm rifle with telescopic sights and a silencer or a CZ .17 HMR with ballistic bullets and I think they find it a bit intimidating and of course with all these people walking about the rabbits are keeping their heads down.
I have another smaller farm I shoot on but I went round the fields last Friday and they don’t seem to have any crop damage from rabbits. So, no shooting there.
In the garden I have put up a couple of flag poles and fly the Union Flag and a Royal Signals Flag. After all it is our Centenary.
Thursdays people come out to clap so I have been playing ‘Simply the Best’ by Tina Turner at the same time. (Still got the disco gear)!
My wife, Rosie, has been laid off so she has got stuck into re-decorating the kitchen.
We have some paint in the shed and she got some wallpaper from e-Bay. The garden has been getting some attention too. The grape vines are sprouting, onions are in, the weeds in the stream at the front cut down. As for the TV……What a load of……..
Here’s some thoughts for a bit of distraction. [] Track the aircraft in real time! Or…. [] Again, tracking shipping around the UK. As for radio I listen to Rocket radio and Pumpkin FM, both on the internet and doing all the oldies.

Clive Napier
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