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Tuesday, 27 July 2004 05:53 Permalink

My dad, Royston Annal, did National Service with the Signals and was with the Training Regiments (I can't remember which one!) at Catterick. I think that he was based there from 1954-1956, but I could be a year out each way on the dates. He was due to stay on as a regular, but was invalided out after a chest x-ray to look for broken ribs showed he had the beginning of TB... He remembers his time with the Signals with great affection, and I'd love it if any of his old mates were to read this so I could put you in touch. Dad is a Luddite and doesn't own a computer, so despite his kids telling him how he could meet old friends he lives in (blissful?) ignorance! |:( If you recognise the name, please do get in touch as I know he'd love to reminisce about the 'old days'.
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