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2830) Patrick Kennerson 
United Kingdom Location
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Yesterday at 15:26

Message for Carl Stephen Nixon. Your father was my best friend at 3 Div: we had many a time helping each other back to camp. I still have a picture of him when he had broken his leg and he was on crutches. Please contact this site for my email address if you want to get in touch. RIP Geordie mate: you were one of the best mates a bloke could have.

Mike Graham Yesterday at 16:52
I've passed your message on to Carl and asked him to contact you direct.
Best of luck to you both.
2829) Roy Jones 
Llanelli Location
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Wednesday 20:37

Hi all. Does anyone know where I can obtain a Telemech's sleeve badge which looks like lightning strikes radiating from the centre (sometimes known as the Flying Asshole)? I believe this was an X3 trade.
Thanks. Roy Jones
2828) Roger Everest 
Germany Location
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Tuesday 18:15

Please help me locate some or all of the following:
I am still looking for ex. AAS Harrogate A/T's from 63C especially:
John Budden, Bernard Chamberlain, Nick Franks, Paul Jackson, Francis McGourty, David Pimm, Anthony Barton, John Bayes, Robin Burley, John Davey, David Gomersall, Rod Holt, Philip Price, Barry Tiernan, Neil Laidlaw, Alan Payne, Albert Tinsley, David Barningham, Brian Bingham, Keith Brown, Roderick Cheyne, Anthony Fairminer, Tony Fletcher, Anthony Gover, David Ness, Leslie Wells, Tony Wise
Regards Roger (eggo) Everest
2827) Jim Smith 
United Kingdom Location
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Tuesday 01:11

For Bill Logan.
I did not complete my 22 due to a medical discharge after 19 plus years. My idea of signing on, actually with 3 year options, was that knowing 2 years was on its way, join for 3 - extra pay and more chance to go overseas.
It worked out just fine other than upgrading. I did 6 months in York in late 1957 early '58 then off to strange places: the Middle East, Far East, Germany and Aden. My final posting was the Depot Troop at Catterick as Troop Sgt. Some may remember me hobbling around wearing a caliper on my left leg, probably the only one in the Corps. Does this make me a character, I wonder?
So there you go Bill - no regrets.
2826) Mike Graham 
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Monday 15:16

2825) Ron West 
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Sunday 19:06

Just had a phone call.
RIP Major Mal (Brummy) Smart.
2824) Christopher W. Walker 
California USA Location
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Friday, 23 January 2015 17:15

Seeking Julien D. Mouton from 2 Wireless Regiment, Cyprus, BFPO 53, 1953-55. He is over 6ft 5in with red hair.
My nickname was Boots.
2823) Bill Logan 
Lancashire Location
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Friday, 23 January 2015 14:52

Hi Smitty,
Fancy signin' up for 22yrs. Mon Dieu!
Two years was more than enough for me!
Mind you my late elder brother did the same as you back in 1950. Question is: did you complete the term?
Bill (54.10)
2822) Jim Smith 
Haywards Heath Location
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Friday, 23 January 2015 12:07

Reading, as one does, of you old sweats from the 80s and 90s, I suddenly realized that 58 years ago this day in 1957 I took the oath for 22 years, plus 6 in the reserve, just to avoid national service. As Edith Piaf sang "No regrets". It's just that now I remember and miss so many very special boys.
2821) Allan (Chappy)Chapman 
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Friday, 23 January 2015 11:46

I am trying to locate a John (Geordie) Hume who served in Detmold at 200 Sigs between 1983-86. John was a lineman who came from Hartlepool. If you know John could you ask him to contact me?
I am also trying to trace Arthur (Willie) Baxter who served at the same time.
Regards Allan
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