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1) Alan Smith 
Ottawa, Canada Location
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Wednesday, 2 June 2004 17:47 Permalink

Taking a moment to walk through the memories and nostagia. BRILLIANT. Haven't had such fun in ages.

8 Sig Regt 68-69
253 Sig Sqn BFPO1 69-71
2 Div HQ & Sig Sqn 71-73
T1 73
British Forces HQ & Sig Sqn 74-76
21 Sig Regt 77-78
Gurkha Field Force Hq 78-81
233 Sig Sqn 81-83
8 Sig Regt 83-84As I have said before it's a waste f time entering your postings hereAs very soon this page will go from view then no-one will see them again. Far better to enter them into the database where they will always be visable.

Thursday, 1 January 1970 00:00
[b] A waste of time entering your postings here. Once this page disappears It is doubtful if it will be read very often. Really do need to enter your postings into the database. Not the guestbook . Look at the top of this page..[/b] :'(
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