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Monday, 7 June 2004 18:16 Permalink


I'm looking for some information on where my dad served in the 2nd world war. he says he was in the Royal signals and he served with the 15th scotish division. He remembers a red lion on a black backround on his arm.

We have seen this insignia in Bauxon museam ( sorry for the spelling ) it,s where the tapestry is..
I know he drove because he says that he was with a high ranking person??? I have seen a photo of him in on a white charger horse that he says belonged to Rommel and he was taken when they surrendered.

I'm very proud of my Dad and I wish that I could help jog his memory a bit .

Kind Regards

Robert Clive Howells,,,son of Robert John Howells. ;)
I have heard that they called him Singer Howells because he carried a sewing machine home for his mam..
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