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20) Anonymous 
IP logged
Saturday, 23 August 2003 18:00 Permalink

Thanks to your wonderful site i have found a long lost contact for my dad and the memories of1943-1946 air formation are flooding back,thanks to you.Keep up thr good work.

Thursday, 1 January 1970 00:00
Would have been nice If you had left your name and email address.
19) Mick Gregoire 
Portsmouth Location
IP logged
Friday, 22 August 2003 13:12 Permalink

Very good website guys. Pleased to find a website that is easy to navigate, easy to search and easy to put in your service history.
Only a couple of questions though, is there a logout button?
Also can you go anywhere to add more details about yourself, ie change of name, nickname etc
All the best and thanks

Thursday, 1 January 1970 00:00
Hi Mick,

Many thanks for your comments.
As soon as you leave the site you are logged out.

You can go to to the drop down menu members area and use show/edit my postings. If what you want to alter is not shown there send them to me and I will amened it for you. :+
18) len payne 
Vancouver, Canada Location
IP logged
Friday, 22 August 2003 00:34 Permalink

Got to congratulate you on the new easy to navigate format. Even I can't get lost...Good job....Len

Thursday, 1 January 1970 00:00
Thanks Len.

Must say took some working out


Keith :z
17) Taff (Al) Morris 
Essex Location
IP logged
Tuesday, 19 August 2003 21:12 Permalink

Really nice guys. wish i had the expertise. all the best Taff
16) Sid Rolfe 
Cyprus Location
IP logged
Tuesday, 19 August 2003 12:29 Permalink

Nice site, though still looking for some "old uns". Am looking for a copy of 602 Sig Tp photograph taken just before leaving Kenya for Glos. Would appreciate any help.
15) Ed 
Yorkshire UK Location
IP logged
Sunday, 17 August 2003 09:22 Permalink

Interesting site , was nice to see 36 Sigs in the photo gallery , bit of a shame they were taken after I left . Cant quite understand why the officer is in no 2 and the rank and file are in combat 95 Keep up the good work :)

Thursday, 1 January 1970 00:00
Shame your in yorkshire really.. Otherwise you could have come and joined us in the Sgts mess for our RSA branch meetings. :))
14) Sean Hyland 
259 Sig Sqn/Now CCU Location
IP logged
Tuesday, 12 August 2003 17:39 Permalink

in the last 3 years of my service its nice to keep in touch have a good on any one who knows me. >:) :+ the only (storeman of signals)

Thursday, 1 January 1970 00:00

You Stay in as long as you possibly can mate. There ain't sod all out here.
13) David Vickers 
Bradford UK Location
IP logged
Sunday, 10 August 2003 12:03 Permalink

Excellent site 8)Davidvic

Thursday, 1 January 1970 00:00
Thanks for that David, big grin I really don't know where i would have been without the fantastic help I get from Petra and Keith :> them both for all the support they have given me.

What a team we have!!!!!!!!!!
12) Brian Streetly 
Thundersley, Essex Location
IP logged
Saturday, 9 August 2003 06:15 Permalink

Does anyone know the whereabouts of Pat Cuniff, known to have been in Catterick in about 1959. Or have you any information on him?

Would also dearly like to find some information on Denis Stevens. Last saw Denis in Germany in 1964/5.
Someone must have heard of these two :? guys. :?
11) Mike (Taffy) Hall 
Swansea Location
IP logged
Friday, 8 August 2003 19:07 Permalink

Hi. It's a very good site and I hope to be posting some details in the next couple of days. I've already recognized a few names in the database so I'll be getting in touch.
Lots of luck

Thursday, 1 January 1970 00:00
Thanks and welcome
Best of luck with your contacts


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