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John Salisbury 30-10-2010 17:46:00

(Posted on John's behalf by Mike Graham).

Looking for Ray Meddlycot, ex AAS Harrogate 1957, intake 57A.

If anyone can help please contact John direct using the email link at the top of this message.
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Michael Oyler 30-10-2010 13:02:30

In 1954 I was drafted into the Royal Signals, and did my trade training as a wireless op: at Richmond.

The Camp was at Gallowgate just outside Richmond on the top of the highest hill. To say it was wind swept would be a misunderstanding, and the barrack rooms were pathetic.

The floors were bare unfinished concrete that turned to dust when you walked on them, the windows were ill fitting and some of the roofs leaked. Consequently when it rained, which it did very very often ones kit and bedding got quite damp at times.

Word had it that the builder of the camp was in gaol for fraud on the government for shoddy construction. In all it's wisdom of course the powers that be never fixed the problems...

Oh what a joy that place was, although in fairness the wireless op: training was very good.
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Edmund Hodges  London 29-10-2010 22:21:33

I'm still looking for my Troop Officer, DSO in Episkopi, 1956, 2Lt Ian C.Blair if anyone can help.
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Mike Graham 29-10-2010 19:38:05

Welcome back aboard, Bob.

Haven't we all experienced that at one time or another
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Robert (bob) hurst  Berlin Germany 29-10-2010 19:35:30

Thanks for the assistance i am now once again able to log on (grey cells) or lack of cheers i thought i was being (Barred) from yet another placee, i seem to have done a lot of that in the army
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Don Whitehead  Thornton 29-10-2010 12:08:01

Do any of you ex 19army group signals people have pics you can post up for Mike to set up an album
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Mike Graham 28-10-2010 13:16:36


The "lost password / amend email address" form does exactly what it says on the tin.

It uses your security question answer to verify that you are the owner of the Service No or User ID whose password and/or email is being changed.

But it doesn't update the security question.

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Don Whitehead  Thornton 28-10-2010 10:46:19

Can't you change PW/car reg etc at the "lost password" page?
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Mike Graham 28-10-2010 09:22:03

Mike Graham here Norman. I've taken over looking after the site since Brian's "retirement".

As far as I can see there isn't a direct option for changing the security question (e.g. car reg).

I suppose this makes sense in that how do you check that the person doing the change is kosher, unless they know the answer to the security question?

Does that make any sense

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norman small  London 28-10-2010 09:15:45

Brian, How do i go about changing my car registration number on your site for login details
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