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1) Alan Dodson 
Wokingham Berks Location
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Thursday, 20 June 2019 16:36 Permalink

I have a framed mirror, framed with a photo type frame. It measures 25cm W & 16cm H. It is decorated with a Jerboa top left and a double trianglemy top right, the larger triangle’s peak is upright and a smaller triangle inside with its peak down. In an arch across the top is a banner with 204(ARMD BDE) SIGNAL SQUADRON. Below that is a "JIMMY". Just below the middle are 2 JEEPS AND 3 ARMOURED VEHICLES. Along the bottom are six badges, that I do not recognize, due to the style of printing. 1 is Royal Catering Corp next is Royal Corps of Transport. If anyone would like it, IT IS FREE, but I am not prepared to arrange transport.
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